Standard scale 650 mm., nut width 52 mm. Width: nut - 52 mm; 12th fret - 62 mm; Position markers: 2 mm dot at 7th fret; Extra frets: 20th fret for 3 treble strings; Material: ebony; Contour: to aid playability, fingerboard surface is a section of a cone (1-metre-radius arc at the nut - increasing radii toward the soundhole); flat or other arcs available; Does anyone make a guitar that seems to be the size that will match best? This guitar is a tradition style,7 fan struts, follow Romanillos plan year 2012. My Review: From the prestigious NCX line comes the NCX2000FM Electro-Classical Guitar in a lovely cutaway body and low string height which gives more flexible playability. These four factors will have a direct effect on the playability of a particular instrument and the general feel of the neck. With a pretty standard 52mm nut you should be able to readily accomodate string spacings of between at least 41 and 43mm, maybe a touch more if you get the luthier to offset the strings a touch towards the bass side (to reduce the chance of pulling the first string off the fretboard). As for the width of the neck, a typical Yamaha classical guitar has a neck width of 52 mm, while that of a Yamaha acoustic guitar is 43 mm, demonstrating that the classical guitar neck is about 1 cm wider. String spacing is more important than nut width. Are they on the cusp or on the line between two hand size brackets? To see more about how the hands work in practice for guitar playing go to The Pencil Neck Video. Is the person still growing or finished growing? Nut Width: 52mm Weight: 15.43 Pounds Case Included: Yes. Traditional classical, nylon string guitars have a nut width of 52mm, the widest width you can usually find, because classical guitar music requires very intricate fingering work for both hands. You need the extra space between strings to play that style of music, and classical guitar … Will weight and nut width need to be considered? We use 3 basic neck styles: Traditional (Classical), Cutaway-Electric, and Fusion (Crossover). The cross-section of an acoustic guitar neck is triangular, whereas that of a classical guitar is a semicircle. Concert model. These styles vary on nut width, fingerboard shape (flat or radiused), the neck profile and string height at the 12th fret.

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