USE IT! I would like any issues that you have failed to send me, and put my name back on the product test list. Because I want my money back. I, too, have been a lifetime member since early 2000's (and was a yearly paying member many years before that), and realized a couple of years ago that I had had no contact from HCOC for some time. a life membership is for life and my life hasn't ended why have you ended my membership No magazines, No product test offers Or any other benefits that I thought I would be receiving "FOR LIFE". that was in 2011 . Member #: [protected] I have been lifetime member since club was started have the leather jacket for joining. Cedar Park, TX. I am a lifetime member of The Handyman Club of America I even received a (leather) Jacket after my 3rd year as a life member and spending lots of money with them. Someone please tell me how to reactivate (why do I have to anyway though) my life membership I have had since 2002. All rights reserved. I wouldn't deal with this organization either. 240 Canal Drive West Where is my magazine, I have been a Life Time member since the early onset of the magazine. The website listed in 2011 was I joined them ten years ago and I think it was the most useless purchase I have ever made. I have not received any publications, free gifts, or any other lifelong benefits from you in years. I laughed so hard... had a seasoned corporation that fit my need like... My order still not received?? I tried to hook up with you a couple of years ago unsuccessfully. my email is john. Whoever made the deepfakes at pHub (under funny) is a genius. Apparently I am not the only life member with this problem, I saw many complaints on the website. As a lifetime member, it was my understanding that I would receive the Handy Man Magazine. I have all of them bound in a book in my library. This use to be a great club. I would like my magazine or some idea this club still exists. Approx. Where do we go from here? No magazine, no letters, no books . The organization had no problem taking my money and promised a lifetime of magazines focused on handy-craft skills, tools, and the like. I became a HCOA life member in 2002 member number [protected]. I would like to have my magazines, and anything that Handyman of American owes me. I paid for a life time member 08/2010 I have moved & new address is : Steve Cutright, 4353 Old Belews Creek Rd. Thank You, Kimberly Fields, So, Membership is provided on a payable basis. I did receive a few magazines. If they couldn’t afford printing a paper magazine. Why do I even have to reactivate it it? Guess they are bankrupt & hiding since there are no responses to other members inquiries. Handyman Club Of America review from Huntley, Illinois rated 1.3/5.0 with 2 Comments: I have been a LIFE member of Handyman Club of America. I have no real interest in sports and find no redeeming value with Scout. Winston Salem. If you are not going to continue my life subscription as you agreed to when I paid for the lifetime membershi then I regur=est you return my membership fee or $100, or I may report this to the postal authorities as mail fraud. Scout's Handyman Club of America is your source for DIY project ideas, how-to guides, tool reviews and more. 2 years Japan's WWII Torpedo Sank Several US Ships. I was also a member of the Trophy life membership since 2009, but since I was not able to login to the handyman club I have been totally upset!!! Boycott this type of " in your face" LGBTQ content. Not receiving my lifetime membership magazines. If it took over HCOAmerica, it didn't let any customers of HCOA know about it's existence. It was very helpful and I enjoyed reading it. Is there anywhere to go to view any of the magazines that were published? my member number is [protected], Michael Walters, By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions, I subscribed to Handyman Club for 12 years, and then and paid for a lifetime membership. Same as everyone else. Now I here that you are out of business, I was to be getting free things address 1038 Rd 3 W, RR#2 Kingsville, Ont, Canada To pay a lifetime membership I am supposed to receive the mag for life. Money spent on nothing. So what's the point of your exitance? I understand that a company needs to verify or update their membership role in case of the death of a member, but I have received no correspondence and today when I tried to sign in to my account, it would not recognize my sign on so I had to create a new account (which didn't even ask for my membership #). address: 1503 Black Cherry Dr. While attempting to contact Handyman, I discovered the phone number listed on the website has been discontinued. like all the other members who complained about being life time members of handyman club, I would like a refund for not receiving magazines and for the company forfeting their part of the ageement. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. I believe this warrants a class-action lawsuit. This is my current address: Responses. I received it for several years but then it stopped. 2 years Hugh Freeze resigns at Ole Miss. © 2004-2020 Probably nowhere.. why is it that i am a life time member and i have not heard from company in years. Even an e-zine (digital magazine) would’ve been nice. I became a life member to avoid yearly bills and just get the magazine without worrying. so it has been a while are they still around Life member number 063835. i was told that i would be able to test tool for free and respond with a review and i think i only got two tools to test and review, no more since then. HandyMan Club of America / Contacts & Information Posted: Sep 19, 2017 by [email protected] No Magazines for years on my Lifetime Membership Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes Contact information: Saint Cloud, Minnesota United States Membership #30229389 for Kathleen M. Boser I have gotten divorced and took back my maiden name: Kathleen M. Dewes I moved so new … The last magazine that I got was the summer of 2014. I am recently retired and would like to get back into woodworking. I have had nothing but good luck the rest of the time. I really enjoyed the issues. all their fake customer service numbers just lake a circular cluster-[censor]. I agree. I agree. As you can see, there is one star after Handyman Club of America/ - it is obvious we all know why. I do not want any refund, I just want my mag to start again. I either would like my life membership to continue or a full refund for the services I paid for you owe me that much. Handyman Club Of America Cons: Stopped getting my lifetime membership benifits years ago, Cbs interactive screwing us. Handyman Club of America publishes its magazine called Handy. Is this a scam that they have stolen thousands of dollars from the club members. What happened to this company? I too, have the same problem with non delivery for lifetime membership to Handyman Club Of America. The last I heard from you was my Fall 2014 magazine. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with HandyMan Club of America / I haven't heard anything in years. I would like to get correspondence from you stating that this is resolved, and I would like to get my magazines "Handy" again. HandyMan Club of America / — I have a life membership, but have not received any magazines or any documents from you. NC, 27101. l guess from what I have been reading phone numbers have been disconnected, no one responds to e mails, guess this club is to chicken [censor] to admit they have gone bankrupt.

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