He even hooked up a work light so we can work into the night hours. No nightstand at all? Be creative and hack it according to your decor style! I actually think the factory knobs were perfect so I left them in. October 24, 2017 diy, ikea hack, projects. IKEA Hemnes is a classic dresser, simple, plain and suitable for many spaces. This is one of our favourite Hemnes hacks because of its presence in the room. *** Hi Sophie Firstly, I'm not sure the bookcase in the... HACKS 3 Comments 0. And, someone has been reading my blog and taking notes, cause he used my poly to seal the top (and even remembered to take a picture for the blog). http://www.whatyoumakeit-coley.blogspot.com. I’m looking forward to adding even more and seeing how this new division develops! And with that, I’m off to fill orders for the rest of the night (while trying to make some time for dinner and Entourage). Knagglig boxes, Mosslanda ledges, Lots mirrors, Kallax storage units and many other pieces by IKEA can be used to make a cool nightstand, take a look at the pics to get inspired! August 7, 2011 Other. Most likely the top is usually trashed but the legs are sometimes salvage-worthy. Should be exciting! Featured Storage Furniture Toys & Play 0 Comments 2. We were after those legs. Tammy is a dreamer, designer and keeps her husband busy on weekends. But his good deeds didn’t end there. When the mom duties slow down, she likes to hang out on Instagram @vintagewhitefarmhouse. Hemnes Dresser Hacks: The Hemnes dresser is a very plain, popular piece from Ikea that lends itself well to hacking. The rectangular legs that … Hemnes Nightstand Hack The Hemnes nightstand has a unique shape, but nothing really special about it. Saturday morning I decided to give our Ikea Hemnes nightstands a makeover. I put on about 4 coats before it started looking right. Here you’ll find not only IKEA nightstand hacks but also nightstands made of other IKEA pieces, get inspired! This project was really just a warmup for the big finale…. I just love the height and how they turned out. What a thoughtful hubby, right? Next, I painted the legs with a watered down black paint. Finally, I have a pretty big shop announcement…… I opened a. I love Hemnes incrusted with wood in herringbone patterns, I look stunning! Brad surprised me with this when I came home from work last week. We wanted to duplicate them exactly except make them a little longer. Hemnes can be painted, chalk boarded, stenciled, decoupaged, you may change handles and make an absolutely new piece like no other. This actually started out black, but was painted white and the then a rich walnut stain was added to the sanded drawer. I'd love to help you any way I can, leave me a message and I will get back to you asap. Anytime I don’t have to fill a nail hole is a victory! Even if your bedroom is tiny, you can have a small floating nightstand or a shelf – today we’ll show you this and many other possible options made of IKEA items! But it makes my life So.Much.Easier when I’m in there. This gorgeous Hemnes dresser hack from Angela Rose Home makes an impact due to its dark colour and modern lines. Staining the whole piece, its legs or drawers, or painting and repainting some parts or the whole thing and of course adding new handles or pulls will make your nightstand a new piece. Then we clamped it and let it dry for an hour. Tammy Groethe is the creator and owner of Vintage White Farmhouse. Ikea Hack: The Hemnes Nightstand Ikea Hack: The Hemnes Nightstand. I wanted some kind of small chest to go on each side of my fireplace, but I wanted something high enough that would peek over my chairs like a sofa table. Brad had enlisted the help of our neighbor to build a work bench… Woo hoo! I think the original Hemnes is stained black but I didn’t want to wait for the stain to dry. We used plain old pine two by fours to cut the new legs out of. You may also attach contact paper inside the drawers or open storage spaces for a catchier look. Hi Pam! Q: HEMNES stripped to natural wood? Ikea Hemnes nightstand hack. This will be quite an undertaking, but now that I’ll be able to erase my mistakes with distressing, I’m not quite as worried. I love gorilla glue for this reason, it sets really fast compared to wood glue and I feel like the bond is strong enough to not worry about nailing it. My map collection was getting quite large, so I decided to give them their very own store. I am excited to have two new tables to decorate seasonally. I’m also going to have a “Map of the Month”, where my customers can nominate a different city each month to go on sale. Then, we used gorilla glue to attach the turned legs to our new table legs. It was a matter of making sure we matched the holes with the old legs so everything would go back together smoothly.

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