The Best Chimney Cleaning Services of 2020, The Best Home Renovation Contractors of 2020, The 5 Best Flooring Installation Companies of 2020, The Best Appliance Repair Services of 2020, The Best AC Installation Companies of 2020, The 6 Best Water Damage Restoration Services of 2020, Carpet Steam Cleaning: Professional vs. DIY, The 8 Best Car Shipping Companies of 2020, Methods for Cleaning Pet Stains From Carpet, The 6 Best Fire Damage Restoration Services of 2020. Log in. Extra features: Built-in funnel, Retractable handle, Integrated cord wrap, Steam lock, ETL Certified safe, 18 attachments. (An area is considered to be of 250 square feet.). Last on this list, but certainly not least, is the … While the majority of carpet cleaning companies aim to keep a competitive price, you’ll appreciate the variety of affordable options from Green Choice Carpet. However, we have seen a few isolated reports from people who seem to have gotten lemons. With the help of these professionally designed most powerful steam cleaners, you can deep clean your floors by eliminating germs and bacteria completely in a couple of minutes. Sometimes, you may use some other alternatives such as heated water, white vinegar or even a little bit of lemon juice. Water tank, which is capable of providing 2 hours (120 minutes) of continuous steam. Pricing varies based on the type of damage incurred, the square footage affected, and the methods required to resolve the situation. The XPH-5900i commercial carpet extractor features inline heating elements for quick heating. That’s different from Hoover’s, which usually have separate clean water and detergent compartments. The advantage of this carpet cleaning company is a unique pricing structure that lets you spend your money based on your budget or according to the needs of your home. Plus, they can advise you on the cost and tidying strategy that best fits your situation. It will evaporate the whole tank within 12 minutes and ready up the steam cleaner system with a 200F superheated steam for you. This machine is absolutely perfect for those who have been looking for a solution for all the stubborn pet stains and odors. In our opinion, using a professional steam cleaner for home/household and industrial cleaning is the best option. Daimer® is the most trusted and popular name in the industry and known for its path-breaking cleaning systems that use innovative technologies and high-quality components. With it, you’ll get 18 different attachments kit made up of solid plastic, which fulfills your commercial purpose requirement in the best way. includes a trial size BISSELL professional formula. Dupray Neat steam cleaner comes with some uniqueness, which makes it superior over others. © 2019 DAIMER Industries. The XPH TM 10110 offers temperatures as great as 210°F and a 1000 PSI, fully adjustable pressure level. Commercial carpets tend to attract various types of stubborn dirt spots and stains that may not yield to steam cleaning. A great portable unit for frequent use. Of course, these won’t be as effective as cleaning solutions. ", "If you have more room in your budget, you can opt for a deeper clean with carpet shampooing or other heavy-duty treatment options. Its ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to operate, especially while cleaning the floors. Its beautiful design handle feels convenient to hold and control. The next thing that you should take into consideration is the size of the cleaner. For your large sweeping chores, try our DUST FREE Bissell Deluxe Turbo Sweepers and reduce labor hours and improve efficiency. (1710) Compare Product. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. It’s the cheapest commercial grade steam cleaner among others, but don’t underestimate its cleaning capability. Its gorgeous looking body comes with an inbuilt 54 oz water tank, which can deliver a steady and continuous flow up to 50 minutes. Bissell 14259 Little Green Proheat Portable Cleaner. Apart from this, you will also able to deeply sanitize the grouts and tight areas by attaching the extra tools with the cleaner. Weighs just 12 pounds and has a retractable handle for easy storage. Apart from disinfecting home floors, these portable steam cleaning equipment can also be used for sanitizing any industrial infrastructure.

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