She is also angry to learn it was Steve who sent him away and scolds him for it. Rath offers to take care of her even going as far as feed food to her so she doesn’t need to get out of bed to wash her hands…and he licks her face clean  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え. He admits that he didn’t want to kill anyone and when he did he felt awful afterwards since he had to do it to survive. Fiona is horrified by her sister's act and learns she took it after witnessing his father playing with him and his sister in their yard and got jealous. oh for some reason I had thought you played the PC version since I figured you like the wolves. Fiona throws Lip a surprise party for his high school graduation; afterwards, Debbie asks what happened to Jimmy, and Fiona says he's gone for good. She also decides not to get in relationship and experiments with Tinder, since her past relationships haven't worked out. 人生オワタ\(^o^)/ After this Auger’s mind completely shuts down to infant level and all he can say is googoogaga so Fiona decides to take care of him. Unfortunately their respective routes were probably the “tamest” part of the game as what they do in other endings of the game was a lot more rage inducing so READ ON :lol:. Fiona decides to take out a loan and buy the laundromat. When she isn't juggling the responsibilities of her siblings or dealing with Frank's shenanigans, she's out partying with Veronica and Veronica's husband, Kev. Ewan’s son, Calum, produced the EP, so it gave him reason to reminisce, too.”. Ah well figures since from the same director but still a fun easter egg. Mejojo is a materialistic ho and he doesn’t actually love Fiona but in fact he just wants to have her as an object to make up for the fact that he couldn’t have her cousin. Aww how sweet lolol. Fiona & the wolves go on a picnic the next day where Fiona rubs the head of everyone for their hard work but Rath gets embarrassed and refuses to get one xD. Anyway, I have this love/hate relationship to them since their feelings toward Fiona changes so much depending on which ending you play (in bloody nightmare anyway) Fiona also bonds with her brother Liam after he is kicked out of private school because of Frank's indiscretions. I’m sure I would have had different thoughts (for better or worse) if I played BN though but for the sake of my sanity I think it’s best that I don’t XD. After the cats are killed blah blah, time passes and Fiona ends up staying with Zara to assist him with the Zodiva research. Grooming tip: Richie likes it when you poke him in the weiner omg. Yea I dunno the game just flew by so quickly lol. What’s really coming across is how everyone is so interdependent. (´・ω・`;) This time we see the POV of Elza fighting Auger while Nesso fights Mejojo. Fiona receives an offer to sell the laundromat and ultimately Fiona accepts, making a 100% profit after much negotiation. Fiona curses her mother for leaving her as a child and making her pick up her slack in raising the family. After she passes out to sleep again, Zara swears that he won’t lose her like he lost his parents. Hope & Red est donc un roman fun et fort, qui allie un univers gangsters-pirates à des personnages très attachants, de l'action rythmée. Ford begs for help to get down and Fiona shoots a paint gun at his rear end and takes amusement from the act, thanking her family for giving her the chance. At the end, Steve comes over to find a drunk and bitter Frank with the children sitting around satisfied. He asks out Fiona and they sleep together on the first date. Fiona ignores this and goes about getting tools since he denied her a family discount. She uses the money to buy groceries, but she feels guilty and decides to return the purse to its owner, Kim. They sneak into the castle by hiding in a delivery cart, and once inside,  they find Edgar but he tells them to focus on finding the recipe for the medicine recipe first and saving Fiona. As they are in the forest one day, they run into a wild dog but that dog is actually Pearl. (This didn’t seem to a problem with Zara or the stupid cats wtf honestly lol.) It hurts staph. She takes her new boyfriend and goes on a double date with Steve and his girlfriend. This forces Debbie to go to her apartment and find the bruised Fiona who informs her of her situation with Ford and her debts. Zara becomes a super doctor and works on finding a cure for Zodiva while helping Mejojo recover. She soon lashes out at Monica for trying to make a family with Bob after leaving her old one behind. Mike comforts her and tells her of his plans to have dinner with Mike's brother, Robbie Pratt. ಠ_ಠ. She is finally finding a balance in her life: she has a steady job and is relatively happy again. After hearing this story, Fiona realizes the only reason Arles was nice to her is because she looks like Elvira. Other than Lip, Fiona is the most reliable of all the Gallaghers (other than the latter half of Season 4). Overall I think the story is pretty good and I liked all the animal farm references but I feel like they were focusing too much on the main story and didn’t really bother to focus on the “otome game” aspect. Anyway, of course they didn’t really have a reason to abuse Fiona as much as they did, I felt really sad every time Mejojo whipped her Dx but they where the sexiest routes (so far, still not done since PCfucker can’t handle playing more than 2 hours) compared to the others which felt more like ‘friend-routes’ … But I was sad that Rath didn’t have as much story as I thought since uh … Kaji sings the op? Fiona also ends her friendship with Jasmine Hollander. She tearfully confronted her mother on her frequent leaving the family and told her she just wanted to be loved. He explains that "he needs a change", and Fiona becomes upset when he says that being apart for a year doesn't matter. Fiona’s like fuck dat shit and kills herself by jumping out of her tower leaving Auger to laugh like a Hyena and make my ears bleed. Fiona soon embarrasses herself after trying to tell his new wife of Sean's past but gets the wrong woman and Sean is left oblivious to her actions. Fiona, like her siblings, struggles with unstable self-esteem. A banker from JPMorgan (who, by no coincidence, looks somewhat like Steve) pursues Fiona, but she doesn't feel a connection.

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