Great pictures included and information about mixing duck breeds. Many ducks are also kept for show, as pets or for their ornamental value. The life expectancy of domestic ducks kept as pets is 8 to 12 years. Duck eggs have 9.6 grams of fat making them higher in fat content than chicken eggs which contain 5 grams of fat. Domestic Duck Identification. Click on a breed name to see pictures of the duck breed and read about its history, use, egg production, meat production, appearance, and more. Unlike their male versions, female ducks tend to be more reserved in their coloring. this is a picture of call ducks, the girl in the back has a green metal leg band . Duck eggs have higher Omega-3 fatty acids than chicken eggs. Here’s a list of duck breeds with a link to a complete guide to each duck breed (although this list is still in progress and some breeds are missing). Please help by e-mailing ( any pictures you have of the breeds I am missing.This will be a big help to those who have ducklings and goslings, but don't know what breed they are. I'm going to try to collect pictures of all the domestic duck and goose breeds as both babies and adults. Whether choosing Hatchery Choice straight run, or picking out your own breeds and sexes, our babies are covered by our 48 hour live arrival guarantee. Sexing is available for all ducklings, The Duckling Breed Identification and Sexing Guide is a great resource if you ordered ducklings and need to know which ones are male or female. Duck eggs have a higher content of the much-needed Omega-3 fatty acid compound. When we think of ducks, we mostly picture the mallard ducks or those that are found in local ponds. Domesticated ducks are kept for meat, eggs and down. For instance, a female Mallard is chestnut brown all over with a gray and orange bill. Domesticated ducks can be a delightful—and valuable—addition to your farm, homestead, or even urban/suburban back yard! A Short Guide to Domestic Duck Breeds. However, know that there are many types of ducks, and BirdEden categorizes them accompanied by their identification features and pictures to help you understand them well. I am still learning my breeds and don't propose to be an expert on all of them, so I may be adding to this article as I learn more. Duck eggs are creamier and richer than chicken eggs. Look for duller colors in females. Duck Identification Guide: All the Types of Ducks With Pictures. A female duck's plumage will be a mixture of brown and gray and their bills will share similar colors, sometimes with a splash of orange. If the adults surrounding the duckling are all the same species then you can pretty much guarantee the ducklings are going to be the same breed as the adults. 14 Duck Breeds at a glance telling you their breed characteristics, temperament, amount of eggs laid a year, interesting facts, broodiness, size and which birds make a good meat bird. Most domesticated ducks originated from the wild Mallard Anas platyrhynchos, while a minority are descendants of the Muscovy Duck. HOWEVER if the duck was taken from the wild, or "rescued" as a duckling, it is not a domestic duck and should not be marked. I decided to create this guide to help people with choosing a duck breed best for them.

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