Tooth Fairy | Though not truly evil, Light is a powerful and intelligent villain who is able to take on each and every Titan. Dr. Light will be joined by Deathstroke (portrayed by Esai Morales) as another big bad for Titans in its sophomore season. Dr. Military | I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. Doctor Light is being introduced in Titans season two and a Walking Dead actor has been cast in the role. Mad Moe | Kardiak | Although there have been a few people (both heroes and villains) to have the Dr. Light name, the one appearing on the show will be Arthur Light. Soon after, he gained metahuman powers after a failed experiment involving light manipulation. Holocaust | Goals Jericho | Plasmus | Shimmer | Mother Mae-Eye | Teen Titans (2003) Rachel was born in Michigan to Angela Azarath and a powerful inter-dimensional demon named Trigon, who sought to destroy Earth and other dimensions but at some point was banished to his native realm, leading Angela to swear to do anything in order to bring him back to her. Gizmo | You can help Villains Wiki by expanding it. Power-Hungry Supervillain, Energy ProjectionEnergy AbsorptionLight BombsGenius level intellectExpert CombatantIntimidation. All Rights reserved. Puppet King | That is all. Perfect Sandwich | Twin Destroyers of Azarath | Krall | Pain Bot | H.I.V.E. | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Teen Titans: Hexagon (Trigon (Teen Titans Go!) Cadmus Laboratories (Mercy Graves & Walter Hawn) | However, before Robin could deal a final blow, Deathstroke appeared. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo: Uehara Daizo | Brushogun | Saico-Tek | Nya-Nya | Deka-Mido | Timoko | Mecha-Boi | Scarface Ratings Monster, Titans (2018) Type of Villain Katarou | H.I.V.E. Dr. Light | Damien Darhk | Magic God | Plasmus | Johnny Rancid | Legion of Doom | He learnt to ride a horse, which Hank coached him on. Deuce & Charger | Killer Moth | Light drew a large amount of power from  San Francisco, before relocating to a sports stadium, luring the old Titans there. Evil Dragon | Wintergreen | Giant Robotic Alien | Launch dates for broadcast, cable and streaming programs, Up-to-date lists for broadcast, cable and streaming series, Pandemic-proof vs. pandemic-contingent broadcast lineups, Signup for Breaking News Alerts & Newsletters, Get our latest storiesin the feed of your favorite networks. Legion of Doom (Superboy-Prime, Sun Girl, Headcase, Inertia, Indigo, Persuader, Zookeeper) | Trogaar, Teen Titans Go! Wrestling Star | Trident | However, Slade Wilson managed to kill all the guards in the prison and also unlocked Light's cell. Richard Nixon | Flex | Neutron | Five years in the past, Dick and the original Titans hunt Dr. Light. Malchior | Fang | Drinking beerDoing experiments Hurt Bot | Pylon | Terra | Mister Twister | Royal Flush Gang | Clock King | The Source | Angel | Halloween Spirit | 1 Character History 2 Personality 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Teen Titans Go! Twister | The addition of Dr. Light to the already jam-packed series will have interesting implications for the story. (Photo: Netflix) Other new additions to Titans in Season 2 include Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne, Esai Morales as Deathstroke, Joshua Orpin as Superboy, Drew Van Acker as … ... Outside the United States, the second season became available for streaming via Netflix on January 10, 2020. He also appeared in issue #43, forming the Fearsome Five with Psimon, recruiting Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx (going undercover for the Titans). However, knowing his offsprin… Santa Claus | Dr. Otto Von Death | Terra | Legion of Doom (Lex Luthor, Cheetah, Solomon Grundy, Toymaster, & Weather Wizard) | Atomic Skull | Ra's al Ghul Death | Raging Raven | Baron Ryang | Alias Ocean Master | Money Mummy | Radiation Creature | Origin Mumbo Jumbo | Arthur Light Dr. Light | Apart, they're hunted and feared -- but together, they're Titans. Brotherhood of Evil (Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Madame Rouge & General Immortus) | Arsenal | Dr. Adamson | Anti-Monitor | Dr. Arthur Light is a supporting antagonist of the DC Universe original series, Titans. Punk Rocket | Klatak | Five (Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, Billy Numerous, See-More, & Kyd Wykkyd) | Mosley was recently seen as Pastor Mason Young in Netflix’s critically-acclaimed Ozark. The Whisper | A friendly face introduces Rachel to a house full of folks with an array of rather unique talents. Steamroller | H.I.V.E. Nega Cyborg | Ed | PhotokinesisEnergy ProjectionEnergy AbsorptionLight BombsGenius level intellectExpert CombatantIntimidation Overload | (Photo: Netflix) Other new additions to Titans in Season 2 include Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne, Esai Morales as Deathstroke, Joshua Orpin as Superboy, Drew … Watch trailers & learn more. Watch trailers & learn more. Crimes Kwiz Kid | Shimmer | Deathstroke | Cinderblock | He stayed with Wilson, planning their attack on the new Titans, unnerved by Slade's lack of humor. The relatively minor character was revamped as a comedic persona in the 1980s, for instance, but wa taken in a far different direction in 2004 when the Identity Crisis series presented him as a ruthless rapist in its controversial but popular story arc. Pelicans | Arthur Light was once a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, where he gained a doctorate. vs. That night, Ellis was attacked by Dr. Light, who filled him with light energy. Teen Titans Go! Ternion | CriminalPhysicist (formerly) Toy Master | Trigon | Vegetor | However, Slade Wilson managed to kill all the guards in the prison and also unlocked Light's cell. Assisted by new member Garth, the original Titans capture Dr. Light. Doctor Light appeared in the comic book tie-in Teen Titans Go! Mother Mae-Eye | Trigon | Jinx | Slade | Ellis was a rehabilitating drug addict. Dr. Arthur Light is a powerful mad scientist who appears in several episodes of Teen Titans, once more a comical foe, but still not one to be taken lightly.His arch-rival in this version is Raven, who regularly trounces him with the darkness she contains, and who on occasion can defeat him just by showing up and glaring, so searing are the memories of his beat-downs. in issue #30, wherein he tried to steal Cyborg's battery to power his new Light Suit. Private H.I.V.E. Comics

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