Aside from these there haven’t been any significant side effects recorded, either in studies or from consumers. I use roughly 1-2 slices of ginger per cup of tea. As gingerol is naturally spicy if heated (and ginger is almost always consumed hot, as a drink or food), it may trigger heartburn if taken in excessive amounts, and for an extended period of time. Depending on what sweetener you use, this soothing tea is also practically calorie-free. This is because the gingerol naturally present in ginger root reacts to heat. Strain the tea into mugs/teacups and then add a thin slice ( or two) of fresh lemon to each cup ( or even some lemon juice) and a drizzle of honey. And, long story short, when exposed to heat (like steeping for tea) it alters its structure a bit, and starts to affect our body much like capsaicin (the spicy ingredient in hot peppers). This is the active ingredient in ginger, and the root of most of these health benefits. In a small saucepan, add the water and then add the ginger and lemon to the saucepan and stir. Your email address will not be published. But there is no effect on vomiting episodes, so it may only make things a little more bearable. If you think it needs more, taste it at 6 minutes, 7, and 8, and so on until you find the right steep time and flavor for your taste buds. I use roughly 1-2 slices of ginger per cup of tea. In some other places you’ll read that you need about a thumb-sized piece, and peel and grate that. Drinking ginger tea is a wonderful way to look after your health. $2.00 - $3.00 / Box. I would recommend you taste the tea after the first 5 minutes, and see how you like it. If you use this version, you need to use about a heaping teaspoon per 8 oz of drink. Keep in mind that fresh ginger root takes a while to steep, more than any tea in a teabag. Once frozen, I pop them into a silicone bag and remove them as needed. The other form of ginger you’ll find if dried ginger root. Help spread the word. It’s a porcelain mug that can fit up 15 oz/443 ml of tea. As the stomach relaxes, it may lower the chances of heartburn, and it may empty faster. You should also expect some spiciness in your ginger tea. 1 Box (Min. For a more robust flavor, you can use crushed or grated ginger before going through with either method (stovetop or simple steep). Ginger has been used as a treatment for nausea for sea-sickness, and motion sickness in general for centuries, as its pungent smell manages to cut right through the queasy feeling. Plus, it contains anti-inflammatory, digestive-friendly, nausea reducing, detoxifying properties. For tea throughout the day, I’ll often use a larger knob of ginger and simply refill the water in the pan every time it runs out until I need new ginger to get more flavor again. This is a combination known to help immensely, as honey is antiseptic and reduces inflammation, and is a very good helper for the immune system. Also, if you prefer, you can prepare large quantities and bottle it for drinking. Here’s When You Can Drink It, a heaping teaspoon of freshly grated ginger, OR one ginger tea bag, though it will taste a little different, a strainer, filter, or some way to separate the ginger from the tea. Still, it’s worth going over them, to outline the area of help the drink offers. Thank you so much for your comment. Stir well and enjoy it! It’s the cutest! But what about ginger tea, how does it help ? For other Immunity-boosting drink options, you may like this recipe for Lemon, Ginger and Cayenne Immunity Shots, or Ginger Turmeric Immune-Boosting Energy Shots (juicer recipe). The same goes for lemon and mint, and all 3 are highly effective. Clean and chop your fresh ginger into 1-2″ pieces.

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