At least it wasn't you, right? Goal: How do you make the word Wang not sound like a joke? Here’s 15 examples of great integrated marketing campaigns that work by combining content, digital and website marketing, with traditional marketing methods like PR.. Old Spice: Smell Like a Man. This heads up our list not only because it was integrated with great videos and social media, but solid copywriting for the complete package. **Result: Instead of offering the golden ticket of airline passes, American could have simply doubled frequent flyer miles or offered more sustainable incentives for their loyalty programs. One contestant, 28-year-old Jennifer Strange, actually died from water intoxication as a result. The people who’ve purchased and used these passes have more than since made up for the investment— by 2007, a few AAirpass holders were taking 1,000’s of free flights every year, costing the company millions in lost sales. Goal: Attract a more grown-up customer base targeting families by changing name to “Monterey Jack's”. In 2007, a California radio station held a contest called “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” where they promised a Nintendo Wii console to whoever could drink the most water without going to the bathroom. It seems that bad press followed them, resulting in public outcry over their “Collapse into cool” campaign (note the word ‘collapse’) that came out in April 2002. Marketing is all about trying and trying again. Back in 2014, Malaysia Airlines was having a tough time, dealing with the tragedies of two flight disasters. 2. The War on Drugs campaign certainly listened to those all inspiring words. Although come on. **For some, Jack-in-the-box triggers emotions of fear and terror while awaiting a tiny goblin/elf to explode up through a tiny box. Goal: Release an album with a creative cover showing our artistic genius. P: (717) 291-4689   F: (717) 291-9434 Nintendo launched themselves through the stratosphere of gaming on without the help of Atari. The contest centered on people sending in their "bucket lists" for free electronic prizes. The current research provides a novel explanation for such failures. While nearly impossible to create the Woody Woodpecker sound via onomatopoeia, equally impossible is using said 200 year old pecker to target young and hip computer users. Carrefour sat stone still on a few traditional billboards and print ads, while competitors like Tesco, Giant, and FairPrice spent the time jumping out adventurously into phone apps, QR code shopping, digital advertising, joint ventures, and more. Poor preparation, missing an important detail, or completely offend a certain segment of the audience. The cover took them on a magical mystery tour of disgust from fans and critics. Coke could have just fought fire with fire—with better ad campaigns. **Result: Learn from that example – and don't fool yourself twice. The problem? What's the best way NOT to fail at marketing? Nike certainly isn’t alone in having its brand or marketing campaign spoiled by celebrity endorsements. Goal: Create a hit commercial for the ultimate advertising stage: Superbowl 2011. Well, American Airlines learned the hard way that short-term thinking can result in long-term problems. Yet even to this day I get off-the-wall questions and comments that show a lack of understanding about, You may not recognize the name, but Carrefour is a France-based global supermarket chain…at least for now. In my experience, cities are rarely equipped for branding campaigns. Join thousands of small business owners and startup founders who are gaining insights from our stories. Are you capitalizing on both you and your competitors' mistakes to continually improve your content? This means out of many possible sales tactics, personal selling is one of the more effective ones at getting the product to the consumer. Lesson: Stay organized, pay attention to world events, and be nimble enough to cancel a bad idea before it plays out. **Result: With that in mind, let's take a look at these travesties – and what we can learn from them. They might have succeeded if they hadn’t been so good at their flagship product, toothpaste. Many of the companies I mentioned are currently doing very well and running highly successful marketing campaigns. Once dialed, the numbers lead to Vespa dealerships and customer service representatives happy to take your call! **Result: You’ll live longer.” When it came time to decide whether or not to air this frightening maniacal commercial, Nike took their own advice and just did it. Well, a lot of things. Integrated Marketing Campaign Examples. American Airline’s response was to launch an investigation into these frequent fliers and revoke their passes, resulting in outrage and lawsuits. Apparently, Starbucks exhibited some not-so-cool behavior when they charged EMT workers $130 for water following the collapse of the WTC towers on September 11. To add insult to injury, the campaign resurfaced again in 2017 with a single viral tweet. Really? Bucket lists are, of course, something that you create when you're getting ready to die, and the allusion was unavoidable. I cover entrepreneurship, conversion optimization, marketing and sales, Francisco, California. Grown-ups didn't care for the new grown-up name of the fast food chain 'Monterey Jack's' so execs decided to switch it back to good ol' Jack in the Box, triggering happy emotions for all...except the guy who ordered 20,000 Monetary Jack business cards. Although many viewed these advertisement as strange and creepy, underwear sales among registered sex offenders spiked 15% after the launch of this campaign. Although from different decades, each one provides useful lessons on how to achieve integrated marketing success. Nesquik found this out the very hard way after working on a massive, expensive project that included an app to give your photos chocolate bunny ears and a push for a new "National Bunny Ears Day.". (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images), There is always a little thrill when reading about another company's branding failures. The ad sparked a firestorm of anger and outrage, as people felt it trivialized important topics like racism, police violence, and Black Lives Matter. Carrefour sat stone still on a few traditional billboards and print ads, while competitors like Tesco, Giant, and FairPrice spent the time jumping out adventurously into phone apps, QR code shopping, digital advertising, joint ventures, and more.

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