If you are interested in business, BEPP 284: Game Theory for Business is an applied course that focuses on game theory, which is a sophisticated tool kit used in a wide range of social sciences, including the study of firm strategy and government regulation. Course Descriptions; Course Schedule; Business Economics and Public Policy Major; Insurance & Risk Management Major; Actuarial Science; PhD Program. Members of the Business Economics and Public Policy faculty have held presidential appointments on federal regulatory commissions, been managers in large corporations, held research appointments and fellowships in government and not-for-profit think tanks, serve on the boards of many corporations, and provide consulting services to international and U.S. government agencies. Bringing a wealth of theoretical tools and practical experience to bear on the relationship among business, government, and society, Wharton’s Business Economics and Public Policy Department has been an innovative force in research, teaching, and public service. Addressing a CEO Forum in December 2011, Boediono stated, “The government is ready to anticipate any eventuality.”. However, BEPP 811 is not required as a prerequisite. Prominent recent examples include disruptions from Hurricane Katrina, Japan's earthquake/nuclear disaster/supply chain breakdowns, Thai floods, U.S. wildfires, and global terrorist attacks. Economics is useful in other positions in finance, such as active investing. Do Property Rights Lead to Sustainable Catch Increases? The Business Economics and Public Policy concentration provides skills and insights that are useful to future consultants, private and public managers, lawyers, economists, political scientists, and policy analysts. This course will examine how and when data can be used specifically to infer whether there is a causal relationship between two variables. Corinne Low. According to Inman, Wharton has demonstrated that it understands this Wharton constituency with its public-policy-focused coursework, which will assist graduates in evaluating the public-policy sphere in an “intellectual, analytical way.” The School is not strictly focused on creating government practitioners. We will explore public policy surrounding risk management and how the public and private sector can successfully work together to build resilience, particularly to changing risks. At the time, the organization was failing. GDP has expanded by more than 5 percent in seven out of the past eight years. I particularly enjoyed this class because we learned about past risk policy tools, both effective and ineffective, and were exposed to real-world risk scenarios and issue. The growth of renewable energy could be another source of rapid change, but brings with it a whole new set of technological and policy challenges. Non-actuaries will be introduced to practical applications of finance mathematics, such as loan amortization and bond pricing, and premium calculation of typical life insurance contracts. Protecting citizens in a more equitable and accountable way might require more funding, not less, argues attorney Ian Cooper W94. > In 1993, 100 people gathered in Manila for the first Forum. This course will introduce students to concepts in risk governance. It also should be particularly attractive to students specializing in entrepreneurship, wealth management finance, and law. It is required for students who plan to concentrate or minor in actuarial science. Notable speakers have included Jacob Wallenberg, W’80, WG’81, chairman of Investor AB of Stockholm; Donald D. Humphreys, WG’76, senior vice president and treasurer of Exxon Mobil Corp.; and Alfredo Carvajal, W’59, former president of Carvajal S.A. Prerequisite: One semester of calculus. FAQ | This most recent assignment may prove to be his most challenging. The costs and benefits of alternative policies will be explored along with the distribution of responsibilities between the federal, state, and local governments. If so, what is it and why? Passera is prepared to tackle these issues and more. Audience members on the morning of Friday, June 22, will surely be listening attentively when the vice president gives his keynote address. Risk and the uncertainty of consequences is and always will be a constant factor for any corporation, and I wanted to delve more into the subject to learn about how organizations handle this concern. The class begins with an evaluaton of recent financial and pure risk events: for example, the sovereign debt crisis, Japanese earthquake, and BP Deepwater Horizon. Optimal Financial Knowledge and Wealth Inequality, Estimating Top Income and Wealth Shares: Sensitivity to Data and Methods, Heterogeneous Firms can Always Collude on a Minimum Price, The Relative Efficacy of Price Announcements and Express Communication for Collusion: Experimental Findings, Time is Money: Rational Life Cycle Inertia and the Delegation of Investment Management, Positive and Normative Judgments Implicit in U.S. Tax Policy, and the Costs of Unequal Growth and Recessions, Will They Take The Money And Work? price discrimination, bundling, two-part tariffs), strategies for managing risk and making decisions under uncertainty, asymmetric information and its consequences for markets, and finally moral hazard and principle-agent theory with application to incentive contacts. This course investigates these issues, beginning with an introduction to pure risks, their centers of gravity and global consequences for corporations, consumers, and the macroeconomies.

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