Brands like Fiji, Voss and LaCroix are becoming common options for water delivery. In case you'd prefer not to purchase the water dispensers upfront, Culligan also offers water cooler rental. We offer convenient and efficient delivery to your household or place of business to save you time and transportation while keeping the power of better water comfortably stocked. I need table teams that comfortably seat 4 - 6. Here's an example rundown of what you can expect in monthly costs for a water delivery service with a company of 10-20 employees: A potential pricing issue to be aware of is automatic billing. Good adherence to covid protocols. The charge is usually minimal, but make sure to check whether it’s monthly, or per delivery. Though local companies play a pivotal role in this industry, it doesn't make much sense for us to review a company that only delivers water to a small region across one or two states. Bottle-less water delivery is an increasing trend in the industry.Â, Many water delivery services now provide different filtration systems and machines that take up minimal space, offer numerous flavors, and don't require constant bottle delivery. According to a conversation we had with the Quench team, a 50-employee business generally needs one flavor refill per month. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. DS Services doesn't have the best online customer reviews. The company earns our pick for the most environmentally friendly water delivery service because its models are reliable, the bottle-less coolers reduce plastic waste, and the customer support is solid. This is inconvenient for those who are too busy to meet in person. We'll discuss those options, as well as traditional water delivery methods, throughout our reviews. 12 cases of 12 oz bottles are $4.99 for spring water. (If you like sparkling water and want to potentially save some money by making your own at home, see our article on. Deliveries occur twice a month. It can be difficult for local water delivery companies to compete with national players when the national companies offer both plastic bottle delivery and bottle-less water dispensers.Â, With more individuals and brands increasing their social responsibility, many new companies are emerging with the intentions to eliminate their plastic waste. All Rights Reserved. Five and three-gallon bottles always range from $6 to $8.50 depending on the type of water. Call your local provider to confirm what services are available. It's also an eco-friendly choice, since the water is delivered in big 3- and 5-gallon jugs. Water delivery services install these dispensers and perform regular maintenance on them for your business.Â. Distilled water has been purified by steam vaporization, then cooled, and re-condensed back into the water. 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. Both of these decisions will depend on your water needs and how much you want to spend. For the traditional delivery services, we really wanted to see a strong water assortment. We note below if a brand does not offer these. Jared Ebrahimoff, founder and COO of Lavari Jewelers, likes Quench's bottle-less delivery system that helps reduce plastic buildup in the environment. Given the wide range of water options available from DS Services, pricing varies. Many water delivery services offer you a considerable selection of water types or brands.Â, You're likely to see choices of purified drinking water or distilled water, which is usually tap water that has undergone a rigorous cleansing process. DS Services is an established water delivery service that provides a full offering of beverages, including water, coffee, tea, and water filtration products, making it a great choice for businesses looking for variety and options. The company delivers different water types on a regular schedule, which is more than enough for some businesses. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Customers must order a minimum of three bottles per delivery. We placed a heavy emphasis on customer reviews and our experiences with the customer service teams. Five-gallon bottles are $6.99 for spring water and $5.99 for Nestle Pure Life water. Recurring Water Delivery Service, Every 2 Weeks, 3 units of 5 Gallon Bottles - Fulfilled By Primo Water North America Verified Purchase Prompt service with timely notification. You can create a custom solution with a wide variety of water coolers, ice dispensers and coffee makers. Skip the bottle cleaning process. Types of water: Sierra Springs does not offer artesian water. In an industry where most services provide their own branded waters, the inclusion of more nationally recognized brands not only widens the selection, but also means offices can cater to their employees' specific bottled water preferences. Businesses looking to receive both large jugs of water and smaller individual bottles should seriously consider using DS Services. We researched price but didn't necessarily use it as a determining factor for our best picks. Sacramento: No residential bottled water delivery available, but they can install a water filter in a home. Shipping rates range from $19 to $24 per case.

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