An excellent poet. The warm scent of a male fell on my face, and my face started to get very hot. Boston Lobster and Peking Duck are in the middle of a fight and the tension is building up. Required fields are marked *. Personally, I liked her design, voice and description. "This is the cure to this problem, isn’t it?". Salt 'n Pepper Shrimp being dead serious about wanting to kill anyone who threatens Master Attendant and is. Food Fantasy (食之契约, shí zhī qì yuē) is a RPG adventure management game featuring personified food. (Yellow Wine + Sake). One of the seniors seemed to have noticed something, he took out the test paper in hand, and handed over to his confrère. ✔️ TW Fear not mountains, nor seas, nor the passing of years. After she was done speaking, the madam turned to look at Master Attendant and let out a sigh. Made with glutinous rice flour, sugar and sweet osmanthus, Osmanthus Cake has a long history as a traditional dessert. I recognise his style of writing, humanism and discourse on polities were fairly well done. Sweet-scented osmanthus cake originated in China during the Ming Dynasty. Tell me, I’ll help! 182 cm After Pretzel lists off. "You…..really know how to calculate fortune? Dmg 762/3344 JAP VA Tachibana Rika Atk Spd 1853/7113 Availability Event (Memories Revisited, Golden Pig Arch) Fallen Angels Spectra Forker Basic […] But for some reason, my heart is bubbling with a feeling of violation and familiarity; my intuition is telling me that this guy isn’t someone who’s so simple and just happens to know my name. A Food Soul with a sensitive personality. For Peking Duck's Gentleman Spy skin, a tombstone with his monocle on it falls on top of him and his ducks begin crying. Icon “But wasn’t Osmanthus Cake dead at that time?”. After a while, my words started to slow down, and unexpectedly, we talked for the entire afternoon. CV JP If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake Rarity Please be patient and give a reasonable amount of time for people to answer your question. Macaron's voice actress Kirsten Day reading President Donald Trumps tweets in her voice. He extracted their essential oils, strained them over sugar and mixed them with glutinous rice to produce the familiar form of the sweet we know today. He picked it and brought it back with him to earth. In contrast to Salt 'n Pepper Shrimp and Green Curry who are, Tom Yum sounds really proud of himself in the English audio when saying that he didn't eat any lemons today. Perfection comes from diligence, and ruin from profligacy. Though Fire Crystal Persimmon Cake enjoys playing and fooling around wherever he goes, he's actually very reliable when it comes to proper work. She took the scroll she was carrying and smacked him right in the face. “You can’t say it like that either.” His confrère stroked his beard and also sighed softly. The poor Fallen Angel keeps dining and dashing and as a result, keeps getting beat up by Master Attendant's Food Souls. Then…..This suggestion that is so absurd……what would the problem be if I believed in it once? Clouds change, but the mountains never move. Be sure to follow us for the latest news, guides & updates! Realgar Wine getting mad at Dragon & Phoenix and climbing on top of the roof to sulk. Likes "Something like “Jie Jie didn’t do it on purpose.”", TN: He makes her sound like a gangster/tomboyish in this one lol. I hurriedly pushed the person away, then stepped back a few steps, not even daring to hold my head up and apologized. It is prepared using fire persimmon that resemble red lanterns and flour. He also tends to attract little critters. Favourite Food Day 1: Favourite Girl(s) I decided for the sake of simplicity, I’m gonna just show/explain those released in the Global Server only!! I have taken the liberty of putting an asterisk (*) right next to every time she uses 奴家 instead of the normal “I”. Borscht saying that Oyster punching Spaghetti in the face was awesome and. I like her character - Cloud Tea seems to be very experienced and wise. I stood myself up, faced the madam and bowed. Long Bao explains the event to Milk Tea and decides to cheer on his friend on, telling CLB that if he manages to win. genuinely confused as to why they wouldn't want that. AND SHE IS BEAUTIFUL?????? Day 24: “亲爱的, the pawnshop has missed you~” (Zongzi + Plum Juice), Fun Fact About This Drawing: Not pictured: mooncake and tangyuan probably going “ewwww cooties!”. It may be a marriage on paper, but everyone mocked it as getting in through marriage. What would a summer be without fireworks? It’s interesting how she came to love pranks and becahe who she is now Honourable mentions include Red Wine and Osmanthus Cake, NEW FUTURE UR WAIFU?!!!! "I still had some suspicions. Icon “Hehe, this is exactly like them!” Info Artifact Bio Voice Name Osmanthus Cake Initial Stats/Ascended Stats Rarity Atk 45/ Type Strength Def 13/ Fav Food Mint Pineapple HP 403/ CN VA An Qi (安琪) Crit 956/4166 EN VA - Crit. Huangshan Maofeng calmly asked. It has a variety of flavors and various health benefits, making it a great vale and a favorite of old and young alike. A saint who always listens to the wishes of others and treats everyone with equal goodwill. the 2 sides of fire persimmon is golden yellow and the inside of it is soft; the stuffing is colourful and the cake's is aromatic. He gazed at me with a stunned expression and started talking only after a while. This country has just recently held a completely national, independent imperial examination. Before she could finish, I finished her sentence. Has a neutral, gentle personality and always speaks frankly about anything. Character Info little turds who enjoy seeing him suffer. It also made me feel a sense of familiarity. But fate loves to play tricks on people, and that year, the country started to look into bribe cases in the merchants’ line of business, and Master Attendant didn’t make it on the board again. DEEPEST APOLOGIES FOR TAKING SO LONG!!!!! Facing all of this gossip, Master Attendant gritted his teeth together and took on that burden, all for his initial wish. INTL It’s a real shame she didn’t get to be with her MA when he disappeared. Trait It is a very humble, dainty way of referring to oneself (as in, to say “I”), and it is primarily used by slaves. Links with CN Release Only with enough strength can you protect those around you. Cheese reminded me of a greek goddess when I first saw her design and, tobe honest, I thought of her as a very gentle and fragile girl. In the jewelry shop, Master Attendant helped me put on a lotus hairpin, saying that I look good with it. Tachibana Rika Food Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. She has that air of dignity and seems to have a calming presence. But after so many years, the situation isn’t the same anymore. Huangshan Maofeng is surprised when he heard her referring to herself like that because if you read in his fondness stories, she refers to herself as a normal “I” and is not dainty at all. Although I don’t know Milk Tea’s story yes I can’t help but feel a kinship with her due to traveling a lot and writing haha.

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