These activities are designed to help students learn to utilize the amazing potential of the right side and learn to draw what they see. Step 2 When you're done, compare the two drawings. Your brain is divided into two sections: the left hemisphere, which handles such things as logic and speech, and the right hemisphere, which by contrast is visual and creative. Have you ever noticed that younger students (say, Kindergarten through 4th grade) are more uninhibited with their drawing than older students? If you are LEFT HANDED click here and print the drawing If you are RIGHT HANDED click here and print the drawing. Because when the portrait was upside down, and you were drawing upside down right along with it, it was harder for you to identify and categorize each part of the portrait, and thus your right hemisphere had an easier time taking over. This is easier to do if you can learn particular ways to tune out L-Mode when it’s being unhelpful (because remember that sometimes L-Mode is useful to have around so it is better if you can learn to switch between the two modes as and when you wish). This is because during the first half of the exercise, when you trace the half of the picture that's already there, you're exercising the left hemisphere of your brain: recognizing a pattern and identifying each part verbally. Most people experience confusion or a temporary brain freeze when they start. Help Center. We deliberately created a set of conditions that create a left brain vs. right brain struggle so you would feel it.The difficulty of making that shift causes a feeling of conflict and confusion – sometimes felt as a momentary paralysis. Osage, IA 50461 ...feel frozen or paralysed? and is used here under licence, Learn R-Mode strategies in a 5-day Course, developed by Dr Edwards, that teaches you how to draw here. Once we can identify it, it becomes easier to switch between the two different modes. By avoiding your left brain's assumptions about how things should look, you were able to draw better. The following exercise is reproduced, with permission, from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Inc and is taken from The New Drawing … If you already have an account, please login. Well, the left side likes words and as long as students are talking, their left side is engaged. You can achieve this through the use of a handful of simple exercises. However, by learning to access the right brain, you can learn ways to trick the left brain into leaving you alone quietly to get on with your drawing with your right brain – the side of the brain that really does know how to draw. Set a timer beforehand for 20 to 30 minutes and don't check the time when you're sketching. With R-Mode you simply draw what you see. EARN EXTRA CREDIT BY TEACHING THESE EXERCISES TO SOMEONE ELSE OR ACTUALLY “EXERCISE” BY … Seeds of Growth: Have You Tried Turning it Upside Down? The following exercise is reproduced, with permission, from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Inc and is taken from The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (Harper Collins Publishers, 2001) by Dr Betty Edwards(© Dr Betty Edwards), Before you begin… ...notice a struggle going on in your mind? On a blank sheet of paper, draw your own version of the same portrait, also upside down. When you're done, turn the original portrait right-side up. Did you notice that after experiencing the 'mental crunch' something changed? This feeling of conflict can often be experienced when we are drawing and particularly when we are learning to draw – and it often causes us to give up as we think what we are doing is too difficult / we’re not “good enough” etc.

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