Somewhat proud, somewhat contributing member of the Divergences of Darkness and Concert of Europe teams. Top 10 Most Interesting Releasable Nations in EU4 - YouTube “Colonial nations …have lots of colonists they send over. This means constantly expanding around the Horn of Africa and gaining enough of an economy that you can rival a nation that will most likely have a significant technology lead. Gotland has awesome NI's if you can deal with them starting with a rebel occupied island with no route for expansion. 10/10 won't regret it. All pirate nations (except for Tétouan who has a core in the 1444 start date) can only appear via special event which allows the player to either: to release said country as an independent nation, release it as a march, or play the country as a newly released independent nation. with benefits that skyrocket you to the next dimension. and i'm not even playing them since february XDDD. Many such bonuses and penalties now decay two times slower. Thanks, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. While this is hard for Mexican natives, it isn’t nearly as hard for someone who can see all the tribal nations to the north who are ripe for the taking. They rely completely on diplo rep, PUs and HRE mechanics. This is a trade-off Paradox Development Studio often face: when does something make for a more interesting model of the world, but a less fun game? Cool info! Dec 26, 2018 - Here's the fastest way to get Windows 10 installed on a new gaming rig. But yes, it's more popular than I previously thought. But they are the earliest recorded rulers in the historical ruler list. “But trading in the Indian Ocean was more like taking control over the trade routes in an area rather than just conquering large swaths of territory.”. Running an unactivated version of Windows if you install without the. Max monarch points stored increased from 999 to 1500 (and proportionally for other tech groups), mostly to decrease micromanagement and avoid wasting monarch points due to lack of alert on overflow. Top 10 are all the easiest nations in the game! A few weeks ago u/pure_anger completed what is arguably one of the s, Patch Announcement and Content Teases! Tradition loss due to reelection is lower (scaled -3 instead of -10). Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Manchu is pretty fun to play. Coupled with administrative ideas, you could easily go onto conquer all of Europe or do a WC. (tooltip still shows them costing points, but it works correctly). “We’re going to change around how [the trade dispute] war goal works because now it just expires after the truce expires. 85% Upvoted. A trade-company dominated region is effectively unguarded and open to predation by any other power, meaning that they require active defense and protection from the homeland. Bad events from overextension increase more smoothly with overextension instread of having cliff at 100%. Johansson really wants trading nations to be spending more time fighting and thriving than they did in the base release of EU4. Following this strategy means you can unite all of Central and North America ready for the Europeans to arrive, reform cheaply and spend the left over monarch points to catch up with their tech. To aid in these goals, there’s a bunch of new naval units and mechanics, including flagships and naval sieges, pummelling forts with cannon-fire. Why you should play them: Ethiopia is a really engaging but difficult challenge that encourages you to expand aggressively. As a tribe it follows the weak Totemist religion, it has a major penalty on tech and can only reform through the terribly expensive native reforms. Purge them in fire. Mewar has fun missions and Rajputana has great ideas. Marches were extremely underpowered, so decision to revoke march now only costs -100 relations for 10 years instead of -200 relations pretty much indefinitely. And many of players wanted to play within these time period. There's something amusing about taking over the world as Luxembourg. Paradox's system of favouring only big nations really anoys me, again as I stated it is a historical simulator but then again where are the rest of the events that happened outside of Europe or the events that were really bad for the great powers, Ottomans get 15 unrest in some provinces and the Jannisaries are just a minor nuisance, really flavourful. The Company and their mistreated Indian army also sparked the 1857 Mutiny. This isn’t saying much, however, as there is only a handful of Coptic nations. Bulgaria has some interesting ideas, and it's always great fun to be "Berry" or "Bar" and take over the world. save hide report. Europa Universalis IV > General Discussions > Topic Details. It made no sense that it was basically a penalty (as you lost more in long term rival bonus than you gained from eclipsing bonus), and with no way to stop the game from arbitrarily making the same countries unrivalable and then rivalable again, it's a reasonable workaround. the post-summer free patch and dives into some juicy teases about Content for the European Expansion! Playing a Custom Nation is still the most popular choice, so these are the top 23 historical nations played. Advisor cost increase per year reduced from 1%/year to 0.5%/year. But Ethiopia is easily a dominant force in the area and are only properly challenged by the Mamluks to the north. Do you guys recommend any fun releasable's in Europe like Funland or Sibir? But it’s also a simulational element that might be more at home in a game like Victoria 2 than EU4, which is more about giving players control of historical forces. This new expansion focuses on a notably dark and violent time in history (aren’t they all? Fun releasable Nations? Europe is still in 31,31,31 and the rest of the world are behind of Europe. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Still, in-game it will allow you to force out minorities from your homelands, and shuffle them off to your outer colonies or subject territories. Golden Century is set to expand on the naval aspect of the game, building on the Spanish Reconquista and a broad focus on the Iberian peninsula. You’ll need an amazing starting leader and a great religion to help you. Netherlands are great for playing tall since your expansion and army aren't that great but your trade is amazing and your navy fantastic so you can dominate the sea and colonization. Japan is anything but united. Uhhhh, Italy has an amazing set of national ideas due to their core creation cost reduction. Many other players will have similar tales with many not venturing out of Europe – and despite it being in the name of the game, there’s much more of the world to see. Fun and Balance for EU4 1.11.4 and Shattered Europe (latest Steam Workshop version) - Download. I'll check them out when I have the time. Thus, quickly establishing yourself as a major power. So Wealth of Nations is refining their role. Knights into Jerusalem is interesting. It’s a cool twist on the colonial model, but both Fraser Brown and I admitted we were disappointed that East India Companies can not get out of control the way they did historically. Random lucky nations is somewhat more random. In the same time, there are still many Japanese rulers beyond 1821. Now, with Wealth of Nations, Johansson wants to give them more tools to become powerful, but also steer them into long and bloody trade wars. Do I go fully with idea switching in your opinion or just do whatever haha, But the start is a bit of a challenge and the clean map colour. I'm planning to make a similar map, but for all existing cores, I want to know what you think of this style of drawing intersecting borders. …Trading powers should fight each other. And not all nations in the 1444 existed in pre 1444 eras. “We’re trying to get to a point where we’re trying to create more layered conflicts. The reality is the the Mamluks (or sometimes the Ottoman) will destroy you when they decide to venture south into Africa.

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