Bar charts of color depth. For 2/2 Twill in one repeat of 4 threads there will be 4 threads and 2 intersections. The General formula to calculate Maximum EPI and PPI for a Given count of Warp and Weft. EPI and PPI affects the compactness of the fabric. Properties of denim Jeans Before Wash After Wash KMnO 4 Conc. Being an merchant and sourcing professional, if you don’t know how to find The purpose of our study was to investigate the effect of air temperature and humidity on the air permeability (air flow) of 6 fabric made of cotton, polyester a and polypropylen. To determine redox in dyed sample. In woven fabric EPI and PPI is estimated to the quantity of yarn on a fabric. Instrument used for sample testing: ***Matrohm machine: Testing the indigo in the sample g/l. Strength test etc. To measure pH ; Conclusion: Finally with the help of this topic we learned about the denim fabric production process. EPI and PPI. Comparison of Color Depth Graphical comparison of color depth Figure 9. Oil spot. Now in a plain weave in a repeat there are 2 threads and 2 intersections. yard = GSM(Grams per sq. Fabric shade%. EPI & PPI calculation: EPI and PPI are the exceptionally normal word in the textile business. Change in physical and mechanical properties of denim jeans with variation of processing time and concentration of potassium permanganate. Regularly, EPI is the quantity of wrap yarns per inch of fabric and PPI is the quantity of weft yarns of per inch of fabric. Due to relaxation shrinkage, PPI (picks per inch) and EPI (ends per inch) was increased than untreated denim garments. Cloth weight in GSM = {EPI/Warp Cout)+(PPI/Weft count)}* 25.6; oz (ounce ) per sq. Table 1. It is further noted that due to different duration of washing EPI, PPI was little changed. Normally EPI and PPI of a fabric are described as EPI×PPI. It is also known as thread count or cloth count. 1.5g/l Time 1.5 min Balanced constriction. Also as a rule please remember that 40s count yarn diameter is 1/165 of an inch. It was revealed that enzyme washing has a little effect in EPI and PPI of woven denim apparel. Thus a fabric of 74×66 means 74 EPI×66 PPI. meter)/34 . 3.5. Thread counts range from as low as 20 threads per inch as used in tobacco cloth to as high as 350 threads per inch, found in type writer ribbon fabrics. Material Measurement To calculate the length of any rolled fabrics, this formula gives the nearest accuracy.

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