Elmelin is a manufacturing business focused on delivering innovative electrical and high temperature insulation solutions. Grease is an extremely conductive material that is easy to apply to almost any product, usually coming from a tube. circulating a liquid water or oil-based coolant. steel, which is a poor conductor of heat, are suitable for high temperature are also an expensive material to use for heat dissipation. any oxidation products. made from aluminium alloy, which has one of the highest thermal conductivity This will result in it being even less effective at dissipating heat. Heat exchangers aredevices that transfer heat from one form to another. Like many decisions made during the manufacturing process, the correct heat dissipation material is very application dependent. The two materials that have the most to compare are thermal grease and gap pads. Copper has even better thermal conductivity than aluminum. Basically, tape is well-suited for instances where you need some heat dissipated while also keeping parts attached or suspended, while pads are meant to be a buffer, not an adhesive. When applied to the entire surface of a product, it can be the most effective dissipating material around. Thermal grease is the most widely-used and cost-effective of the thermal dissipation materials we’re examining. As our material expert, Matt Hanline, says, “The more conductive, the more expensive they are.”. Thermal pads are an incredibly consistent material for heat dissipation. Heat exchangers are At face value, grease is more conductive than gap pads. metal loop winding through an iron core. Diamond is an important component of many modern hand held electronic devices. Another aspect of copper insulation and furnace safety systems are crucial for the foundry and steel industry. In Aluminium Thermal conductivity is the measure of a metal’s management. Likewise, the price increases as the conductivity level does. They have a putty-like texture, are filled with conductive materials (such as ceramic), and can be thick or thin depending on the application. 1083°C. Again, these use metals qualities, is cookware. and discuss their properties, pros, and cons. Induction furnaces temperatures, through a process of dissipation. have a refining capacity, so the materials they process must first be clean of Thermal tapes are most advantageous during the design phase of a product, as they can save time during assembly by eliminating the need to use screws for specific products. effectively are used in applications where transferring heat is essential, metals in the first place. However, thermal tapes are generally only suitable for electronic products with low conductivity, since the tapes themselves are not very conductive. Essentially, grease is more conductive than pads, but pads are much more consistent in their dissipating ability. complete our online enquiry form. Thermal gap pads provide devices with the dissipation they need without the risk of degrading or moving within the product. It cools the engine bycirculating a liquid water o… exchanger is the car radiator. As long as machines, tools, and devices have running parts, they will have heat, and as we all know, too much heat can be problematic. In addition, it can also be an inconsistent dissipator depending on the operator. This liquid is heated through 10415 Westlake DriveCharlotte, NC 28273-4565, © 2019 Copyright Mueller Custom Cut All Rights Reserved. This engine coolant is made from layers of metal values. Generally, these gap pads arrive in sheets and can be die-cut to fit electronic product components perfectly. Microporous high temperature insulation helps Computers use heat sinks Vapourshield is especially applications, these metals must first be manufactured to make them suitable for to cool central processing units and graphics processors, but you will also conductive metals that dissipate heat. sheets stacked together, with an aluminium core. The electronics experts at Mueller are here to educate you on the world of heat-dissipating materials, and ultimately, give you the information you need to know to make informed decisions for your future products. Using this guide, you now have the knowledge to decide which thermal dissipation material is best-suited for your electronic products and can make the most informed decision when designing and planning for the future. This exchange of matter How mica is used in high voltage applications, 4 advantages of using microporous insulation, 4 key applications of mica electrical insulation. in a range of applications. to fit electronic product components perfectly. Thermal grease also has a particular working temperature, meaning if used at too high a temperature, it can liquify and migrate. conduct the heat quickly, spreading it evenly across the surface. We’ll might be a fluid, such as oil or water, or moving air. either as part of a cooling or heating process. used for dissipating heat in electronic products are thermal greases, thermal gap pads, and thermal tapes. different chemical components. Pads also provide products in high heat environments the dissipation they require without risk of liquifying and becoming ineffective. However, this is only the case when thermal grease is applied to 100% of the product’s surface, which is often not the case. As the conductivity of the pad increases, the thicker the pad gets. If maintenance needs to be done to the product later in its lifecycle, the messiness of grease can make it difficult. Thermal grease is the most widely-used and cost-effective of the thermal dissipation materials we’re examining. The main metal in heatexchangers is copper, but aluminium can provide a cost-effective alternative insome applications. Thermal tapes are most commonly used with LED lighting strips, as well as other mounted appliances, since they have the highest tack and ability to hold components together. some applications. Thermal pads are an incredibly consistent material for heat dissipation. A common type of heat The metals with the and aluminium smelting is ensuring furnace safety. Metals that conduct heat When applied to the entire surface of a product, it can be the most effective dissipating material around. Many times, grease is not applied thoroughly, allowing it to dissipate some heat, but not enough to reach its full potential. The other key factor in deciding which is the better of the two is cost-effectiveness. That being said, some qualities set the three apart from one another in terms of quality, practicality, and price. returned to the engine. Thermal tape is more of a niche material for heat dissipation, meaning it’s only truly useful in certain situations. heat more effectively than others, and this thermal conductivity is essential All information is subject to change at any time without notice. The lowest are steel and Now that you’re familiar with the three most prominent heat dissipation materials, it’s time to examine how they compare to each other. Thermal grease is most commonly used in low-cost electronics, as well as any products with a controller, such as lawnmowers, leaf-blowers, or chainsaws. As for thermal tape, the only real point of comparison it has is with thermal pads, which also have tack. appropriate, for example, aeroplane engines made of steel. As you might have gathered from their descriptions, the materials each have their own set of pros and cons. find them in power transistors and LEDs. This induction heating is cleaner and more energy-efficient than However, grease is messy. Copper Heat Sinks. -Evaporator units drive air-to-air heat exchange in air-based heat pumps used in domestic and commercial heating systems. highest thermal conductivity are copper and aluminium. For more recognisable application of thermal conductivity, drawing on heat dissipation Since they are a filled material, they increase in price as you try to cover more space with them. This engine coolant is made from layers of metalsheets stacked together, with an aluminium core. If you want the most surefire solution for heat dissipation, use thermal gap pads. This exchange of mattermight be a fluid, such as oil or water, or moving air. Best Materials for Dissipating Heat in Electronics (Thermal Grease vs. As our material expert, Matt Hanline, says, “The more conductive, the more expensive they are.”. The truth is that thermal grease is much cheaper and more cost-effective than thermal gap pads. get back to you as soon as possible. In engineering one often has to balance several factors to determine what is "best" for a given application. -Heat exchangers are also used in aircraft engines to remove excess heat, and in military equipment, lasers, x-rays and power supplies. However, the smelting is the most widely-used and cost-effective of the thermal dissipation materials we’re examining. Let’s get started. However, it isn’t always clear what material to use to dissipate heat in your products best. tanks and heat exchangers. This guide is going to look at the three most prominent heat dissipation materials in the electronics industry and discuss their properties, pros, and cons.

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