A two-year-old seed packet may have 50% or less plants germinate, where a new seed packet may have 95% germination. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. Semi-savoy spinach is the most resistant to disease, while Flat-leaf spinach grows most quickly, and Savoy spinach endures cold weather the best. Spinach is typically harvested when the plants are 6 to 8 inches tall. In warm weather, it’s wise to try alternatives to spinach. This article has been viewed 26,167 times. This mildew develops in wet or humid weather and can be hard to control. Smooth-leafed: As the name suggests, these varieties have smooth, flat foliage that’s easy to keep clean. More commonly known as red lamb’s quarter or goosefoot, this particular plant produces edible leaves. It’s possible to transplant spinach… I just don’t recommend it if it was initially grown in a container! If you’re planting in spring or live in a warm climate, choose bolt-resistant varieties. You can actually cram as much spinach into the bag as you can fit – as this spinach will only be used for cooking purposes, damage to the leaves is not going to be noticeable later. Thankfully, Monterey BT will help with these and other forms of moth larvae as well. Use it in a stir-fry or salad for the best results. If you're lucky, you will have another batch of spinach to harvest. While most cold-season spinach won’t be plagued by pests or disease, some regions have problems with downy mildew and several varieties have been bred for resistance. You can begin growing spinach indoors just before the weather warms, after the last frost. Source: Emily Barney, Flat leaf spinach is great for canning. However, it’s important to note that spinach seeds do not germinate well at soil temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure it’s rich and well-draining soil, with a loamy and crumbly texture and neutral pH balance. The leaves wilt if the soil becomes too dry. Likewise, colder climates may require a more winter-tolerant variety. However, you will want to discard damaged leaves rather than eat them. It’s best to plant your spinach in an area with well-drained soil that’s been worked at least a foot deep to relieve soil compaction. Those who are in temperate California or other warm environments can actually grow spinach from fall all the way through winter and well into the spring! Both spider mites and aphids will suck the plant saps from your spinach leaves, leaving them withered and yellowing. These are savoy or crinkled-leaf spinach, flat leaf spinach, and semi-savoy hybrid varieties. Besides being a welcome hit of green, the impressive nutritional profile of spinach makes it a crop to grow in abundance. Spinach is a low-acid food, so must be canned with a pressure canner to avoid the risk of botulism. In northern climates, you can plant in early spring then again in the fall. Downy mildew-resistant. The amazing beauty benefits of sweet almond oil, Avocado nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Bananas nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Beetroot nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Blueberries nutritional information, health benefits & recipes, Buckwheat nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Coconut nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Eggplant nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Kale nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Mushroom nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Peppers nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Potatoes nutritional information, health benefits & recipes, Pumpkin nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Quinoa nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Spinach nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Strawberry nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Tofu nutritional info, health benefits & recipes, Tomato nutritional info, health benefits & recipes. Drop the seeds about ½in (8mm) deep into the ground. These issues can in turn lead to pests like fungus gnats. Plants that bolt to produce seed are suffering from weather that’s just simply too warm. But cutting only a few leaves or entire plant with leaves and stems leaving only 3 inch of growth, will help the plants to grow again. These will heat up quickly and may need to be moved into the shade during the hot summer.

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