My theory is this: Garou became a monster because of his evil traits and obsession(his hate towards justice and/or heroes) BUT, since his intentions were not evil, his morals didn't change. Turns out when you take children and teach them to fight and kill from such a young age, it's not some kind of scenario to laugh at the misadventures of the characters. (that guy with horns that fight Suiryu said it). Welcome to r/OnePunchMan, the subreddit for all things related to our caped bald hero! During the battle against the Deep Sea King, he was sporting a shorter hairstyle with his hair parted to the left. What do you think about this theory? History Talk (0) Comments Share. Nah, there's already someone who did that. * HotterAndSexier: The original ONE version has only a few key female characters appearing in and out of story, the most recurring ones, Tatsumaki and Fubuki, are never said to be particularly beautiful by other characters and ONE’s simple drawings don’t put the sisters on any {{Fanservice}} situation; Murata on the other hand really makes use of his high grade art style to make pretty much all female characters in the series have varying degrees of titillation, Tatsumaki and Fubuki have their beauty in display in every panel with [[FormFittingWardrobe borderline skintight outfits]], several daring cover pages that has Fubuki posing as if during a photoshoot session, like a gravure model; also if a new batch of heroes that didn’t exist in ONE’s version happen to have a new female amongst them, it’s very likely she will be a very alluring woman as well. We can’t forget to mention Metal bat, Amai Mask, Stinger, and finally, Blast. ** [[KnightTemplar Amai Mask]] aka [[ThePerfectionist Handsome Kamen]] is the number one ranked A-Class hero in the Hero Association as well as the most popular hero with the public in-universe. His power might be the result of drugs of that kind too His name is about beauty masks I guess, since his face never changes and even regenerates. Since most people already know this stuff i will try to be quick: -when Amai Mask gets angry he gets some monster features(the veins in his neck and his demon-like eyes), -In the battle against the MA we can see that Amai Mask loses an arm, but he quickly reattaches his arm back. Edit: Amai could be part monster, that's why he detests monsters, him being plastic wouldn't make any sense at all, he's in charge of the entertainment world of OPM, and even was highly regarded by the HA staff as someone that overseers rank promotions, has his own being built in the system already for his highly influential status in the community, for him to just be some sorta plastic or genetically enhanced being like Zombieman would be a fluke to his established person. I think he is an ugly person and it shows when his veins pop out or his eyes go weird. Here's who it was. I think Sweet Mask is hiding something about himself, and I think it has to do with his obsession over beauty as power. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. * BadassGay: Puripuri Prisoner, an okama and the 17th ranked S-Class hero. [[SociopathicHero He is also a Sociopath, regularly executing defenseless or surrendering monsters and once even mercenaries he knew were being mind-controlled]]. Section heading. Amai Mask also has evil traits (his extreme hate towards anything and anyone who doesn't meet his standards) but his intentions are not evil, so maybe he also became a monster in a similar way to Garou. He berates the S-Class heroes for not preventing City A's destruction, even though there was nothing they could have done to prevent it, despite frequently ignoring monster attacks to further his career as a singer/actor. The thing that is keeping amai mask on the good guys side is that his obsession with heroes and beauty is what its keeping it "human". The other main face is that of Genos. That would also mean that he has a lot more in common with Garou since both of then are obsessed with unreal ideals of heroism. Any villain will be hunted down and killed by him not even if they surrendered. Amai Mask. Join Facebook to connect with Ama Mask and others you may know. I think that it's a case of becoming the mask (hence the "handsome mask" name), where he was/became a powerful monster and some obsession for the idea of a hero pushed him to play that role The "fake but become real" nature of the mask overcome the "evil per nature" monster nature. Write the first section of your page here. This extreme prejudice may be the reason his will is strong enough to be able to access transformations. It says a lot that when Tatsumaki, another hero disliked in the Association, says [[TheFriendNobodyLikes that everyone hates him, she really is speaking for all the other heroes too]]. Edit. ]], ** [[spoiler: The "Ninja Village" is one for Naruto. I think the theory sounds a bit far fetched, Amai Mask is a person, obviously an asshole, but has history about himself that he isn't sharing. * SerialEscalation: Saitama's fight with Boros. *** Saitama shows genuine interest in joining. He vehemently refuses to play rock paper scissors with someone with a booger on their finger in his dream. Ironically this trope now applies to Amai Mask himself once he reveals his identity as a monster to kill a mass murdering monster who was growing in strength. By Debi Enker. He has openly been frustrated by his codename, so it makes sense he would break his usual apathy as they have a goal that specifically appeals to him and actually joined them in their protest. Write the first paragraph of your page here. Rather it's a brutal, cruel, tortuous and ultimately monstrous to take innocent kids and turn them into blood-soaked killers who are only good for doing criminal wetwork. Contents. When one person turns into a monster, it breaks all the little morals they could have had. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. ** [ [KnightTemplar Amai Mask]] aka [ [ThePerfectionist Handsome Kamen]] is the number one ranked A-Class hero in the Hero Association as well as the most popular hero with the public in-universe. Oh yeah, i forgot about that. The other influential characters are Tornado, Bang, Atomic Samurai, Child Emperor, Metal Knight, King, Zomiemaan, Drive Knight, Pig God, Watchdog Man, and Flashy Flash. Talk about timing. did i miss somenthing? It starts with the latter surviving one of Saitama's punches, followed by Boros getting his arm punched off, healing it back, going into his SuperForm, kicking Saitama to the moon, Saitama jumping back, the two of them exchanging combo attacks, Boros regenerating from a splatter of pulp, and finally firing a massive KamehameHadouken which Saitama deflects with his first "Serious Punch". Giving me credence to the theory. He seens to have basic regeneration habilities and thats a feature that is only seen in non-human characters(zombieman being the exception, but he is mutant while Amai Mask has regeneration in a natural way), -His name implies that he is hiding something/hiding his identity, -thanks to DO-S we know that a monster can keep a human form after becoming one. Guessing the identity of the Masked Singer is the best fun on TV today. SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched Season 3, episode 13 of “The Masked Singer,” which aired April 22 on Fox. A counter argument to this theory is the fact that Amai Mask is not truly evil(and we know that monsters are evil by nature). 1.1 Normal Attack; 1.2 Ultimate; 1.3 Ultra Ultimate; 1.4 Passive; 1.5 Extreme Passive; 1.6 Core Skill; 2 Exclusive Item; 3 Basic Stats; 4 Character Perks. He has shown he can bleed, and has a comedic side to his ruthless nature, SM isn't entirely dismissive. Amai Mask probably works in that way and not like Garou. ** [[KnightTemplar Amai Mask]] aka [[ThePerfectionist Handsome Kamen]] is the number one ranked A-Class hero in the Hero Association as well as the most popular hero with the public in-universe. With how many {{Atrocious Alias}}es the Hero association hands out like candy, it is not surprising that the ones who received them would essentially unionize due to the disrespect. Isn't there a theory somewhere that says theoretically if something is cut so perfectly you can rejoin it back together because the atoms don't know they have been cut yet? Cookies help us deliver our Services. View the profiles of people named Ama Mask. Sweet Mask was a monster who as obsessed with heroes or justice so much so that he turned into one himself. Monsters who become humans through obsession.

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