The first Dasani bottling plant in Canada was Calgary, Alberta. [9], The launch, and later contamination scandal, drew comparisons in the press with a 1992 episode of popular sitcom Only Fools and Horses, "Mother Nature's Son" in which lead character Del Boy (David Jason) hatches a scheme selling tap water bottled in his council flat in Peckham—nine miles from Sidcup. By early March 2004, the mainstream press had picked up the story [7] and it became widely reported that Sidcup tap water, after being processed was being sold under the Dasani brand name in the UK. [14] Coca-Cola claims that this process provides a consistent taste,[14] though the content within the bottles may vary across the world, depending on their source, despite often testing to ensure they meet FDA standards for purified water. [28] Coca-Cola plans to eventually switch to 100% bio-plastic bottles. [31] The National Park Service considered banning plastic bottles in the park, but Coca-Cola blocked the ban. United Kingdom. DASANI® combines filtration with added minerals to create a fresh, clean, and premium tasting water that is pure and delicious. [4] A second plant was later opened in Brampton, Ontario. [16] Bottled water takes extra energy to produce from filtration, production of bottles, and transportation costs. Reusable cups. Uh, yeah, sounds... refreshing. The problem? It is, in fact, a well-known slang term for semen. The product launch was labelled "a disaster", a "fiasco", and a "PR catastrophe". Dasani with Strawberry has since been introduced. It was also released under the name Ciel Dasani in Mexico in four flavours: lemon-cucumber, papaya-carrot, grapefruit and mandarin-green tea, but it was discontinued in 2006. Still, that's not to say that the Coca-Cola company has entirely abandoned the idea of selling bottled water in the UK, it's just that they've had to be a bit smarter about it. [20], Plastic bottles account for 30% of the waste in the Grand Canyon, where Dasani water is the water sold by the parks. The brand was made available in Quebec shortly afterwards, in April 2001. The &£7m launch of the product had already been blighted by the publicity surrounding the drink’s origins as tap-water. The resulting publicity was so bad that the product was never reintroduced in Great Britain and goes down in history as one of the usually marketing-savvy Coca-Cola company's biggest and most embarrassing failures. This is really quite a feat when you consider that Dasani's sales figures do not include any of the nearly 68 million residents of the United Kingdom (via Worldometer). [21] This new line began in the Northeast US in September, and should spread through the rest of the US in 2020. Dasani was introduced to the Brazilian market in mid-2003, renamed as Aquarius. DASANI® uses reverse osmosis filtration to remove impurities before enhancing the water with a special blend of minerals for the pure, crisp, invigorating taste that's delightfully DASANI®. [30] Microplastics may be linked to diabetes, heart disease, obsesity, cancer, reproductive problems, and attention deficit disorder. On 18 March 2004, UK authorities found a batch was contaminated with levels of bromate, a suspected human carcinogen, in a concentration above the legal limit for sale, although the FSA announced there was "no immediate risk to public health" from the contamination. [14] It has been found that bottled water, Dasani included, may be no cleaner than tap water. Dasani was launched in all provinces of Canada except Quebec in 2000, a year after launching in the United States. What made this ad campaign even worse is something shared by the website Today I Found Out — many of the original advertising images featured models splashing this "spunk" all over their faces. Coca-Cola immediately recalled half a million bottles and withdrew the "Dasani" brand from the UK market. The £7 million marketing campaign was all for naught, and, what's more, the Coca-Cola company lost out on whatever Dasani's market share of the UK's £2.5 billion per year bottled water sales might have been. In fact, it is actually plain old tap water that is "purified," bottled, and marked up an insane amount — according to The Independent, half a liter of tap water in 2004 cost about 3 pence, while a half-liter bottle of that same water labeled as Dasani cost 95 pence. Unlike other plant-based packaging, the bottles are compatible with standard recycling plants and represent up to a 25% reduction in carbon emissions compared to standard water bottles, though this still represents 2000 times the energy usage of tap water.[3]. It is one of many brands of Coca-Cola bottled water sold around the world. [12] Coca-Cola is not required to report how much tap water it processes and bottles at these plants. What's more, this fancy filtration system Coca-Cola was touting was basically nothing more complicated than what is provided by some home water filters. ", "Coca-Cola pulls Dasani launch in Europe", "Pure? Richard May, Chief Publicity Officer of Dasani, was said to be disappointed that the water had not been more successful. Coca-Cola uses tap water from local municipal water supplies, filters it using the process of reverse osmosis, and adds trace amounts of minerals, including magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), potassium chloride and sodium chloride (table salt). To meet Olympic branding regulations, Abbey Well water was labeled as "Still Water" for on-camera appearances during the Games.[11]. What's more, it doesn't contain any cancer-causing chemicals, which is always a plus. That's a price increase of 3,166 percent, in case you were wondering. There are six common Dasani bottle sizes sold in Canada: 355 mL (12 fl oz), 500mL, 591 mL (20 fl oz), 710 mL (24 fl oz), 1 L, and 1.5 L. Bottles are sold individually and in packs of 6, 12, and 24. The flavored beverages are sweetened with sucralose. The product launch was labelled "a disaster",[5] a "fiasco",[6] and a "PR catastrophe". [16] Bottled water is an exception to the rule about how much water can be taken out of the Great Lakes Basin. Even in a "crisis" nobody drinking that trash a** water,' one person tweeted along with a picture of the bottled water left at the store. [13] Places Dasani sources its water from include: California,[12] Minnesota,[14] Arizona,[15] Colorado,[15] and Michigan. While the British version of Dasani didn't come straight out of Peckham taps, its not-so-glamorous origin was in a factory in Sidcup. The Calgary and Brampton plants produce Coca-Cola's plain-water (Dasani) and sugar-water (soft drinks) products. Coke's attempt to sell tap water backfires in cancer scare", "The real thing? [23] Whether this is environmentally beneficial can be argued: aluminum is more often and more efficiently recycled, but producing one aluminum can produces 1,300g carbon dioxide emissions, which is much more than the 330g it takes to produce one plastic bottle of the same size. [24] Additionally, 69% of aluminum cans are recycled worldwide, but less plastic packaging is recycled.[25]. Adding flavors or carbonation will cost extra. Dasani is sourced from local municipal tap water supplies,[12] and then filtered in bottled water plants before being bottled. The company's administrative and marketing activities continue to be based in Atlanta, Georgia. The £7 million marketing campaign was all for naught, and, what's more, the Coca-Cola company lost out on whatever Dasani's market share of the UK's £2.5 billion per year bottled water sales might have been. [18], Though Detroit has shut off water supply to homes more than $150 behind in their municipal water bills, Dasani plants in Detroit have been in tens of thousands of dollars behind on their municipal water bills and still received municipal water. This makes Coca-Cola the largest bioplastic user in the world. [32], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Coke Enters North American Bottled Water Market With 'Dasani, "Can The PlantBottle Save The Bottled Water Industry? [20], Dasani sources water from municipal tap water in California locations, even during drought years. [22] This will not entirely replace their production of plastic bottles. [16] Dasani also bottles internationally, in locations such as Kent in the United Kingdom[17] and Malaysia.

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