To all fathers of families, Joseph is verily the best model of paternal vigilance and care. LIVE,,,,, {127:5} May the Lord bless you from Zion, and may you see the good things of Jerusalem, all the days of your life. Have the whole family participate in cooking dinner. These include abortion, contraception, same-sex marriage, polygamy, embryonic stem-cell research, divorce, spousal abuse, child abuse, and co-habitation. The places cited in this lesson are equally important. Artisans, and all such as are bitterly grieved by the narrow and slender means of their families, if they would but consider the sublime holiness of the members of this domestic fellowship, cannot fail to find some cause for rejoicing in their lot, rather than for being merely dissatisfied with it. If you find a mistake, please let us know. The Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and JosephThe devotion to the Holy Family was born in Bethlehem, together with the Baby Jesus. All we know are the facts of the sojourn in Egypt, the return to Nazareth, and the incidents that occurred when the twelve-year-old boy accompanied his parents to Jerusalem. The primary purpose of the Church in instituting and promoting this feast is to present the Holy Family as the model and exemplar of all Christian families. (Antony Kadavil). They speak of the early years of the Holy Family, including the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, the flight into Egypt, and the finding of Jesus in the temple. Old Calendar: Sunday in Octave of the Nativity. “Like father like son” is an old saying, and very often true. Sirach reminds children of their duty to honor their parents – even when it becomes difficult. CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) - During the Octave (eight days) of Christmas we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Jesus becomes truly present in the parish church through the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. A happy feast of the Holy Family! Both Mary and Joseph were accustomed to receiving the guidance of Heaven’s messengers. The first reward is “riches,” and the second, long life: “Whoever reveres his father will live a long life.” He reminds children that God blesses them if they obey, revere, and show compassion to their father. The Feast of the Holy Family reminds us that, as the basic unit of the universal Church, each family is called to holiness. The Massacre and Rachel’s tears. II. The young learn more from example than from precept. Make them more and more like You. God has not commanded us to keep a day for our mothers or fathers but has rather given us a commandment to guide us in our relationship with our parents. Enjoy our Liturgical Seasons series of e-books! There in secret dwelt the Sun of Righteousness, until the time when he should shine out in full splendour in the sight of all nations. The flight of the Holy Family into Egypt is one of them. {127:3} Your wife is like an abundant vine on the sides of your house. Today the Church celebrates the Feast on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s Day (Known as the Feast of Mary Mother of God in the Catholic Church). No one can doubt that in this Holy Family was displayed every virtue which can be called forth by an ordinary home life, with its mutual services of charity, its holy intercourse, and its practices of godly piety, since the Holy Family was destined to be a pattern to all others. When approving the feast of the Holy Family, Pope Leo XIII wrote: “When God in his mercy determined to accomplish the work of man’s renewal, which same had so many long ages awaited, he appointed and ordained this work on such wise that its very beginning might shew to the world the august spectacle of a Family which was known to be divinely constituted; that therein all men might behold a perfect model, as well of domestic life as of every virtue and pattern of holiness: for such indeed was the Holy Family of Nazareth. The Holy Family is the name given to the family unit of Jesus: The Divine Son of God Jesus, his mother Mary, and his foster-father Joseph. All these, as well as the cherished intimate members of our family, are “family valuables,” and, as such, are worthy of safekeeping and reverence. SHOWS. Though its details date to Paul’s time, the underlying message of being careful with one another – being full of care for one another – is timeless. Bethlehem was not a large city, so the male infants under two years of age would have been few. The Holy Family also became portrayed in popular art of the period. In a tyrannical time and place, the incident could escape notice except by those directly affected. And in Jesus, who was subject to his parents, the children of the family have a divine pattern of obedience which they can admire, reverence, and imitate. Presenting Jesus as another Moses, Matthew gives a number of parallels between the two. Joseph obeyed without complaint or comment. The Holy Family consists of the Child Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. In reality, marriage establishes a family, and its purpose is to increase the number of the elect, through the bodily and spiritual fecundity of the Christian spouses. More. Paul, in the letter to the Colossians, advises us that we should put on love and remain thankful in our relationships with one another.

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