A man flies a small airplane from Fargo to Bismarck, North Dakota --- a distance of 180 miles. A small pipe can fill a tank in 9 min more time than it takes a larger pipe to fill the same tank. 17. The sum of 2 consecutive numbers is 37. up 2.4 dollars. 46. How much shelving does the baker need to buy? the amount of time the faucet drips. He paid a 9% tax and he left a 20% tip (before taxes). Four times the sum of the least and greatest integers is 12 less than three times the least integer. A year ago, he was nine times as old as gustav. A) At what height do we need to climb to se... Sue can shovel snow from her driveway in 35 minutes. How long would it take them to do the job working together? 55. What is the area of each state? How many of each coin does he have? The result is 5. You How many of each type of ticket were sold? 2x^2 - 7x - 30 = 0; x = 6. All my pets are dogs except two. Suppose a specialty shop wants a mixture of 280 P(red 2, yellow 2) and the probability to get any matching pairs of for every hour worked beyond 8 hours up to a maximum daily wage of Jake's water bill is $15.50 per month plus $2.30 per hundred cubic feet of water. A high school graduating class is made up of 445 students. a store at the mall that offers a 20% discount. the triangle is 6, what is the perimeter of the triangle? How long is each bridge? On the subsequent Friday at 7 pm it was noticed that the watch was 13 minutes slow. family? 5, Given : 18 is taken away from 8 times of the number is 30, "The denominator of the fraction exceeds the numerator", "If 3 be added to both, the fraction becomes 3 / 4". for the dryer and a 20% discount for the washer, how much is the am I? How much money does Marty have? What were his weekly earnings? If the total face value of these coins is $5.25, how many of each type of coin does this person have? If you double and then triple a number, this is the same as cutting the number in half. for $3.20 per pound. If Tina earns $10.50 per hou... Of each dollar spent on textbooks at college bookstores, 23.7 cents goes to the college store for profit, store operations, and personnel. People who use the bus have the option of purchasing a monthly coupon book for $21.00. If DVDs cost $2 more, how many DVDs can she buy for the same 20 dollars? If x represents the length... A licensed nurse practitioner is instructed to give a patient 2,100 milligrams of an antibiotic over a period of 48 hours. In the next shop, they spend half of their remaining money and $5 more. It takes his son 2 hours to clear the drive way using a shovel. cost of petrol rises by 2 cents a liter. A man can clear his drive way using a snow blower in 30 minutes. muffins should you make to maximize profit? In a fishing derby, Kelly caught six less fish than her brother Jimmy. Ten posts are placed 6 meters apart in a staright line. Suppose that had 9 pictures in it. If they both work together, how much time will they take? sum of the first and last of four consecutive odd integers is 52. There are eight times as many five-dollar bills as ten-dollar bills. depth if the manufacturer will only use whole numbers? Peter’s house from work? If the rod was 2 meter shorter and each meter costs $1 more, the cost would remain unchanged. If they work together, how long will it take to paint. 44. What month is it? What are the numbers? If the assistant worked for 5 fewer hours than the engineer, how much... Carroll Blakemore, a drafting student, bought three templates and a mechanical pencil one day for $7.95. Khalil A A jar contains n nickels and d dimes. I have 9.45 dollars in quarters and dimes in my pocket. How many pounds of each type of nuts should be mixed if the Teachers is the original amount of the number? How many tangerines will each classroom get? When Joshua is 23 years old, how old will his sister be? per square root of the number. than the surface of the small cube is the surface area of the. Rusty and Josh sell cars for Russo's auto. Find the lengths of both pieces. The How many books must be sold to make a, 104 At what time should the break start? A student bought a juice drink for $2 and a sandwich, the total was $6.50. How many salable motherb... Find the two numbers whose difference is 7 and whose product is -12. 4, 5, Student ticket cost $4 each an adult ticket cost $6.50 each. On Sunday, 127 tickets were sold for a total sales of $992.30. Stock A currently sells for $20 a share and stock B sells for $80 a share. What is the ratio of nickels to dimes? Let 'x' and "x + 4" be the lengths of other two sides.

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