Please leave me alone. Corrin: Phew. All right, time to dig in! It's normal. Shiro: Remember when you showed me those letters Dad wrote you? I didn't know it then, but you were busy fighting to keep me safe. But I'm just delighted that you thought of me, sweetie. Corrin: Don't thank me. Thank you. Soleil: You can practice on me! You could keep a diary, or make a pillow fort, or learn to cook. That question might be harder to answer than I'd thought. Ophelia: Divinius Domus? I want to be the one to stand by your side for the rest of your life. What happened? Even you said there must be limits to how stupid one person can be! One day we celebrate, the next we may be mourning. Also, bend your right knee another six degrees. Corrin: Did...did I just land a clean hit? We loved her for it. He left in a hurry! I never would have dreamed that he would be so diligent with his writing. Now let's try that again. Corrin: I'm sorry. Corrin: Well, it doesn't sound like I have a choice. Corrin: Oh? Corrin: Heehee, you're too much. So, how about it, Corrin? That's Midori's special medicine for you! Ophelia: You're right. And then, you not only got them to come after you, but you took them out too! Rhajat: What?! Rinkah: Why? Left waiting for you / My world turned inward to verse / Structure to sorrow. Here I am, notionally a Nohrian, asking you to open up to me. Benny: What would I destroy? Corrin: everything OK? Corrin: Thank you, Takumi. Spend some time talking to the others. Corrin: I heard that you cast a spell on a bunch of villagers the other day. Honestly, that dear woman—she really was a hoot. Kagero: Yes, milady? Corrin: Um... Corrin: Oh. And by "we," I mean the nation. Azura: That's why we must bridge the gap. But I don't know how... Corrin: Oh, you're right! Look, over here. Perhaps...over a cup of tea? Well, anything I can find in the forest at least. Laslow: I love you, and only you. You care about people! I'll grab my blade! It was a huge success! You were staring off into the woods for a moment. Won't you please tell me what's upsetting you so much? Hey, what if I cooked some of these fellas for breakfast? Forrest: Hmm? This means the world to me. So...take this! Nowadays, I just love fighting for the sake of fighting. Corrin: Your brush? Corrin: So you're sending this one back to them. I was always afraid to say it, but from now on I will tell you every single day. ...But I have nightmares every night about the Hoshidans I've killed! (Confession Scene) Because our conversation will also have to wait, I'm afraid. Corrin: (This is getting weird.) Corrin: That's why we have to end this thing! Corrin: Wait a second. Selkie: Yay! Corrin: Is that...singing? How so? I had your brush, so I knew it'd only be a matter of time before I found a match. Which is why I will permit you to buy one for me. Corrin: What? You're not still spying on me, I hope. It's beautiful. Corrin: Ack! Now then, let's start with some cardio. Hinata: I already asked him, actually! Would you do me the honor of accepting this ring? I've kept every piece of correspondence that he's sent me over the years. Corrin: Shura? No one who brings smiles to so many can be as hopeless as you think. Wanna take a look? Just look at our allies from Nohr if you want proof that that is a misconception. Intense focus. I know it must seem terribly foolish of me. From now on I promise to let you in. I'm sorry, Mother. That's horrible! In the middle of a war? I just feel... *SNIFF* I'm just so pathetic... I've made up my mind about something. Corrin: Of course, Velouria. But never mind that. Kagero: Thank you for understanding, Lady Corrin. I just get all tongue tied... Corrin: You don't have to apologize so much! Corrin: Aww. I totally forgot! Corrin: Odin...names things? It's what I've always done to relax, ever since I was a child. Corrin: Oh, there's no need to thank me. I do hope I'm doing an adequate job for her. Kaden: Are you sure? Corrin: You think so? What are you up to? Nina: Grr! Peri: What a great day! Corrin: At the wall? If we're going down, we'll go together. Oh gods, what am I going to do? Corrin: I don't mind at all, but why— But thank you anyway, Siegbert. Corrin: Hm? Did the kids get home safely, though? Then we could fight side