Click HERE for more details on the program. Per my privacy policy, you can unsubscribe at any time. Self education starts early with grace & courtesy lessons, which happen in younger grades at Montessori East. Children can ask, how do I practise that? Conflict Scenario #1: You have been given an assignment to complete a project that will culminate in a public performance in three weeks. Click Here For Our Australian Shop or Click Here For The Rest of... How to help children navigate appropriate social behaviour at an age when they are experimenting with boundaries. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had conflict with school colleagues over the years, and although it’s not conducive to a happy environment, it has certainly taught me valuable lessons about handling conflict. In that space they need to check the boundaries of what works; what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t and why. About half of the world's teens experience peer violence in... For World Refugee Day, we speak with the National Director... Humanitarian catastrophes are complex, but every displaced... Gone are the days when learning meant a teacher at the... WATCH: MiNDFOOD sits down exclusively with English actor Millie Bobby Brown. – “Probably 22 studentsstudents inin mymy classclass whowho mysteriouslymysteriously hated each other & would argue given the chance…” – “…argumentative student who as interrupting my explanations. ... New Zealand: Part of this job is to make sure each of the students understands what the other means and not just the words he or she says. The importance of virtues are taught weekly. Which of these activities do you plan to use in your classroom? When there’s a problem, it’s important to address the problem in a peaceful way, understanding both sides of the situation. Click an image to sign-up. If you can understand your student first, you may be able to explain that to the other student. There are so many fun ways to teach conflict resolution to your students. All Rights Reserved. Have a short sit down with each of the people involved, the offended and the offender, separately. Think of culture like an iceberg – you can only see a small portion of it above the water, but the largest part is hidden under the water. Learn strategies and gain tools to teach a particular topic with our free email courses. Not only will kids use conflict resolution in the classroom, they will also continue to use these skills as they grow. Whatever the reason, you can overcome cultural clashes if you remain calm and address the situation in a sensitive and careful manner. Be careful not to bring unnecessary attention to the specific students involved in the initial conflict, but address the issue from a global perspective. For example, if the conflict arose from one person crossing her legs and pointing at another, you may want to bring the topic of body language to your class for discussion. Role Play – A great way to teach conflict resolution is to role-play various scenarios. Title: Classroom Mangement Scenarios Author: Statewide Instructional Resources Development Center Subject: Human Services Created Date: 3/19/2014 1:57:56 PM The process involves the children following 4 simple steps to solve their conflict. When you are having these one on one discussions with your students, take a warning. Reading books to your students can help you teach them about conflict resolution in a safe but fun way. For example – is it a competitive environment at home, is it an environment where the child is continually seeking out approval from his or her parents for whatever reason. As Bill Conway suggests, “the elimination of a hierarchy is fundamental in the Montessori environment. You can discuss the process with them after, going through what they could do better next time. We at Montessori East believe that, “if you give children credit for understanding their own and others behaviour they  will be empowered to come up with their own solutions when dealing with conflict or bullying in any form. And everything you need to be doing with your skin, hair and make-up in 2019. Children are given the right to choose how to deal with a situation, they are encouraged to choose a positive way forward by the valuable life lessons they are continually taught at Montessori East. During this discussion, you should take the role as facilitator of the discussion. If you’re looking forward to teaching conflict resolution in your classroom, here are a few activities you can use to make it fun. With the person who offended the other, you may want to try to understand her intentions behind her actions. Enlightened teaching practises such as the Montessori philosophy of education takes a more proactive and child centred approach when dealing with this important topic. Show by example is an old saying but nevertheless practised daily at Montessori East. If you enjoyed this article, please help spread it by clicking one of those sharing buttons below. It can happen to anyone, from best friends to enemies. The more kids can resolve their own conflicts with taught skills the more likely a conflict situation will be dealt with in a positive way.”. Bill believes that, “children go through a period of their lives where they are experimenting, school becomes a laboratory so to speak, a social playground. Montessori educators do not interpret this as students rejecting authority or going astray, they interpret it as a development stage – this is sadly not the case in all educational environments. Montessori educators know that children focus on being social intensifies around the ages of nine and ten which includes their feeling of security coming from their relationships with their peers. Books focusing on the topic of peace are available so that children are shown positive ways of dealing with conflict by example in a non threatening way. In some cultures, it is inappropriate for a student to have that type of conversation with a teacher, especially if the student thinks he may be criticizing his teacher. P.S. We've got Christmas sorted with this digital planner to take you through all the important steps to a smooth and fun-filled day. The Montessori classroom strives to be a safe environment – one where older children mentor younger children and leadership is all about helping. Click the image below to download the FREE Responsible Punch Cards. Bill Conway, Principal of Montessori East Primary & Pre School talked me through dealing with conflict from a Montessori teaching perspective. Conflict resolution is an important skill that students need to learn – beneficial to them within the classroom as well as in everyday life. Conflict Management training is always a worthwhile course in any business. Planning a trip to F.A.W.C! Focusing on the child, teachers at Montessori East ask themselves, what’s going on developmentally for the children in relation to their social and emotional maturity? Once you have had individual conversations with your students involved in the conflict, your next step is to take a more generalized version of the issue to the class. New Zealand Up to 70 percent of our immune system is centered in and around the intestines and gut, meaning protecting this part of the body is crucial to good he... Christmas Recipes: Children are given lessons about valuing respect, perseverance, patience and courtesy. Bill Conway believes that, “the adult has to have the same qualities as you would like to see developed in a child,  honouring the child’s and their own dignity  in all interactions. You know that values differ among different people groups and that certain innocent behaviors may be offensive to a particular group of people. Remember, throughout the class discussion and activities, you should not bring up the incident that caused the initial conflict or the students who were involved in it. Kids will always have some sort of conflict, whether big or small. Montessori children are given choices; driving their own behavioural choices is an empowering aspect in itself.”. You are working with a group of four students (you and three others). 3:55 pm By Proud to be Primary 3 Comments. Conflict resolution can be used in the classroom to help keep the peace between kids. Save 20% off EVERYTHING [discount at checkout]. Keep your classroom open and nonthreatening by allowing all of your students to weigh in on whatever topic you are discussing. The teacher is in charge but his or her role isn’t a dominant one; it is a true partnership with the children. Every parent worries about conflict within the school environment; it is a topic discussed widely in the media and cannot be ignored which may have been the case with past generations when children were encouraged to “toughen up” when faced with dealing with conflict.

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