That is how we keep food super fresh and lasting longer in the freezer and it doesn’t dry out. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. I haven’t made it with pork tenderloin since the fat content is very low compared to shoulder roasts. Imus are traditionally heated with kiawe wood, which is a Hawaiian mesquite. An Imu is a 2- 4 foot deep pit dug and filled with kindling and rock, most often lava rock or basalt, and lit on fire. Works the same as banana leaf I guess. They are better for sure. Hi Pat. If you are a decent cook, you would KNOW how much salt would be too much…always start low and add…you can’t take away overseasoning from the brginning, I have made this several times now using your recipe and it is perfect! Place pork fat-side up in a roasting pan or deep casserole dish. Why for the love of GOD did you not correct the recipe??? Thanks for visiting! Both the banana leaves and ti leaves aren't edible so discard before serving the pork. This is just my guess since I am not the one who uses the banana. 10am- Pulled the first two roast out of the ice chest, pulled the meat which fell off the bone and was SUPER moist! I personally have not made it with pineapple juice. We have also made this in our smoker. Hi Mel. Kalua pork is meant to be a salty pork dish. Purchased 50# of Pork Shoulders/Boston Butt/ Picnic Roast, we did six 8-10 pound roasts for a hundred people and plenty of leftovers. I finally have a new recipe on, Hi all. This means allthingspumpkin to, Happy Aloha Friday!! Another popular way to make kalua pork is with the addition of cabbage. Thanks for your comment. Thaw in fridge before reheating. I don’t personally use ti leaves or banana leaves in the slow cooker. This is also a base for so many recipes we make and it freezes really well. and finishing the pork off for another 4 hours.. My concern is smoking the whole butt in the leaves the entire times seems like it won’t create the iconic crust the shoulder should have. We have had multiple readers ask about doing this on a larger scale, so your feedback is very helpful! I do prefer the hickory liquid smoke, and red hawaiian salt is a must! Thanks for sharing. IF the roast is smaller, UNDER 6 lbs ( 4lbs is usually smallest I find in the store or from my butcher) use less salt, 2-3 tsp as in teaspoons. Has anyone ever made it with pineapple juice? Help please. 4. I grow a banana plant every summer now so I have leaves to freeze and use in winter! A whole hog is salted, wrapped in more ti or banana leaves, and placed into the pit. And, honestly, kalua pork is meant to be smoked, so why not smoke it if you can? It should be kept hot in the liquid before serving as it is. Not for smaller. I would go with 8-12 lbs if you are making for a luau, potluck, party or even to freeze and save for later. I have heard of both banana leaves and ti leaves used in Hawaii from many friends and from asking restaurants and luaus. 1 1/2 Tbsp to 2 Tbsp smoke, 1-2 Tbsp salt. I’ve been to Hawaii a few times and once had the pleasure of seeing kalua pork in the making. Its cooked at least 8 hours, depending on the size of the pig. What should the cook time be reduced to if you put it on high? And that either recipe would work. So ono as the Hawaiians say, meaning so GOOD!!! The guy was telling us that the best way was either in an oven in a pan with the pork wrapped in banana leaves after being smothered in liquid smoke and Hawaiian sea salt or to use a slow cooker but he had never used a slow cooker, just had many cousins that had. This is also called crock pot kalua pork, kalua pig, luau pork. There are very few ingredients that go into making delicious kalua pork. Or you can order online – Amazon has it. I am a self taught baker, cook and mixologist and photographer. and started serving, We paired it with a Hawaiin BBQ Sauce ( on Hawaiian Hamburger Buns. Delightfully easy! Thanks a lot ruined our meal. I also added some fresh ground black pepper and cut down on the salt. tbsp NEVER means teaspoons. I can’t wait! Do you use just the peel or the entire banana? Information is not currently available for this nutrient. 2.) The smoke flavoring comes from the style of the cooking in the underground oven. Aloha! And she used her own family recipe for the Kalua pork and it had pineapple juice. The Hawaiians we were talking to on the beach told us that for making Kalua pork in the oven or crock pot that hickory flavored liquid smoke was better to use than mesquite. Not sure what soup recipe you are talking about. Really its all about your taste and how salty you like foods. Large rocks are placed in the pit to help retain the heat once the fire dies out. Deep in the recipe notes you say that the salt is wrong, but you still left the recipe WRONG In the Hawaiian language, kalua literally means "to cook in an underground oven." What kind of flavor are you looking for in your pork? you can tie with cooking twine if wanted but its not necessary if the leaves are wrapped tightly enough. Hi iv made this before n delish, but I’m serving 20 people, so how big of a roast do I need n how much more liquid smoke n salt do I need? I’m doing food for an Hawaiian festival and want to serve this but I think I need to make it advance. Making this for Super Bowl .. , Hi! Which I didn’t. Easy to prepare and no hands on cooking make this pork recipe a breeze to make and turns out perfect every time. takes a long time but the Hawaiians used to steam it for an entire 24 hours. I would say though if you aren’t using the pineapple juice as a marinade but adding it to the cooking process that one half to a cup of juice would work. Definitely stop back by and let us know how it turns out for you. About how many normal size servings does 6 lbs make? You can place the wrapped roast in an aluminum pan and place in smoker ( we place it in the middle) or you can place it just on the smoker rack. Cover and roast in a preheated oven for three hours. And if you ever get the chance to cook it in a pit in your yard, invite me over. I cooked it all day in the crockpot so it is a very simple dish. Hope you like it. What video? You would get the flavor from the peel, if un-peeled the banana would mush and blend into the pork for a stronger banana flavor.

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