Maybe you have a random corner in your backyard that could just use a little something. Composite decking is also an option. I put this together in a couple of hours for about a hundred dollars. In this video tutorial, the designer shows you how to create a floating ‘dream’ desk. Sure, it’s less than ideal, but with this DIY, you can conquer that sloped backyard and still build a floating deck that you and your family will love. Your email address will not be published. The backyard is looking great. . Floating decks are much easier to build than standard attached decks and typically don't require a building permit. If you’re a student living among other students, with this floating desk, it becomes easier for you and your housemates to work together in the same space and also study and carry out other interesting activities, such as games on the table. Get the tutorial at Cottage at the Crossroads. DIY Floating Deck Building. Mine was a huge asset throughout this entire build. After accessing what needed updating I devised a plan for the update which included a floating deck, new shrubs, and a custom cover for the A/C lines. This is where everything starts to pay off. It’s only about 8 minutes long, clear, and concise. 2. 1. Then attached it to the next nearest 4×4, repeat for each support. Get the tutorial at House by the Bay Design. 1.Student DIY Floating Desk. If you’re looking to create a custom workspace that saves a ton of space, then this DIY floating desk is for you. This has been a fantastic summer outdoor building season and we have more to share so please join our VIP Newsletter today. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. Then I made a list of decking materials and supplies and tools I needed to complete the project. With the frame in place, I used composite shims (these) on all of the foundation blocks as needed to bring the frame into level position. Then using the metal mallet, I pounded the rebar into the hole and down into the earth. A floating deck can go nearly anywhere in a yard, even if it’s alongside your front entryway. This post was Most Clicked at Best of the Weekend this week! The landing in front of the shed is anchored to it with a ledger board using long lag screws. These long joists are the end joists. Along the back of the main deck area next to the fence I framed some extensions to fill in the gap. looks fabulous.P.S. The tutorial can serve as a great bonding exercise for housemates. Save yourself a couple of bucks as you get this table done by yourself. After planting new bushes on the backside of the house it became apparent that the area under the spigot was becoming a muddy mess so I placed some old pavers there until I  had a simple floating platform deck designed and built. RELATED: How to Make Beer | Home Brewing Instructions Homebrewing Tips to Make You Go From Novice to…Continue Reading, If you’ve got some old scrap wood lying around, why not use it to make your very own DIY wood cutting board. So there actually wasn’t any leftover sod. Building a deck is a lot of work, and it isn't cheap. I probably should have off-set them to make life easier though. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Upgrade Your Bedroom With a Floating Nightstand, 12 Totally Awesome Pool Floats for Summer, 12 Magical Ways to Decorate With Feathers, 12 DIY Backyard Storage Ideas That Will Beautify Your Backyard. This would make a great piece of furniture for a guy’s room. Basically, we just did the same thing we did for the deck but in miniature. This is such a great idea and it looks beautiful! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. You can turn that floating deck into an outdoor kitchen! More about us. It is better to give it multiple, thin coats rather than a few thick ones. We are considering putting in deck like this and this helps us a lot! If I needed to raise or lower the block, more leveling sand was either added or removed. I plan to follow with similar style. In colder climates, you cannot build a "floating" deck, but must build it on anchor posts that are cemented deep enough in the ground to avoid any ground upheaval (surface swelling and adjusting that occurs as the ground goes through freeze and thaw cycles over time). Here in this tutorial, you will find some cool, free plans for building not just the floating desk, but also the office tower storages which you would fit your new floating desk between. Note I'm not a professional (just a handy person who likes to try to do things on my own) and I just kinda went into this project head first. It also has floating shelves attached to it that make a matching pair; you can find a link to the shelf plans in the tutorial. The color of the deck is very calming and the white furnishings make it all pop. The approximate time you would need to build this design is 2 hours, with an estimated cost of $25. With our deck being freestanding, the frost may heave it up slightly but once it thaws it will settle back into place. Rolling it up and saving it for later. If you’re looking to save space or make the most of the limited space available, then floating desks are a good choice of furniture. After measuring the area where I wanted the deck built I designed a simple garden floating deck. Build Your Own Floating Deck | Step-By-Step Guide To A More Relaxing Backyard, Off-Grid Solar Survival: Top 5 Things To Consider Before Diving In. Arrange 21 concrete deck blocks in a rectangle, creating seven rows of three blocks each. So here’s my li’l back yard. You can decorate it as you wish or use the décor inspiration in the article. I got an old sewing machine when I was just a kid, and I've been making stuff every since. I'm not a pro by any means and might have not done this all by the book. Kelly Bacon is a licensed general contractor with almost 50 years experience in construction, home building and remodeling, and commercial building. Remove some dirt from the uphill side and add it to the downhill side, creating a flat section to step onto. Or if you’re working with a sloped backyard or an awkward corner, a floating deck could be just the perfect solution. It's not fastened to the deck at all, so I can just drag it in place when needed. Lumbar amounts vary with the size of your deck. David Beaulieu is a garden writer with nearly 20 years experience writing about landscaping and over 10 years experience working in nurseries. Even better? It’s fit for keeping your laptop, reading, scanning through work documents, and lots more. This looks great! Install the next 10-foot deck board with two screws in each standard joist, spacing the two deck boards by about 1/8 to 1/4 inch apart. Fasten the deck board to the joists with 2 1/2-inch deck screws. Do the same to mark the other end joist. In this step-by-step tutorial, look out for the images and instructions that would show you how to build yours in a jiffy. It’s 5ft. Clear the ground where the deck will be installed, removing grass and all other organic material, as needed. Thank you so much for the excellent tutorial. To make the deck look nice and tidy, I placed cap boards around the perimeter with mitered corners. This gives you grass, instead of dirt, to walk on, but mainly as it grows, it will not cover timbers making a slip hazard. Measure all of the 10-foot-long deck boards, and trim any as needed so they are 120 inches each. This post contains affiliate links. Drill pairs of pilot holes aligned with each standard joist, with one hole going into the end joist and one into the standard joist. We have a great front yard and enjoy spending time in it. Your floating deck is gorgeous, Kippi! It's not noticeable when you're walking around on the deck, but if I were to do this again I'd space the joists closer - maybe 12 inches apart. I used 3 ½” self-driving outdoor screws. (But nobody would do that; this is the internet, where people never nitpick!).

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