However, the most part of Brahman heifers in the population evaluated in this study were first exposed to reproduction when they were about 2 yr old, which indicates that challenges due to first calving might have been minimized. Future selection programs will emphasize milk composition and quality, as well as, fitness traits and feed efficiency, given the raising concerns about dairy cow welfare and the environmental impacts of dairy farming. (2000) reported –0.06 for Nellore cattle. They discovered what co-author Steve Kemp, Head of ILRI’s LiveGene program and Deputy Director of CTLGH described as an “evolutionary jolt” that occurred 750 to 1050 years ago: the arrival of Asian cattle breeds in East Africa carrying genetic traits that would make cattle production possible in diverse and demanding African environments. International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Canada: Funding for dairy sector and worker health, Improving African dairy cows with precision crossbreeding, Genome editing for disease resistance in pigs and chickens, Dairy Global magazine: First edition of 2020 now online. “They left a valuable roadmap for efforts underway at ILRI and elsewhere to balance livestock productivity in Africa with resilience and sustainability.”, The improved Boran of Kenya are muscular and well proportioned, yet docile and easily International Livestock Research Institute, “You can see from studying the genomes of indigenous cattle that breeding for environmental adaptation has been the key to successful livestock production in Africa,” said Kemp. 3 key factors for optimal herd health and performance Numerous factors can impact dairy herd health and performance, including genetics, management, housing and stress. Misset Uitgeverij B.V. 2Limits for the 95% highest posterior density interval are shown in parentheses. We use cookies on our website (including third party cookies) to analyse traffic, share information with analytics partners and provide you with the best experience possible. Despite moderate genetic correlation between AFC and REB (–0.35), the response to selection of animals that are younger at first calving may lead to selection of females that are successful in breeding after first calving as well. At dawn, Ethiopian Boran cattle leave the village in search of grazing. Traits that are economically important and are heritable should be included in the breeding objective of beef herds. Therefore, further studies to estimate genetic correlations between reproductive and productive traits are needed, given its importance for the genetic improvement of Brahman cattle. The Mursi cattle of Ethiopia are sturdily framed and strongly patterned, with prominent hump and dewlap. They wanted to learn how — after spending thousands of years confined to a shifting patchwork of sub-regions in Africa — cattle rapidly evolved during the last millennia with traits that allowed them to thrive across the continent. In Breeding, On 26 Nov ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Sustainability, Challenges and Innovations. We would like to thank the São Paulo State Foundation (FAPESP) for the grants provided (number 2013/25621-8 and number 2014/11282-0). Please see contact us for more information. "And that has to be the factored in our future efforts to develop more productive, more sustainable animals. Reproductive traits are economically important in beef cattle production systems, because cows consume a large proportion of the feed resources (Malhado et al., 2013; Silva et al., 2003).Therefore, the production efficiency of the herd would be improved, even though minor changes on genetic structure of the population were made, which might lead to greater profitability. On 3 Nov 3. By continuing to browse this site or by accepting below, you consent to the use of cookies. For many households in Africa, and especially the poorest, livestock in general and cattle, in particular, continue to be a family’s most valuable asset. It is now important to use the full range of natural genetic endowments that have made African cattle so resilient to sustainably meet Africa’s surging demand for milk and meat, while minimising negative impacts of increased livestock production. A line of Ugandan Ankole cows head homeward after a day grazing in the International Livestock Research Institute. “That would have been devastating for the African environment and its incredible diversity of wildlife.”. Therefore, the production efficiency of the herd would be improved, even though minor changes on genetic structure of the population were made, which might lead to greater profitability. A. Weber T. Dornelles M. A. Campos L. T. Johnston D. J. Barwick S. A. Fordyce G. Holroyd R. G. Williams P. J. Corbet N. J. They provide a critical source of protein and micronutrients alongside income to pay for things like school fees. B. S. Figueiredo L. G. G. Matos E. C. Oliveira H. N. Yokoo M. J. Magnabosco C. U. Rosa G. J. M. Lôbo R. B. Albuquerque L. G. Zhang Y. D. Johnston D. J. Bolormaa S. Hawken R. J. Behavioural traits have a profound effect on cattle longevity and are In Breeding. Therefore, the objective of this study was to estimate genetic parameters for reproductive traits, such as age at first calving (AFC), calving interval (CI), rebreeding (REB), and stayability (STAY), of Brahman cattle by Bayesian inference in a bivariate analysis using linear-threshold animal model. Hanotte and his colleagues engaged in a sort of ‘genomic time travel’ that, for the first time, allowed scientists to retrace the genetic journey that has made African cattle so adaptable. The convergence diagnoses were not satisfactory for the bivariate analysis involving STAY-CI and REB-CI.

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