by side. Something impressive, just like you. Rhajat: I assure you that you still have more to learn. He'd be proud of you. (Sophie leaves) I'm glad you said something. Mitama: I don't think so. Subaki: I've always been able to avoid failure in every task. Hyup. Corrin: Oh, that little recess? Corrin: Just let me know whenever you're ready to talk. It sounds like I really made them happy, which is worth something. It's as beautiful as it was on our first visit. I'll hold you to it! Midori: Hmmmm. But at the same time, you've been so helpful in battle. Corrin: Hello, Beruka. Corrin: No, of course not. Odin: Whoa, now! Nice try, but I'm not going down without a fight! Don't be so dramatic. Ryoma: Hmm. But of course I'm different! Corrin: Midori? Corrin: You?! Pickling is the time-honored art of preserving vegetables. Sophie: Heehee. Corrin: Isn't that next to a cliff?! Corrin: Wellll, if you really want to thank me, will you stop eating things off the floor? Forrest: I have talents in more than needlework, you see. I just wanted to repay you for the advice you offered me the other day. Corrin: No, really! I know you wouldn't want that to happen. Don't mind me. What's going on? I mean, I can't spend time with Dad. When every good-bye could be your last, it becomes much harder to let go. I didn't do that very easily. That I'd always try to end anything that I did on a high note, like my name! Flora: Please. Corrin: Dwyer, for the last time... Jakob is very skilled at what he does. Corrin: Subaki, it's OK. You're just hungry! Flora: Lady Corrin, I present to you the Hill of Wishes. Corrin: Why on earth...? Corrin: Oh, Flora... You really do too much for me. Felicia, Jakob, and I even had a little book club. Corrin: Sorry, but I um...have to go take care of something. Sophie: Whew...thank goodness for that. Corrin: I do. Silas: What, for what we found out? Wait, what am I saying? And now cats?! Corrin: Goodness! Corrin: Well, what about that last battle, when you got the enemy's attention by screaming? Setsuna: Oh, it's never for hours, milady. I love you more than anyone! Don't despair, Sophie. Kaze: ... Corrin: Do you mean that, Takumi? Here, give me a hand with these intestines. Corrin: You're actually making a whole lot of sense right now. I suppose I should thank you, Corrin, even though I wish you'd been spared it. Soleil: Hrgh! After all, no one knows where their friends may disappear to next. Saizo: I don't need your sweets! Bye, Odin. I'll answer as best I can. But I still think what you did takes a lot of talent! Ryoma: So that's what's weighing you down. Battlefield strategy, culinary techniques... whatever wisdom you can spare. We're already pretty deep in the forest. What did you come up with? Charlotte: Really? Subaki: Well, the truth is... Lady Corrin, I have very strong feelings for you. You should be asleep! Corrin: Oh! Flora: Yes. Ophelia: Wow. Corrin: Mind if I join in? Subaki: I never meant to alarm anyone. You're making things up now. I'm not sure... Soleil: Um...because it's fun? Velouria: I want you to go somewhere far away from here. Barely big enough for a hound. By the way, what's your size? Percy: Mom... If you need anything at all, please let me know. Corrin: What?! Corrin: Wow. And do I detect hints of vanilla? I feel restless not being able to practice. We will never meet precisely the same way at the same time again. Silas: So, where on the list do you want to go? Father didn't allow that sort of thing, did he. Rhajat: Why would they complain about me? Hmm? Corrin: It was that easy to tell? I'll take good care of them. (Corrin leaves) You are the most precious thing in my world, you know that? Mitama: My appearance? Ignatius: Heh. I spent most of my life in Nohr, and I can safely say it was always gloomy. It's the sweet smell of justice! Corrin: I try, but it's no use. Corrin: You don't have to worry about that. Just come tell me when you've found some, and we'll go together to look. Kana: They're amazing! Ignatius: Good day, Mother. Oboro: ...I never saw it like that before. Leo: No, that's not it at all. So what? Nina: Hey, Mother. Knowing that I'll be king someday, I want to do everything to make Father proud.

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