There are several fertilizer products that can be used to supply Zn. Suggested rates of N for first- and second-year corn following alfalfa are in Table 4. The use of iron (Fe), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), and boron (B) is not suggested for corn fertilizer programs in Minnesota. Fertilizer materials. To provide S we mixed ammonium thiosulfate (ATS) with urea ammonium nitrate (UAN-32% or 28%) or a mixture of UAN and ammonium polyphosphate (10-34-0) as a starter fertilizer in 2×2 placement or as ATS with UAN as a sidedress application. If a deficiency of S is suspected, recent data have shown that fertilizer S can be applied when corn is 12 inches tall or less without a reduction in yield potential. For non-irrigated corn grown on soils with a loamy fine sand texture and less than 3% organic matter, use the guidelines provided in Table 3. For fields with these values, plan on using the suggested rate in the band at planting, subtract this amount from the suggested broadcast rate, then broadcast and incorporate the remainder needed before planting. The limits for application rates of 10-34-0 to help avoid salt injury as a function of fertilizer placement and soil texture are shown in Table 4. The nitrate-N soil test is particularly useful for conditions where elevated residual nitrate-N is suspected. In these situations a low rate of ammonium thiosulfate (2-3.5 gal per acre, 6- 10 lb. Skip to Left navigation Skip to Main content Skip to Footer, Extension > Agriculture > Nutrient Management > Nutrient/Lime Guidelines > Fertilizing Corn in Minnesota, By Daniel E. Kaiser, Fabian Fernandez, and John A. Lamb, Extension Specialists — Nutrient Management; Jeffrey A. Coulter, Extension Corn Agronomist; and Brian Barber, Director — University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory. Figure 2 is a decision tree that indicates situations where the nitrate-N soil test would be especially useful. Use. The addition of sulfur (S) to a fertilizer program should be a major consideration when corn is grown on sandy soils or on medium to fine textures soils when soil organic matter concentration in the top six inches is 4.0% or less. The rate of N can be adjusted based on the acceptable range if a soil is considered to be medium productivity and has shown to be more or less responsive to fertilizer N. Alfalfa, which includes pure stands of alfalfa and alfalfa-grass mixtures with at least 50% alfalfa in the stand, can eliminate or greatly reduce the need for N from fertilizer or manure during the two subsequent years if corn is grown. There are some special situations where rates might be changed. **A low rate of S is suggested when corn follows corn and SOM is 4% or greater. Yield increases were 4, 8, 13, 18, 20, and 22 bushels per acre at the responsive sites (Fig. Likewise, some reduction can be expected when low rates of phosphate and potash are used year after year. Most Minnesota soils are well supplied with magnesium (Mg) and this nutrient is not usually needed in a fertilizer program. High rates of P or K applied for maintenance will typically result in a less return in crop value per pound of nutrient applied. Thio-Sul, the original ammonium thiosulfate fertilizer supplies a higher level of sulfur than all other clear liquid fertilizer on the market. Corn growers should implement BMPs to optimize N use efficiency, profit, and protect against increased losses of nitrate-nitrogen to groundwater aquifers and surface waters. A majority of Minnesota soils are highly productive and have generally produced maximum economic corn yield with similar N rates over the last 15 years. This acceptable range gives producer flexibility in arriving at an acceptable and profitable N rate that is calculated as the rate +/- $1 from the MRTN rate. Yield increases are not always guaranteed with the use of a starter when soil test values are in the very high range or when recommended rates of broadcast P or K is applied.  All nutrients applied in starter fertilizer should be accounted for in the total fertilize program. East Central Minnesota Soils: In this region of the state usually have high native levels of soil test P and strict interpretation of the guidelines suggests that no phosphate is needed in a fertilizer program. Table 1. It is generally accepted that legume crops provide N to the next crop in the rotation. The guidelines for potash fertilizer use are listed in Table 10. When soil test values drop, broadcast applications of higher rates of phosphate and/or potash fertilizers are justified if profitability and cash flow is favorable and the grower wants to maintain soil test values in the medium or high range. However, pay attention to rates … Table 8 shows field research data summarizing the expected percent of time where a measurable response to P fertilizer will occur and the percentage of maximum yield produced when no fertilizer is applied. However, carryover to succeeding years will be better with broadcast applications. Visual sulfur deficiency symptoms early in the growing season are common in Minnesota due to limited mineralization and uptake of S early in the growing season.  Some of these symptoms may be temporary and will go away as the soil warms. Its multi-functional capabilities for corn and soybeans are what set it apart from other sulfur fertilizers. When using the soil nitrate test, the amount of fertilizer N required is determined from the following equation: Figure 2. The general recommendations for K fertilizer based on soil test for corn can be found in Tables 10, 11, 12 and 13. Ammonium Thiosulfate is a nitrification inhibitor, reducing nitrogen loss by inhibiting or slowing the nitrification process of ammonium (NH4 ) converting to nitrate (NO3 ). The sample should be sent to a laboratory and analyzed for nitrate-nitrogen. A producer who is risk adverse and cannot tolerate risk associated with less-than-maximum yields in some years even though economic return to N may not always be the greatest may want to use the N rates near the high end of the acceptable range shown in Table 1. The choice of an appropriate rate of fertilizer N is not easy because of the transient nature of N in soils. Additionally, the SO4-S component that is actually measured may also be leached from the soil between the time of sampling and the time of crop need. Due to uncertainty of exact build values, rates in excess of guidelines for Very Low and Low P and K categories are not suggested when attempting to build soil test values. The suggested broadcast rate of phosphate can be blended with the suggested broadcast rate of potash and the mixture could then be applied with available equipment. The definition of categories is the same for both the Bray and Mehlich III analytical procedures when P is determined colorimetrically. The inclusion of magnesium in sul-po-mag may be an extra benefit compared to potassium sulfate if soil magnesium levels are low. The crops for each group are listed in Table 6. They concluded that ammonium thiosulfate applied in contact with the seed can have a detrimental effect on emergence, which produces lower yields - especially in dry years. Sulfur Fertilizer Response of Corn – Background and Research Update, Department of Entomology West Lafayette, IN 47907, An equal access/equal opportunity university. Except for large particles of zinc oxide, all are equally effective.

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