I just wanted to get to it this week and not wait for delivery. Oil Filters, Crush Washers & Site Glasses Magnetic Drain Plugs $29.95 - $34.95 Spline Lube Moly Grease Fork Oil Fuel & Oil Additives Brake Fluid & Hydraulic Clutch Mineral Oil /Bleeding Tools Thanks in advance for your comments and help. 23 4 680 is this a necessary part? BMW motorcycle oil transfer from the swingarm into the transmission (gearbox) or final drive. The synthetic oil was in the drive for about 2.5 months and 12,000 miles. by Duane Ausherman. I see a lot of misinformation on the oil in the engine, transmission, swing arm (drive shaft housing) and final drive, so this may sort some of it out. The procedures for filling with oil are shop derived for accuracy and speed. BMW R1100RT Final Drive Oil Change How-To. This kit has all the necessary parts for changing the gear oil on the final drive of your R1200. Oil & Oil Change Kits Engine Oil Transmission & Final Drive Oil & Spline Lube Paste Oil Change Kits Super 12/24K Mile Maintenance Kits With Oil! I figure I will change the oil in the final drive every 12,000 miles, despite BMW's stand about not needing to make regular oil changes in the final drive… I see I can purchase one from A&S Cycles. Essential Precondition: Go for a ride on your bike – about 30 minutes of normal riding should be fine. Kit includes: 200ML bottle of BMW's 75W-90 C-SAF-XO Final Drive Gear Oil - Don’t settle for other oil just because “it costs less”. I do not have the rear wheel drive oil drain pipe (1), BMW No. Can I make something similar in size and use it? BMW special performance oils meet all of the demanding requirements of precision BMW motorcycles. I am getting ready to change all the fluids on my '96 RT (1st time). May 29, 2018 armchairbiker Workshop & Tech 0. Follow this simple procedure every 12,000 miles on your BMW R1100RT oilhead for a long-lasting final drive unit. So, as between the two oils, is there any effective differences of concern?

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