351 0 obj <> endobj Nearly fourteen years ago, I left the Housing Authority of the County of Alameda to work for a housing agency in the Seattle area. State Income Limits apply to designated programs, are used to determine applicant eligibility (based on the level of household income) and may be used to calculate affordable housing cost s for applicable housing assistance programs. While we will try our best to process your … Read More: Enrolling in Direct Deposit, It’s great to be back! The Income limits are established annually by the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). Hayward, CA 94541-6633 Income Limit Category 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 We kindly ask that you complete our direct deposit form (click here) and return to HACA as soon as possible. Affordable Housing, Customer Assistance line (24 hours): (510) 874-1653. The Housing Authority of the County of Alameda (“HACA”) has implemented Direct Deposit. Rental housing is considered affordable if gross housing costs (rent plus utilities) are 30% or less of a person's income. We kindly ask that you complete our direct deposit form (click here) and return to HACA as soon as possible. 383 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 352 0 obj <. %%EOF Housing Authority of the County of Alameda, What Is It? &w�ȶ�@�q�� gL ���yH�{������$�'������;@� ��M It was a wonderful opportunity that provided many experiences to help prepare me to come back home to HACA. Copyright © 2012 Use of State Income Limits are subject to a particular program’s definition of income, family, family INCOME LIMITS . Please print legibly, complete all of the requested information and provide requested documents. (510) 537-8236 – Fax Number * The FY 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act changed the definition of extremely low-income to be the greater of 30/50ths (60 percent) of the Section 8 very low-income limit or the poverty guideline as established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), provided that this amount is not greater than the Section 8 50% very low-income limit. The Oakland-Fremont, CA HUD Metro FMR Area​ ​contains the following areas: Alameda County, CA; and Contra Costa County, CA. Income Limits Alameda County, California; Income Limit Area. steps involved in the application process​. (PDF-103kB) h�bbd```b``� "g���� D2;�e�@${�d�&��jv�H��`I0 Consequently, the extremely low income limits may equal the very low (50%) income limits. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a 60 Volume set of books for children from birth to five years old, beginning with the children’s classic The Little Engine That CouldTM. The Current Income and Rent Limits are available here: HUD Income and Rent Limits. Each month a new, carefully selected book will be mailed in your child’s name directly to your home. To be eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher Program every individual and family must meet all program eligibility requirements. NOTE: HUD generally uses the Office of Managment and Budget (OMB) area definitions in the calculation of  income limit program parameters, However, to ensure that program parameters do not vary significantly due to area definition changes, HUD has used custom geographic definitions for the Oakland-Fremont, CA HUD Metro FMR Area. (510) 538-8876 – Main Phone Number h�b``�```�������� Ȁ ���@q� /Jv �X�gK1p4 X8��5ia 0*10X1]a�c�``�Ĭ��V2l��������| �p� :p���0��"� s~9 For 30 years, the Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) has been providing financing, technical assistance and policy support for the development and preservation of affordable housing throughout Alameda County. Information The actual rents charged to tenants are calculated by subtracting utility allowances from the gross rents. The Housing Authority of the City of Alameda adheres to various requirements when it comes to income levels, rents amounts and more. 0 I’m grateful to the Housing Commission and … Read More: HACA’s New Executive Director, 22941 Atherton Street Information contained in this document is updated as needed. Please print legibly, complete all of the requested information and provide requested documents. Income limits are shown by income category and household size. Median Family Income. Rent limits for assisted housing apply to gross rents. endstream endobj startxref HCD has funded over 90 completed projects with 20 more in pre-development or under construction. While we will try our best to process your … 372 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<487078B5F194AB419DC4371EDE2E6564>]/Index[351 33]/Info 350 0 R/Length 108/Prev 183585/Root 352 0 R/Size 384/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Below are the maximum household income limits for the City of Dublin and Alameda County, effective April 30, 2020. %PDF-1.6 %���� Best of all it is … Read More: Imagination Library, The Housing Authority of the County of Alameda (“HACA”) has implemented Direct Deposit. Alameda County uses this information for many of its affordable housing programs, requiring our partners to verify the incomes of tenant households living in assisted properties. (510) 727-8551 – TDD. © 2020 Housing Authority Of County Of Alameda HACA ‐ All Rights Reserved. This includes any individual approved to join the famly after the family has been admitted to the program. Eligibility requirements include all adults (18 yrs and above) must pass a criminal background screening, have income at or below HUD-specified income limits (see below) and qualify on the basis of citizenship or the eligible immigrant status of family members.

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