He seemed perfectly normal when I met him, but he’s been acting weirdly recently, and getting on my nerves. Marie: You look a bit stressed. I had one more drink and started to feel tired. Write the five-letter word to describe a person who is full of life and energetic: Mark is full of today; he got great results in his exams and can’t start smiling! From the context, what do you think ‘the old dog and bone’ refers to? If you click the link below you can access a flashcard set I have made with the terms. Earned Point(s): 0 of 0, (0) 0 Essay(s) Pending (Possible Point(s): 0). It is an excellent way to incorporate slang words into your students’ vocabulary. Feel free to adapt or change these games and activities according to the level and age of your students. I walked in and said “alright?” he gave me a beer and I said “ta.” England lost 4-1 to Germany. Partly, I just can’t face house hunting again, you know? For example, you can say: What about ‘wolf it down’? The full phrase in the dialogue was ‘I could murder a burger.’ What do these mean? It contains a short biography of the English pop singer Adele. - This worksheet features slang used in both America and the UK. I skipped breakfast, and I’m absolutely starving. Andy Murray can be really proud of himself; he played an absolute linbred out there today. Students must listen to the clip and answer questions based on the interview. In addition to adding slang to your students’ vocabulary, it also helps spark discussion on various current issues such as crime and immigration. - The worksheet is geared toward advanced ESL students who want to learn about British and American English, more precisely about some slang words. Last Sunday, I cooked a bunch of food to take to work for lunch all week. In this exercise, students must listen to the song and then fill in the blanks to complete the lyrics to the music. This expression is used in part two of the lesson. Unfortunately, learning slang can be a bit tricky for ESL students. Which one of these options has this meaning? O: It’s my new housemate. ‘Splash out’ means to spend more on something than you usually would. The second two slang phrases were, ‘I could murder a …’ and ‘wolf it down’. If you want, go back and listen to the dialogue again, and try to understand the words in context. Imagine how a wolf might eat a hamburger; it’s not going to eat slowly and politely! I spent £10 on drinks for him/ her but then she got very tired and decided to go home, I didn’t get his / her phone number and I was very disappointed because he / she was very attractive. Movie Worksheet: Hide And Seek - This worksheet is based on the 2015 film "Hide and Seek.” The teachers must give the handout in advance to the students since it includes before, during, and post-viewing activities. The first slang word was ‘gobsmacked’. If you say ‘I could murder a burger’, it means you really, really want a burger right now. This multiple-choice quiz is recommended for students at the intermediate level. She’s normally so chatty! It is recommended for students 17 years and above. Book your discounted trial lesson with one of our professional teachers today! What could ‘zonked’ mean? This time you’ll find the answer in part four of the lesson. Task 2 is a matching activity which looks at slang in song lyrics. You got the majority correct. Save hours of lesson preparation time with the Entire BusyTeacher Library. The pub was in a slightly dodgy part of the city but the burgers were the bee’s knees. Next, watch the second dialogue. The comedic scene features a 4-minute interview with comedian Ellen DeGeneres and actor/comedian Hugh Laurie. He ate *all* of it on Sunday night after I went to bed. When I heard he was in charge, I was sure it would go completely Pete Tong, like everything he’s involved with. True False 2. This time, we want you to do some work! For small classes of 2-4 people you can print out a copy of the table below, then leave the slang words in one block but cut out the definitions individually, the students then try to piece the table back together. ‘Give me a call on the old dog and bone’ is another expression from rhyming slang. When we got to the pub there were some other friends there “alright?” I asked and they said “Good ta.”. You might use it if somebody who is really stressed starts behaving strangely, or starts making some strange decisions. This is a short fun activity to teach higher level students some British slang ... Tim's Free English Lesson Plans. Try to hear them and write them down as you listen! Remember that you can always go back and repeat parts of the lesson. This activity took about 15 minutes to complete for students at elementary through to the intermediate level. You can’t splash out if you always spend that amount of money. like the example you saw in the lesson. OK, last one. When we got to the pub there were some other friends there “How are you?” I asked and they said “Good thank you.”. Students must match the colloquial and informal sentences on the left with their meanings on the right in the first activity. Again, there were four British slang words and phrases in the dialogue. And if you are interested in more, you should follow our Facebook page where we share more about creative, non-boring ways to teach English.

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