*** = EITHER a combination of force limitation and presence detection which would detect a person or obstacle on the floor at either side of the gate OR a means of presence detection which ensures that in no circumstances can a person be touched by the gate. Gate Safety Month has been set up to raise awareness of the proper installation and maintenance of powered gates and how to prevent accidents. This guide is presented as a summary of the current legislation and standards which it is hoped will assist the industry in understanding the requirements and meeting its obligations. h޴Umo�6�+��a��r�HE0ۍ�i1��R ��Q���ʐ��=G:�� ��� ����x�{�ca�P�0Fh��$�'H+��NX� ���y#�G�-o��X"-tP#���7o�})?/?�uW��j����n˺����k����׮m궚t�zr�퇓9[��P.����j���L�Dr��QM�Kš��ˡ�_ ��}�B�������wˡ*�*�>ИOaa_-iL7+����?���p#��r^��Z��Ax��*��6Z�ES�7��\t�0�u��9���@+�'��������i�5�i�bkU)�~(�z5m�M%��C��=10�0T����>�`w��n�z�y�q���7"J}��:�wu0Rg������/k��w߯��v�q��E�N�M�4_��f�ߔ�c�v�J\P�\��[��LYZ������R���-S66�B8>�wjg�8����+p���'���Od�,�2�C�n������s��K_��d��'ioi�!g�����>�Op�{��%U@���Au9��"��6ld��#���?�!�b�>\��-:�ЃC���[�N����9K� �[���=Xaow�|��[����$�J Also, the standards were developed in the 1990s and the state of the art has developed since then, with new safety devices becoming available. Note: "Transmission system”in this context can refer to the wired/wireless method used to connect the ESPE or PSPE device to the control system. It has been published in the wake of the deaths of three children caused by unsafe automated gates, and the two safety notices issued by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). at the hinge post should also be assessed in relation to arm, leg and head trapping. 2 INTRODUCTION In June 2010, the tragic deaths of two young children in separate incidents less than one week apart served The gate safety guide also highlights the importance of risk assessment and identifies the most important powered sliding gate standards. This would apply in all of the following situations: Hambridge Road, Newbury The current version of this standard is somewhat dated and covers only PSPE and ESPE; it does not cover either inherent force limitation or programmable systems. The message for this year's campaign continues to be: Safe Gates Save Lives! Note: “control system” in this context can refer to the gate automation control board that governs the operation of the attached drive unit(s) and ESPE or PSPE devices installed on the gate to provide protection.Gate control boards that provide in-built CATEGORY 2 “TEST” signal facilities should be used in conjunction with ESPE/PSP E equipment or with external transmission systems that are CATEGORY 2 rated.Gate control boards that do NOT provide this “TEST” facility should be used with external transmission systems that are CATEGORY 3/4 rated and then only if the control board meets the essential requirements for safe operation listed in the BS EN12453 section of this document. 633 0 obj <>stream h�b```�8f��� ���'&020��-1���ر(��A!�ވ!XAn ccU_�ix録��&�͎? In support of Gate Safety Month, dhf is offering £35 off the following 1-day Level 2 Award in Automated Gate & Traffic Barrier Safety training courses (both accredited and non-accredited) that are taking place during the safety awareness month. The course has been developed with input from the Health & Safety Executive and is currently the Industry’s only scheme to offer this level of training. When referring to presence detection preventing a person being touched by the gate in any circumstances, currently photoelectric/laser light curtains providing a detection area from ground level up to a height of 2.5 metres should be used and are the current “state of the art” devices available to provide this level of protection. Some guidance on hazards presented by powered gates is given below. In the introduction, the DHF guide to gate safety explains the background and how powered and automated gates are considered to be ‘machinery’ within the scope of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the UK’s corresponding Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. Spaces are strictly limited to 14 delegates per course and due to the heavily subsidised fee, this course is always in high demand so please ensure you book early to avoid disappointment. A Category 3 system provides a self-test of the safety function permanently. over-running of the gate when opening or closing that could lead to the gate becoming detached and falling should alsobe considered  e.g. In the introduction, the DHF guide to gate safety explains the background and how powered and automated gates are considered to be ‘machinery’ within the scope of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the UK’s corresponding Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. It should, however, be noted that these standards were, for the most part, written for use in a factory environment and it may not be possible to carry out all the necessary tests where a gate is created on-site. Environmental limits could include whether the gate is expected to operate in extreme weather conditions. Sliding Gates Offer Distinctive Advantages, Automatic Gates Comply Safety Standards from HSE & DHF. �c�*w�@, v�mA�����qg��H� A new powered gate installation must comply with the Machinery Directive particularly the safety requirements set out in DHF Powered Gate Group gate safety … Hazard Identification. x��X͎�H�#�}Z�Qh��vE� �I"E�f��0���A��,x�F��-���!6Ƅl�i��)\�UuU��/W�l��r��y�e����l�n��. Each successful candidate will receive a DHF Powered Gate Safety Assured Diploma, which shows that they are trained to provide and install a compliant gate system in any required environment, including residential, commercial and industrial applications, and also in public places. This booklet, entitled Guide to Gate Safety Legislation and Standards, will help manufacturers, installers and owners/operators to ensure the safety of new and existing powered sliding gates and swing gates. Neither of these provisions is now regarded as acceptable; presence detection must operate on both sides of a gate and comply fully with the requirements for sensitive protective equipment. General principles for design). Where necessary, this is followed by risk reduction. The objective of the course is to ensure that all candidates are fully conversant with current safety regulations, that they will be able to prepare a technical file, and also to issue a Declaration of Conformity. Consequently, it is also the installer’s responsibility to ensure that all of the necessary documentation – including the Technical File and Declaration of Conformity – is in place and that the relevant tests have been completed and documented satisfactorily. The Health and safety executive has lead responsibility for enforcement of this legislation, which has been transposed into UK law as the supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. Where relevant, similar sentences relating to other directives which are applicable, A reference to the harmonised standards used (if appropriate) eg: EN 13241-1:2003, References to other technical standards and specifications used, Signature, date and place of the declaration. ** = EITHER force limitation OR a means of presence detection which ensures that in no circumstances can a person be touched by the gate; Supporting  standards include: These and other British standards are available from BSI: http://www.bsigroup.com. This must be accompanied by the name of the responsible person (generally the installation company in the case of gates). An EN 12445 compliant force testing device must be used! dhf provides its members with the latest information and training on safety and maintenance that will ensure that if you select a dhf member, your safety is assured.

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