HALF BUY/ECO ROUND — You and your team spend enough to be able to full buy the next round. (bait them out)KEY: Don’t make footsteps after tapping so enemy doesn’t know. The game operates on an economy-round, objective-based, first-to-13 competitive format where you select a unique agent to play for the entirety of the match. The heal as Forsen said recently it's only useful on really long range due the damage decay per range, she can trade with OP and heal herself after the pick,/trade. Anybody can do it, it's just about style. DEFAULT PLANT— The most common place to plant the bomb. The flashes seem extremely low range which is why he almost certainly is not a support but a self reliant entry. Please don't pick him if you're a baiter. Supports provide space for Entry Fraggers or Snipers via grenades or well-placed defensive cover fire. This is a list of terms that veterans of the genre you are entering will be using. And there's something BIG that people is missing: PHOENIX is the best SUPPORT on the game. We’ve created this as a dedicated reference for current and future players who want to keep up with communication norms used in discussions both in-game and out of game in places such as forums and Discord.. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!**. Similar to the Support role, this player will provide information and position-calling for the team, as well as grenades to safely get them where they need to go. As for entryfragging im unsure why Jett hasnt been mentioned. TAP THE BOMB — Literally tap the defuse key to start defuse then immediately stop defusing to look for an enemy. Roles of Valorant - Entry Fragger - The Entry Fragger is the first to enter an objective or area for the team. If you can throw flashes behind teammates without flashing them, then pheonix as support will be strong. Suggested Operatives: Sova, Brimstone, Cypher, Jett. Your focus in VALORANT is to frag, plant or defuse the Spike, and take home the win with style. I got an invite from a stranger to join her lobby. As each round can shift the ebb and flow of control in a match, it's up to the IGL to assess and articulate what the team needs to do to win. I'll have to disagree with the IGL characters. He has the wall (smoke), 2 flashes (to flash and open space for the entry fragger) and a molotov (to secure objectives). Learn about VALORANT and its stylish cast Supports are incredibly powerful in objective control and create difficulty for enemies pushing in. A Playmaker is usually one of your team’s better shots and tends to clutch when needed. Strong knowledge of walls, grenades, and maps is incredibly important to Supports, as they need to know where and when the enemy might push or lay low in order to exploit these positions. Typically, Entry Fraggers are confident in their ability to land the shot and aren't afraid of taking one. Other than IGLs, Lurkers are the only players who may be more deadly with what they are saying and hearing than what they are shooting. They either have the option of solid mobility in their kit, or have great utility tools to ensure they are safe when acting independently of the team. The word frag was first used in the Vietnam war, but there is some discrepancies as to the meaning of word from this time. (Forcing to buy the best you can afford). Playmaker (Second Entry Fragger) - The Playmaker typically follows behind the entry fragger and has the same objectives. FULL SAVE — Don’t buy anything, the team is very poor and is looking to be able to buy full. This composition gives high mobility, mid-level vision utility, and a strong overall foundation for a team that can move together and siege areas, while also providing setup and defense for the objective.

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