This information is important because it will give your practitioner a good idea of how healthy you are and what type of problems you are most likely to experience during your pregnancy. hiya, I went to the docs first (just made an appoimtment didnt tell the receptionist what it was for) and he gave me a test, worked out my due date then gave me the number for the booking in appointment system. I could defiantly tell that everyone else was a lot further along then I was. At 40 or 41 weeks of pregnancy, you may begin to see your midwife or doctor every few days. “I got in and told him I was pregnant, and all he asked was when my last period was. It has been about a month since you've seen the midwife or doctor. The first prenatal appointment usually takes place in the second month, between week 6 and week 8 of pregnancy. The NHS advice is that you let your GP know as soon as you find out you are pregnant, so that your details can be entered into the NHS antenatal system, your appointments and ultrasound scans set up, and your care plan tailored to your health needs. but since your 28 weeks pregnant, they will measure your belly, listen to babys heart beat, probably do all the 12 week check up things, they will push on your belly to feel were baby is and ask you about movement and symptoms your having. Learn about visiting someone at our hospitals. Facing COVID-19 and winter: A mental health expert offers tips and coping strategies. This information helps you and the midwife map out a plan for the pregnancy. Here is what these visits may look like: Since you are officially past your due date, your midwife or doctor may want to watch you and your baby more carefully until labor begins. looking forward to monday!! For first pregnancies you are seen by your midwife at: 16 weeks pregnant, 25 weeks and then every three weeks until you reach 34 weeks pregnant. Anyway, I got a call from the midwives this morning asking me why I was booked in today?! Here's what these visits may entail: You will continue to be seen every week until about the 41st week of pregnancy, at which point you may be seen every few days until your baby is born. Mayo Clinic. Good luck, Hi & congratulations :0) I agree with Dante 101 in that this may be a fairly brief appointment with the longer 'booking appointment' normally occurring at around 10-12 weeks, At the booking appointment there is a great deal of information to be gathered so it is just as well to be prepared in advance (& to take a snack, drink & reading material with you as there can sometimes be a fair bit of hanging about) what medical staff need to know falls into brackets: Your current health status: checked by blood pressure, BMI, urine test (infection, sugar & proteins) & blood tests (blood group & rhesus factor, Hb (iron) & clotting factors, immunity to rubella, chickenpox, Hep B, Sickle cell/Thalasaemia etc and optional screening for Syphilis & HIV) they will ask about any pre-existing medical conditions, any medications you might be taking (including folic acid for 12 weeks before & after conception), your family's medical history (heart attacks, diabetes etc) & whether you have ever had a blood transfusion, if you are ok with having a blood transfusion if in an emergency, your 'obstetric history' any previous pregnancies/births any history of babies with congenital birth defects in your immediate family, if you and your partner are blood relatives and any history of mental health problems- all things that could have an impact on your & your baby's health during pregnancy, They will also inquire into your & (if relevant) your partner's social circumstances including support networks, smoking, drinking, recreational drug use, diet & exercise, and domestic violence, & offer advice and support as appropriate (including NHS choices 'your pregnancy & baby' website - a great all round general information source).....its a lot of information but all helps establish your 'base line health status' & allows the best 'care pathway' to start you on & flags up any potential risks to be alert for.

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