This example spreads food out over a glass table with fairy lights underneath. Each of those ideas comes with a price tag. It’s festive looking and leaves all the assembly work to your guests. Here's a roundup of ideas for throwing a seasonal bash. Inside they have everything for their own little spread. For the fancy holiday celebrators. This treat is excellent for creating a nostalgic feel for carefree summers. Instead of using a traditional flaky crust for your quiche and your guests end up wearing the crumbs, you can use a more substantial crust like that of a biscuit. Become motivated! Breakfast catering ideas are crucial because breakfast is likely to be the first impression of the day and set up your attendees for the program ahead. This family favorite is now chic enough to eat out. First, it’s a fun design but if you print what’s at the truck on the tipi, people can read it no matter how many people are standing in front of them. These stunning ice cubes are as easy as obtaining water and flowers (or herbs and veggies, if you’d prefer). Here are examples of different “Theme” menus we’ve done many times. This idea uses an old shutter for the holder and clothes pins for the sticks. Lunch should never be boring. S’mores Bar — Who doesn’t love a DIY s’mores bar? Discuss dietary requirements and the process for attendees to access their special meal with the catering team before confirming the final menus. They easily fit into the palm of the hand. Serve up tiny croquettes, wedges of tortilla and ham and cheese over hard toast. Buffet Menu Ideas That are Nothing Short of Pure Delicious Genius. 9 Creative Catering Ideas for Virtual Events and Small Gatherings. You can also accomplish this same look but instead of labeling each item with the psychology behind the color, you can refer to the nutrients of each grouping such as “purple foods are the richest sources of things like anthocyanins. Using this tray makes them mobile and creates a stunning display. Don’t annoy attendees by asking them for the same info every time but always give them the option to tell you if their needs have changed. Traditional, perhaps, but prudent nonetheless. This is a nice retro/rustic idea that is fairly inexpensive and won’t have your attendees blowing their diets. Food trucks aren’t all monstrous entities. Oversized electrical spools can double as innovative tables or catering displays, as shown in this example. These decadent bites are fashionable and flavorful. Want to surprise your guests? Cheese cubes are a staple at most events, and inevitably, if the pile is high enough, some runaway cheese hits the floor and get ground into the carpet. While we’re on the subject of ice, a floral ice bucket is a perfect idea for keeping drinks cold or even seafood. Lettuce wraps work as well. This would also be an interesting idea for samples at an exhibition or trade show. This is a beautiful way to showcase your sushi. Nothing says refreshing outdoor beverage quite the way lemonade does. Add quirky vegetables to catering staples. Simply drill holes in blocks of wood, add some clay in the hole, and insert a kebab stick. Colors can be customized to the season, theme, or branding of the event. Successful event themes, party ideas, & recipes from Chicago's event catering experts. “Effective splurging” is spending money on those things people will notice. The rod service should be saved for a very impressive course. Here are a few lunch catering menu ideas to captivate your audience. Imagine how excited your group will be when you present a make-your-own nacho bar but with apples and plenty of sugar. Just add gem-colored fruit or even herbs to tea or water and serve in a Mason jar. This is a perfect outdoor catering idea as colored salmon skewers are extremely easy and healthy for events during barbecue season. ♤ ♤ Fresh and peppy salad bar at Satoo Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia. A short video by @kidznstyle showing off some of the styling and dessert details from Brianna's sweet 16! This fun station allows guests to select a pretzel and slather it with their favorite kind of topping. Still, it’s a fun idea that will make the server the center of many Instas. All you’d need to do to make this unique is to ensure that your guests have enough options to make this serving their own. This is a nice light breakfast in a fun edible bowl. While we may love the room-sized chocolate fountain, if that eats away your entire event food and beverage budget, you may have some hungry and disgruntled attendees (and client). You’ll notice several repeated themes… And we’re not done. This light dessert resembles a starter seedling but at closer look one realizes it is delectable chocolate mousse, peppered with crushed chocolate cookie, and a sprig of mint. This is an interactive food idea that creates a really unique display. Like a good song that’s been overplayed, the donut wall may be moving into the realm of passé, but it still gets the toes tapping. If you gather many of them into an elongated vase like in this example, you can make a statement without a lot of wasted decor. Plant vegetables, harvest them and make salad. 602-485-9924 0 Items Possibly the cutest dessert ever, this sheep cake (or is it a cupcake?) #shrimptower #fooddisplay #seafooddisplay #functionalice #partyideas #eventplanner #partyplanner #concord #sanfrancisco #concordjetcenter, A post shared by Chisel It Ice Sculptures (@chiselitice) on Feb 23, 2018 at 11:53am PST. If you are the type of girl who is a stickler for tradition, then you should go for a classic debut theme by utilizing only traditional elements and aspects of your celebration. The ones they’ll talk about next year. Here are a few of our favorite themed buffets we’ve put together over the years. Themes & Ideas. This unique catering idea is from the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta. Most caterers are familiar with the most common venues. From mini foods to “build your own” food bars, event catering make a big impression on your guests. With large groups, you want to avoid the lines if at all possible. Inner Child. If you’re looking for casual catering ideas that still make an impact, we have some for you: Many event planners want to host outdoor events but don’t feel like taking the chance with the weather. This post is brought to you by the EventMB Studio team. Make anything more special with this beautiful, edible art. 3. Instead of having customization, serve a variety of well-labeled options and keep your condiments on a separate table. These artistic options can keep your servers from having to answer the same questions of what’s on the platter over and over again. What would this list be without a croquembouche, which is an edible self-sustained structure that does all the displaying itself! It’s also healthy and refreshing. This theme may bring up memories of school dances past, but with a few modern upgrades you can make it a hit. They research those conferences to better understand what attendees have already experienced and they adjust accordingly.

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