Shallow cultivation is recommended to prevent damage to the newly seeded grass roots. On established fields, fall application of nitrogen is recommended in most areas for a number of reasons. It is important to have adequate soil moisture and soil temperatures for germination and establishment. Cool-season grass seed production can be a viable alternative to the production of other agricultural crops throughout the north central and midwestern states. All seed produced under our own supervision will be carefully tested at all the stages of the production process. Elling. The cylinder speed should run about 5000 ft per minute [ft per minute = rpm × cylinder diameter (ft) × 3.14]. On organic soils, no additional N is necessary at establishment. It offers a further weapon in the battle against Blackgrass as different chemistry is used for Blackgrass control. The shoot will then flower and be fertilized by wind dispersed pollen, and produce seed. Ehlke, NJ., LJ. Cool-season grasses require fertilization to maximize seed yields. Condition the grass seed at a properly equipped processing plant to remove damaged seed, contaminants, and other field trash. . For example, in 1997 Oregon producers harvested approximately 430,000 acres of grass seed valued at more than $320 million. Since that time, grass seed production has become an important agricultural crop primarily in the Pacific Northwest followed by Minnesota and other north central states. The air intake should be adjusted based on seed weight. Performance of Kentucky Bluegrass Strains. Performance of Timothy Strains. The rhizomatous or sod-forming grasses tend to produce procumbent shoots or tillers which break through the leaf sheath and form either rhizomes, stolons or shoots. Kentucky bluegrass stand age also influences the incidence and severity of the disease with first year seed production fields suffering the most severe infections. Cultivate when the weed seedlings are small. This is to check for varietal purity and to ensure that there are no crops capable of cross-pollinating within 50m. Limited research and experience in Minnesota on sandy soils receiving irrigation suggests that split applications of nitrogen may be necessary to obtain optimum growth and seed production. Check the tailings and material from the grain spout often for cleanliness and damage during combining. Swathing and combining has the advantages of faster combining of the field-cured foliage; earlier harvesting because seed cures in the windrow; less seed loss through shattering; and the harvested seed is usually dry and safe to store directly. As settlers moved west, the grass prairies appeared inexhaustible to the farmers and ranchers who grazed their livestock on the native stands. By the 1940s, grass-seed production was steadily increasing due to the mechanization of agriculture and the introduction of new grass varieties. The seed producer should set a goal of optimizing production. Doods, D., J. Carter, D. Meyer and R. Haas. Time of Harvest: Grasses generally do not mature uniformly. Well-structured loams and clay loams are preferred for digit grass seed production. There often needs to be a compromise between maturity and shattering losses when making the decision to harvest to maximize yield. The Italian and hybrid ryegrasses are harvested for one … If direct combining, adjust the sickle position to cut at least 90% of the panicles while avoiding most of the green foliage. Seed ripening begins at the panicle tip and moves downward. 1987. AGMI-0425. Smut and ergot diseases have limited production of some cultivars in the west and could do the same in the Upper Midwest. Barenbrug spends a lot of time and effort on the quality of its product. Kentucky bluegrass varieties differ in their level of resistance to powdery mildew. Wiesner. Land that is subject to surface runoff water during spring snow melts or heavy rains may have serious weed and cross species contamination due to seed being carried into the field by runoff water. The decision to produce forage and turf grass seed requires a commitment of time and a dedication to quality production. Geldeman, R., P. Carson and J. Gerwind. Major marketing decisions should have been made prior to field establishment. However, the disadvantages of direct combining a crop are the seed moisture content is high requiring the seed to be dried down prior to storage; the crop is more vulnerable to weather because it stands longer in the field; the combining is slower because more green material is run through the combine; and the quality and germination of the seed may be reduced. Few economically important diseases limit seed production in the north central states. The fact that the ground is not cultivated for two years also results in a big drop in viable Blackgrass seeds in the ground. Most cool-season grasses require vernalization to flower the following year. Control of the capsus bug is most effectively and economically achieved by burning the field in July. conclave clearance is recommended. 1. 3. Grass seed production is an important agricultural enterprise. Carpenter, J.A. The choice of herbicides is limited and depends upon the grass species seeded, the weed species and the presence of a companion crop. A firm, well packed seedbed on a level, moderately well-drained soil is desirable. For heavier seeds, slightly increase the air through the combine.

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