Several factors determine the cost of meat packaging. Between the small amount of plastics collection and the lower value uses, only 5% of the packaging’s original value was retained. Companies are responding by making plastics thinner, saving on materials and environmental impact. “Plastic packaging today is so much more than a shopping bag or wrapping,” says Cindy Shulman, vice president of packaging and resins for ExxonMobil Chemical. DuPont’s Rioux says the industry is reaching the limit in terms of how much traditional downgauging it can do. “Our customers aim at delivering the most value to consumers,” he says. (Credit: Yang H. Ku/C&EN/Shutterstock), Flexible plastic packaging allows more food to get from the farm to the table. An oft-cited industry rule of thumb is that packaging represents only 10% of the energy required to make and deliver food to the consumer. But it does have one food application, Tyson frozen chicken sold in Mexico, and it’s being rolled out for a big nonfood use: Seventh Generation dishwasher pods. “I don’t think you can just say, ‘Your LCA says it has fewer greenhouse gases so it’s okay.’ ”, Industry ownership of the problem is a big part of the “New Plastics Economy” report. Applications such as this that use less material are the plastics industry’s go-to strategy for minimizing cost and environmental impact. If more toughness is needed, a packaging company might opt for PET, the resin of choice for beverage containers. The cost of plastic packaging is high, but the cost of not using it may be higher. “You have this highly engineered package that is used for maybe a few weeks, and then it sits for hundreds of years at a landfill,” says Conrad MacKerron, senior vice president of the corporate responsibility group As You Sow, who was a consultant for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report. Amcor’s AmLite technology is precisely along these lines. It would make things worse.”. We are a medium sized enterprise with years’ of combined experience in the manufacturing industry of plastic and packaging. he asks. Shoppers may wonder what the heck plastic is doing on cucumbers, which did fine on their own for many years. Too many of the new materials end up in landfills or bobbing around the ocean. “If you talk to someone whose expertise is designing corrugated containers, they might not understand why we use more than one plastic to make a package.”. Bernard Rioux, who heads global marketing for DuPont’s packaging resins business, says a single superpolymer may be unnecessary because different kinds of polyolefins can be recycled together. David Clark, vice president of safety, environment, and sustainability at Amcor, says such instances are rare. The changes have happened so gradually that most consumers haven’t even noticed, but a tremendous amount of plastics have crept onto supermarket shelves.Shoppers are tossing a lot of plastic packages into their carts that didn’t exist when they were kids. Improved food protection through better packaging can yield real environmental benefits. Trucost, a consulting group that tabulates the environmental impact of business practices in dollar terms, conducted a study on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme in 2014. The Austrian consulting group Denkstatt looked at steak packaged in a vacuum skin instead of the traditional combination of foam tray and film. Why must food last two years when six to eight months might do just fine? But the polyethylene shrink wrap protects the surface of the cucumber and helps it retain moisture. “One of the questions was whether it would help reduce environmental costs if we switched away from using plastic,” says Libby Bernick, senior vice president at Trucost. When I was first involved with packaging, selling cups and paper/plastics packaging to restaurants, it was the general consensus that 7-9% of the cost of packaging to the sell price would be … But it works,” he says. Packaging accounts for more than 60% of the plastics recovered in coastal cleanup operations. If the meat is processed centrally and vacuum-packed in a multilayer film that includes an EVOH barrier, it can last for nearly a month. Topics: The world wastes a third of the food it produces, 1.3 billion metric tons per year, according to the Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN. The report calls on industry to simplify the materials it uses in multilayer packaging. Your Mendeley pairing has expired. It suggests a “search for a ‘superpolymer’ with the functionality of today’s polymers and with superior recyclability.”. Unlike other contentious products of the plastic industry, such as plastic bags and polystyrene foam, they aren’t being targeted for outright bans. “The companies that deliver meat to the market are generally willing to invest in the packaging that extends the shelf life,” he says. If you have a product packaging dilemma, chances are, you can solve it with plastics. Packaging accounts for more than 60% of the plastics recovered in coastal cleanup operations. retail packaging, Retail vs Industrial Packaging: Yin and Yang, Top 5 Questions About Intercept Technology Packaging, Intercept Technology Packaging products fit within a sustainability strategy because they are reusable, recyclable, do not contain or use volatile components (No VOCs, N. ) and leave a smaller carbon footprint than most traditional protective packaging products.

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