And that brings us to Fiji. You may know it by many names; Fiji, Smart Water, Voss, Dasani, Deer Creek, Blk water, Fred. I agree with the posters that said its unnecessary. So, while nobody should feel obligated to start buying mineral water by the caseload, this is one product that’s true to its name. The difference is clear. Yet, there are many, myself… It turns out, some people do know what mineral water is. Stick with pure tap water - it is just as healthy, cheaper, and no adverse environmental effects! But with news coming out that the water in many places isn't safe even if it meets federal guidelines, it might be safer to drink bottled water. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. smartwater is basically filtered tap water, essentially the same thing as if you took tap water and put it through a brita filter. Mineral water can come from a variety of sources including springs and wells. But there is another type of water which is called heavy water. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I drink filtered (Brita) tap water. Perhaps a handshake is a better analogy. No they aren’t perfect, but what great love is? I belive that you are talking about smart water, the filtration system...correct? Create a free website or blog at "The recent study showed that the bioavailability of calcium in mineral waters was comparable or possibly better than that of dairy products, meaning our body can readily absorb and utilize it." I'm just curious! Now, you may also be wondering "Why anyone would want alkalinized water or water with antioxidants?" The way that you can’t taste plastic or juice residue from a cup, iron from a faucet, or some metallic taste from those adorable metal canteens with various logos that no one warns taste poisonous if you add lemon. It may not have added electrolytes, but it has never been touched. Now, if you could just add some electrolytes, we would be devout drinkers. © 2020 Condé Nast. In a sense, drinking water can be treated like wine, meaning the place of origin, distillation process and even age of the water has a profound impact on the water’s taste, smell and character. Whether it’s the convenience, the taste, the feeling of being healthy, or the relaxing beech like pictures on the bottle, allowing you to be a part of the picture with each sip you take, something keeps us running to our local grocery and convenience stores for a favorite and luxurious past time: bottled water. Thanks. These minerals include calcium and magnesium mostly, but also other trace minerals. To that I say, yes please. ( Log Out /  When you cup your hand to hold something large as a bottle, it appears to almost be the shape of a semi-circle. We love the simple looking bottle, the color choices, the way the process and origin of the water is spelled out in layman’s terms so we can sound like we know what we are talking about when describing it to other people (perhaps defending it against our go-green bpa free, reusable bottle drinking counterparts), the large bottles they come in, and of course the sarcastic and condescending tone used by whoever writes the comments on the bottle, commonly perceived as “down to earth” or witty (Of course, they must assume, anyone buying this expensive bottled water must be stupid and therefore talked to like a 2nd grader). I wanted a concrete definition—I’m talking Scripps National Spelling Bee level, people. It doesn't have any extra nutrients in it or anything like that. Ad Choices. While you don’t need to drink Fiji Water to get your magnesium RDA, those pricey bottles are a legitimate method of consumption. You just may be right on all accounts. All rights reserved. Almost being the key word. As if that’s not enough to love, they add electrolytes! ( Log Out /  I believe Smart Water has electrolytes (same as Gatorade), which is useful if you've been exercising *really* heavily and are very depleted. If it were exactly, than all those circular bottles would be absolutely perfect. Restaurant recommendations you trust. Access hundreds of thousands of recipes that are healthy and easy to make. At its core, mineral water provides minerals the human body can’t create itself. I believe Smart Water has electrolytes (same as Gatorade), which is useful if you've been exercising *really* heavily and are very depleted. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. — which is also a fair and good question. We love the comfort, the convenience, and even the predictability of their imperfections. The way you refill it with your Brita water filter, or sometimes a regular old water fountain (cringe) for “convenience” but really just to make everyone think you can afford to buy a new 1.5 Liter Fiji everyday. The main difference between heavy water and normal water is that heavy water is composed of d 2 o molecules whereas normal water is composed of h 2 o molecules. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ). Just like normal water heaters, smart water heaters are there to give you a continuous supply of hot water. Key Areas Covered. Mineral water commonly contains substances like magnesium, calcium, sodium, and zinc, and, according to recent research, they’re actually a pretty effective way to boost your mineral intake. And that is what Fiji, unlike any other bottled water brand got right. Smart water is regular water bottled, and vitamin water although seem like a good idea is not at the end you are drinking water with sugars, once the vitamins come in contact with the water they start to dissolve so the longer they are in contact the more dissolved they are so when you buy them probably is been long enough that is useless. I knew that drinking water is a Good Thing, and drinking activated charcoal water can be a Bad Thing. Thank you Fiji! ( Log Out /  There is NO NEED to drink bottled water.....not to mention what it does to the planet! A recent study found that mineral water has some legitimate health benefits. I've heard some people say it is and I've heard some people say it isn't. They say that natural mineral waters must contain at least 250 parts per million (ppm) “total dissolved solids,” originating from “a geologically and physically protected underground water source.” In other words, mineral waters have to come out of the earth that way. But for every day drinking and the level of exercise the average person does, you don't necessarily need electrolytes and so it's no better for you than regular tap water. Both alkaline and antioxidant Smartwater taste the same as regular Smartwater, and neither cost extra. The picture of the island is luxurious, almost as nice as the way “natural artesian water” just rolls off the tip of your tongue and sounds expensive. A square though, how could that possibly fit better in a hand than a circle, you may ask. The researchers found one more benefit of mineral water: It’s delicious. What I don’t like, oddly enough because it’s fairly common in the bottled water market, is the shape. I had no clue. But to many it’s lumped into the same category, bottled water. It is also TERRIBLE for the environment to use bottled water...all those bottles are just thrown away (or even when they are recycled)...such a waste! Fiji has revolutionized the bottled water shape. One doesn’t even necessarily notice this unfortunate overlooked detailed until they have felt the difference. We love the adorable little bottles, the large bottles for those long trips (or those of us who enjoy not having to refill for a while ) and the way a Fiji complements any outfit perfectly. And, as Americans reduce their soda consumption, many people are turning to mineral water (and yes, LaCroix) as a healthful alternative. Almost being the key word. Get full nutrition info for every recipe and track with one click. since our water comes from various sources throughout the United States, we use vapor distillation, water purification, and the addition of electrolytes to consistently deliver the fresh, crisp and pure taste of smartwater.

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