you can as well turn every bit of your life challenges in a great opportunity If you have weeks of time on your hand, take that training class you have been dreaming of doing. Sometimes when we set goals, we are so focused on our problems that we hold ourselves back and miss out the big picture. What was it that went wrong? Take the scary leap and branch out on your own in your profession. challenges at you and these is one of the factor that can not be avoided in The quarantine period is extending and we do not know what will be the next after this pandemic. We publish pieces as written by outside contributors with a wide range of opinions, which don’t necessarily reflect our own. Do learn to put pressure on your self: Always taking things lightly and letting things slide will never … And why do we have such a negative notion of them? Here are few ways: Will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. The obstacle in front of you has a purpose, and your mind learns to adapt to it and figure out a way around it. Even if it is not completely to your liking or you don’t feel ready, you need to get up and get started. In my own case, I wanted to keep practicing psychology, I wanted to teach graduate level students in the field, and I had wanted to be an avid writer for so long. This is your chance to really think about these things on a level that you may have felt unable to before. And that will be a game changer. When a crisis confronts you, the natural instinct is to think about your weaknesses. In a way, what stands in your way is your way to achieve something. It might seem odd, or even impossible, that I was happier than ever, and accomplishing more than ever, from the comfort of my own bed. What have you not had the time to accomplish before? For those that are -- for example, the decreased value of a home you may own -- instead of expending energy worrying and complaining about it, turn your attention to those challenges with opportunities you can act upon. Did those opportunities exist remotely, as a matter of fact that did. Most of us do not have the luxury of not working, and the thoughts of building from scratch is if course initially frightening, but can then be exciting when you think of all the possibilities that are in front of you. FREE DAILY MOTIVATION DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX: I have read and agree to the terms & conditions, Headphones ON, World OFF – Workout Music Album, Better Than Yesterday – Motivational Speeches Album, Reinvent Yourself – Motivational Speeches Album, Uncommon Being – Motivational Speeches Album, Tom Bilyeu – Motivational Speeches (ALBUM), 10% Human 90% Beast – Gym Motivational Speeches (Album), Don’t You Dare Give Up On Yourself – Motivational Video, The Chosen One (Official Music Video) Fearless Motivation, If You Can’t Focus & Get Distracted Easily: WATCH THIS, I AM HERE FOR A REASON! In my own case, I wanted to keep practicing psychology, I wanted to teach graduate level students in the field, and I had wanted to be an avid writer for so long. Required fields are marked *. I make my own hours that work around my physical well-being, I have numerous positions that not only let me continue the work I love, but allows me the time to do the work I always wanted to do. Embrace the sad feelings and by doing this you will be able to raise the strength to overcome it, doing this will make it easier for you to transform your challenges to something more fruitful. life. What we do not realize is that sometimes what feels like major set-backs and obstacles in our lives, can turn into transformative opportunities if we allow them to be. What have you always wanted to do? 13 Of The Most Profound Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes. She is a regular contributor to and a few other websites. The concept of how obstacles can open new doors and help us achieve goals we had for ourselves came to me when I experienced my own medical set-backs in my life. There are many thing that happen in our lives that veer us of the course that we were on. HOW TO TRANSFORM CHALLENGES INTO OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH? The end result may be something that is hugely successful, where the starting product may have been met mediocrity. successful people today is their ability to never give up, they manage to turn

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