What to do now? How much time will it take for the NOC to be issued ? What to do when you bring you car or bike to Bangalore ? What is the time limit for applying for road tax refund in Delhi after the date of NOC issuance.NOC from Delhi for reassignment and transfer was obtained 5 months back. How to get fitness certificate of vehicle in Kerala? Any recommended agents/services ? The Government of Kerala makes its decision after considering the bad consequences of drunk driving on the public roads. What's the procedure to get NOC now? I purchased a 2008 model Delhi registered car in 2017. Is there any such rule? I purchased a 2008 model Delhi registered car in 2017. So it's blacklisted in Delhi because it has crossed 2018 though the RC says 2023. I am from Odisha and the RTO there, told me that I don't require an NOC from Pune, for which I had applied for an NOC. Driving Licence for 2-wheelers without gear: This kind of DL is issued to drive mopeds or two-wheelers that are without gears. You can check this video to calculate the road tax to be paid in Bangalore. Some people are saying there is no need to get anything written from Bihar RTO since they do not have any records of my car. Does the vehicle needs to be present while obtaining NOC ?. Or is the rectification in NOC to be done by Bengaluru RTO? What's the procedure to get NOC now? I got the NOC from Pune, Maharashtra and moved to Hyderabad, Telangana. My car NOC got issued from Hyderabad to Noida. This is in addition to the tax that needs to have been paid from the vehicle’s time of entry, along with interest. This is the seventh in the series – Road Trips from I purchased a bike in Maharashtra in 2013 and in the same year I was transferred to Hyderabad. What is the fine amount if I ride without an NOC (if at all it is an offence) I heard from traffic police that the fine can be paid only in court. After receiving the NOC from Bengaluru for moving the vehicle to Chennai for reregistration and name transfer, it is noticed that that the chassis number is stated wrongly in the RC smart card and NOC as well as in the original RC book issued in 2005. I am from Kerala. Any recommended agents/services ? I want to register my car now in Bihar. How to get vehicle documents (DL,RC,PUC) in Digilocker ? I got NOC issued from it in RTO Delhi for RTO in Alwar(Rajasthan). KMVT14 (If the vehicle is from different state), Local address proof (Any one from the following list), Rental Agreement with Notary Seal + Electric Bill, Rental Agreement with Notary Seal + Gas bill. Will it be delivered to address given in Form 28 or do I have to collect it personally ? How to get fitness certificate of vehicle in Telangana? So I took Non Utilization Certificate of NOC from Hyderabad RTO. I am now having a scooter, which is not registered both in Karnataka and Kerala. You are requested to use your judgement and verify the information before making any decision. I would like to know which option is better and cost effective ? How to get fitness certificate of vehicle in Kerala? What is the procedure to cancel the NOC which is expired? I have already transferred to new state. Till date the ownership is not in my name. But I have not utilized the NOC issued by RTO. Will the NOC work? Is that true? Pls suggest some way. Kerala police have concluded that the car accident in Poochakkal of Alappuzha district which injured six people, including four school students, a child and a man, was because of drunk driving. I moved from Pune to Hyderabad and took NOC from Pune RTO, and in six months (before NOC Expired) moved to Mumbai. I have insurance, RC, Affidavit, Pollution & NOC. I had got an NoC in 2015 to shift to Bangalore. What to do now? How to get fitness certificate of vehicle in Karnataka? I got NOC issued from it in RTO Delhi for RTO in Alwar(Rajasthan). If you buy a car using car loan from a bank or financial institution, car will be registered in the name of bank or financial institution which lends money to buy it. As I'm in Maharashtra now, do i need to register my vehicle in Pune RTO or should I register it in Mumbai RTO. For calculating the road tax in Bangalore for a car registered in Kerala, should I consider the price at which I buy the car from the original owner or the price at which the original owner buys it from the showroom ? RC status is NOC issued. BANGALORE: If you have bought a vehicle, registered it outside the state and dared to ply it in Karnataka, change the registration now. Can I drive my car without paying Road Tax in Bangalore? Search vehicle registration details by vehicle number in Karnataka and trace RTO information, vehicle's owners name and address location across all the major cities in Karnataka at DriveSpark. I have to pay a fine of no less than 20, 000 rupees. So is it necessary to cancel the NOC? Does traffic police have the right to ask for the NOC? Is there any other documents required to ride it in Karnataka? Most part of the highway in this stretch is 4-lanes and you can really enjoy the drive. Is my vehicle still registered with Pune RTO? How to get it back to active ( either in Karnataka or Kerala)? I purchased it in 2017 year based on an affidavit and got NOC issued from RTO Delhi for  RTO in Alwar(Rajasthan). Now is there any way to get the ownership transferred to my name in Delhi or Alwar. Copy of Insurance : If the dealer doing Car Insurance then Insurance Policy with Matching Engine Number, Chassis number, Name, Address, Model Details as per Invoice needs to be obtained from Car Dealer.Else, if you doing Online or from some agency then you anyway will have it and a copy of same needs to be submitted . How to do Ownership Transfer of Vehicle in Karnataka? Adding Loan HP (RTO Form 34) : Form 34 (optional for … I have already brought my car to Pune from Kolkata without NOC, but now I am planning to obtain NOC. (5) What if I don't want to change my car number and if I obtain NOC ? How much time will it take for the NOC to be issued ? Bangalore to Munnar (Kerala) Road Trip | Day 1 | Tiago | 12 Hrs … While the change in name and issue of new registration number are reflected in Vahan database, I find the original date of registration in Bengaluru, viz 27th June 2005 is retained instead the new date of re-registration, 17th March 2020 in the vahan database.I am yet to receive the new smart card from Chennai RTO due to closure of offices. (7) How do I get road tax refund from Bangalore RTO ? These data have not yet been verified against authentic documents. I am from Odisha and the RTO there, told me that I don't require an NOC from Pune, for which I had applied for an NOC.

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