He was an astronaut on a space walk, doing repairs. I'm not used in Mexico, I'm used in Palestine. A girl goes to her mother’s funeral and meets the man of her dreams but she doesn’t get his name or number. You have 5 kids and you have to get them all into a car. You know you'll run out in four days so you cut them in half. Which is correct to say, "The yolk of the egg are white," or "The yolk of the egg is white?". You're sitting down for breakfast and realize you have 4 bagels left. There are 2 ducks behind 2 other ducks. Finally, she hangs him. You cannot express happiness without me, yet I am in the midst of crosses. Sally has four classes, Science, Math, English Language Arts, and History. A cop was walking past a restaurant when he heard someone scream - "No John, not the gun!" A brainteaser is a type of riddle that makes one think outside the box.Some brainteasers are easy, some are a little harder, and some can really make you ponder for a while. What am I? What am I? Tom and his younger sister were fighting. How does this prove it wasn't a suicide? There are nine Mustards in the family. Check out our cerebral collection of brain teasers for smart kids and all ages. Romeo and Juliet are found dead on the floor in a bedroom. When liquid splashes me, none seeps through. You decide to have a bath so you turn on the tap, you shut the door and the handle breaks so you can't open it, you then turn off the tap and the knob breaks so water keeps coming. Yesterday Was Not Friday Or Saturday. You're in a magical bathroom with no windows and the only way things can get in and out is by an open door. Brain teasers are riddles that exercise your brain! To prove this, you go to each floor on the building, open the window, and toss a penny out. The rumble of the train knocked the tank off the shelf, it broke and Romeo and Juliet did not survive. Mr. and Mrs. Mustard have six daughters and each daughter has one brother. How many ducks are there? How did the man win the bet? Two men are in a desert. What is it? You live in a one-story house. Since each daughter shares the same brother, there are six girls, one boy and Mr. and Mrs. Mustard. Each person has full sight of the entire room and everyone in it without turning his head or body, or moving in any way (other than the eyes). A guy was waiting at home, he swung a metal pole then took 3 left turns and on his way back home there was a masked man waiting for him. I have a little house in which I live all alone. One coin is not a dime, but the other one is. You can rate them, leave your comments and share the brain teasers with your friends. When I point up, it’s bright. I can be long, or I can be short. Once you lost me you can never have me back. If 5 cats catch 5 mice in 5 minutes, how long will it take one cat to catch a mouse? Romeo and Juliet are fish. Today Is Not Thursday Nor Monday Nor Sunday. The driver saw the boy because it was during the daylight hours. I know a word of letters three. Sometimes I am born in silence, Other times, no. Then she holds him underwater for over 5 minutes. I always follow you around, everywhere you go at night. The 22nd and 24th presidents of the United States of America had the same parents, but were not brothers. What am I? The first daughter's name is July. The farmer knows that the main trunk has 24 branches. You may already think you're a know it all when it comes to quizzes but this is a whole different ball (or mind) game. The space that comes after the 64th spoke, would be just before the first spoke. On Christmas eve, when Santa leaves his workshop on the north pole, what direction does he travel? How did the driver see the boy? We poison without touching. Who Am I? What if I saved $1.50 each month? Can you guess me? A horse is tied to a five-meter rope in front of an old saloon. How do you save yourself from drowning? How old is she? What am I? Think laterally, make Archimedes proud. I don't think it is Thursday, Friday or Saturday. What can you hold in your right hand, but not in your left? What stairs? The guy who is alive has his pack open, the guy who is dead has his pack closed. What can you find in the center of gravity? That night, the attack happened but the woman survived. I can be grown, and I can be bought. July, August, September, October, November. Adrienne: The day before yesterday was Thursday. Tomorrow Is Neither Wednesday Nor Thursday.

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