You can also bring them indoors during the colder months. This plant produces fuzzy flowers in light purple from the spring to the fall months that are a great addition to your garden or landscape. DIY Mosquito Repellent Ingredients. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide released by the dry ice and once you get close, the trap does its job. Coffee is good for more than an early morning or late afternoon jolt of energy. Another unfortunate reality is that the products that seem to work the best overall are not always the best for the environment (or inhaling—especially with young kids and pets). This trap uses sugar water and yeast that attract mosquitoes. All these diseases are serious and therefore you need to protect yourself from mosquito bites. This mosquito repellant plant showcases large, beautiful blooms that come in a range of stunning colors from red and purple to white and pink, and this makes them great for decorating purposes. You can dry it and use it too. This homemade DIY citronella candle makes a good attempt to eliminate mosquitoes from your surroundings. I love Dollar Tree’s citronella candles for only $1.25 CDN each, and these adorable pineapple glasses from Dollarama. The bottom of the bottle is 3/4 and 1/4 upper part. You can also try to grow mint bush in your garden or in a pot and keep it on your porch or patio where you sit often. I can’t wait to enjoy al fresco dining out here with my family! Chikungunya is again a viral disease caused by infected mosquitoes. You can plant it in planters, but it also does well in gardens that get no frost. This is a tropical pick that can keep mosquitoes up to 20-feet away, and it needs dappled shade, but it can also do well in full sun. Luckily enough for us, there are plenty of homemade mosquito repellent recipes we can use that are non-toxic! And why would they? Eucalyptus oil makes this an excellent mosquito repellent plant. Camphor is a white (sometimes transparent) Flammable solids obtained from the wood of the camphor tree blond. For example, if using 50 ml of carrier oil add 5 ml of essential oil to make its natural mosquito repellent. It’s low-maintenance, and it needs full sun or partial shade with a well-draining soil. This will keep mosquitoes away from you. I’m also sharing tricks on how to help keep your patio free of mosquitos. Why do you think, mosquitoes can track us so easily? There’s no better combination than herbs and citronella. The top is hot to touch (there are adequate warnings about this) but there is no strong smell or wafting smoke—which was not the case with many of the products I tried. Basil is a surprising mosquito repellent plant, and it can also help spice up a salad or make a delicious pesto sauce. Here’s the full tutorial. You can use an insect repellent cream or ointment and apply on bare skin. You’ll find this plant used in tea, jellies, and as garnish for other dishes and salads. You will need to use new camphor tablets after 5-7 days, until this time, the entire camphor evaporates. Clove is another herb that is quite effective in repelling mosquitoes and various insects. Learn how your comment data is processed. There are some wonderful ways to keep the mosquitos away naturally, without any harmful chemicals. Always use dry ice in an open area such as garden or patio. This means that mosquitoes have advanced sense of smell. A plastic bottle about 2 liters (a little bigger bottle of help, but you can use any plastic bottle). And when planted outdoors, they will help to repel mosquitos. These luminaries in mason jars are so simple to make, and they help keep the mosquitos away. Protect yourself from bug bites (and illness) by deterring mosquitos and other pests with these easy-to-make, effective DIY mosquito repellent bracelets. It contains no DEET or petroleum-based substances and is made primarily of Citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint and cedarwood. These all-natural ingredients help you to win the battle against mosquitoes without chemicals. This is a very fast-growing plant that can easily invade your yard if you leave it grow unchecked, but it’s not as invasive as other species of the mint family. The DIY Network has an in-depth tutorial on this. Great article! It has a silvery coloring that is very popular in cut flower bouquets, and it’s very fragrant and low-maintenance. The oil from this plant is great at repelling mosquitos, and it can also help relieve the itch that comes with getting bit. If you like the smell of aromatic oils, you can use them to make a mosquito spray. If there is such an open area near your place that has collected water and you can not remove it, try not to go next to it or expose yourself to it, especially during the early evening hours when mosquitoes are most active. Never use dry ice indoors or in confined spaces such as cars, because of their risk of suffocation. It’s silent and odor-free, and Amazon reviewers absolutely love it. Catnip leaves and stems (chopped) – 1/2 cup. Sick of bugs ruining your outdoor gatherings? Try this bug repellent candle recipe to combat the mosquitoes this summer. It can get up to five or six feet tall in zones 10 or 11, and it will also repel flies. This mosquito repellent plant’s stronger scent can mask the smell of carbon dioxide and other attractants. Add all ingredients to the spray bottle. Required fields are marked *. The odor will repel mosquitoes, spiders, and other flying insects, and you may have heard of this plant referred to as Swedish ivy, Madagascar Spur flower, and mintleaf. They can get into the air and harm the environment, and this is why many people like to have mosquito-repellent plants around their yard, porches, and patios.

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