Distance a deadbolt, tongue, roundbolt, etc. Need help? The only problem with those four posts is I barely skimmed the surface! Mechanical deadbolt vs. smart lock: How to choose, Georgian Knob with Addison trim Hall & Closet Lock, Broadway Lever with Upland trim Hall & Closet Lock, Custom Hobson Glass Knob with Century Trim Hall-Closet and Bed-Bath Lock, Single Cylinder Deadbolt with Collins Trim. This can be achieved through a single part or through multiple parts hooked together such as extensions and corner drives. Door viewers are a great addition to your exterior doors and increase the security of your home by allowing you to view who is outside before opening the door. Flush BoltsFlush bolts are most often used on french doors. The cylindrical shaped mechanism housed within door locks that contains the tumbler and keyway, into which a key is inserted to operate the lock. If you have something different, please contact us so we can help you find exactly what you need. Some of our more expensive door hardware, and restoration hardware products require a backset to be specified upon ordering. Triangular shaped locking point that retracts flush inside the faceplate until engaged, at which point it extends out to lock into a strike plate. Cap – The portion of the seal that seals against the door bottom of an inswing unit. It’s actually easier than it sounds once you get the hang of it, and soon you’ll be able to help you impress your friends with your newly acquired knowledge of parts of a door lock. With all installations, there are minimum and maximum measurements required for your lock to be compatible. When a door is referred to as "active" it means it is the primary functioning door usually in a pair of French doors. A standard interior door handle requires one bore hole (usually 2-1/8" in diameter) and one edge-bore (usually 1" in diameter). Replace your rusty old locks with our high quality, English-made version. Screw used to tighten cylinder into place. Small screw located on the neck of the handle which is used to tighten handle into the spindle. Faceplate refers to the small, rectangular-shaped piece of metal that surrounds the door latch on the edge of the door. A heavy duty door lock that has no spring action, but is operated by a key or a thumbturn. This distance establishes where the handle will be mounted to the face of the door. A standard interior door handle requires one bore hole (usually 2-1/8" in diameter) and one edge-bore (usually 1" in diameter). The drive rail carries the motion from the gear to the multipoints to activate them. Hardware used solely for the active panel. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. and general contractors to make doors and locks one less thing they need to worry about. A type of door installed on a sliding track that slides into and out of a hollowed space in a wall. LatchThe latch is the mechanism that slides into the enge of the door and retracts or protrudes with the turn of the door knob. Flush Bolt: A bolt used to on a non active door to keep it stationary. Knobs are made of brass, zinc die cast or other products. Strike Retainers – a plastic piece to which strike and deadbolt plates are attached. Strike PlateA strike plate is the metal piece attached to the door jamb. Non-Rising-PinRefers to a hinge pin that cannot be removed. Provides and gives overall height of the sill. ADA Compliant– American Disabilities Act; meets their standards. The color of your door hardware. Routed groove in the edge of the door, usually centered, but may be offset to one side in which the drive rail and faceplate of the multipoint hardware are mounted. The deadbolt bore hole is directly above the door knob hole. Handle set used on the active panel. 6 simple things to consider when shopping for door hardware. Nicholasville, KY 40356, Door and Lock Terminology – Advanced Edition. Upright or vertical piece of the framework of a wood flush door. The double cylinder function is an option for door locks like deadbolts and entry sets. Use the diagram below as an additional aide to determine handing. The strike plate protects the doorjamb and adds security to the opening. A right-handed lever has the door hinges located on the right side of the door as you look at it from the outside. Commonly used for hallway doors, closet doors, laundry room doors, etc. Interior hardware such as door knobs and door levers are available in passage, privacy, or dummy functions. Available in a variety of lengths to accommodate different door thicknesses. glass panel. The distance from the edge of the door to the center-point of this bore hole is the backset.

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