See product. Most popular plant pods Pre-seeded biodegradable pods with Smart Soil technology. Quick View . Herbal House is New Zealand’s leading online hydroponic store specializing in grow tents, LED grow lights, hydroponic grow kits, HPS lighting, hydroponic plant nutrients and general hydroponics indoor growing equipment. Looking for hydroponics supplies in NZ? Kitchen Herb Planter Kit . The best and easiest indoor garden for growing fresh food for your family. Christchurch, 64 Carmen Rd Hornby, (03) 349 7500 - Henderson, 253 Lincoln road, Henderson, (09) 837 7500 Sign in or Create an Account SALE. Give them a try today and unlock your creative potential! Our hydroponic grow kits are great for starting out and include all the specialist gear you need to get started. Price: $599.95. This all-in-one kit makes it easy to grow herbs and the hand finished pots will look beautiful in any kitchen. It makes growing fresh herbs and vegetables almost too easy. Smart Garden 27 . Our Microgreens explode with delicious mouth watering flavours packing a vitamin knockout punch like no other. Our comprehensive range of herb seeds reflects the growing demand for tasty fresh herbs at your fingertips. If you’re tired of growing herbs in pots or outdoor gardens, then consider this top-rated indoor herb garden kit as your solution. NZ$19.95. Email to a Friend Ask Us A Question. No matter what level of gardener or microgreener you are (beginner, intermediate, or expert), we have a microgreens growing kit suited just for you. These kits are complete and include a grow tent, HID lighting, ventilation and all the other components you need to get started. You’ll find what you need right here. Details . Grow your own full large tray of one type of microgreens or grow smaller trays of different types to experiment with growing and flavor combinations. Price: $139.95 $199.95. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Ideal for growing herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables all year round. HydroNZ is New Zealand's leading provider of hydroponics supplies and indoor growing equipment. SALE. Kitchen Herb Planter Kit. 400w HID Starter Kit $ 946.00 $ 799.00. We supply complete hydroponic systems, grow lights, grow tents, and everything you need to successfully grow indoors. The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED is kind of like the Rolls Royce of indoor herb garden kits. See product. Click on one of the categories below to start shopping or check out our Guide on Getting Started with Hydroponics and Indoor Growing. Herbs are made for picking and produce an abundance of leaves the more you pick them. New to growing? Whether you’re a Restaurant, Cafe or Individual wishing to take your culinary dishes or healthy eating experiences to the very next level. Add to Wishlist. Herbs are easy to grow even in the smallest of spaces, require minimal care and can be planted almost any time of the year. Quick View. Three packets of herb seeds are included - curled parsley, sweet basil and chives will get you started growing your own herb garden.

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