Whether you're organizing a conference, recording a podcast, or even starting out in stand-up comedy, you can benefit from a dependable microphone. Perhaps the most iconic vocal microphone ever made is the Shure Sm58, and the D5 has been described as AKG’s competition for the mic we have seen used on so many occasions. It touts a very solid frequency range between 70Hz to 20kHz, giving it a very bright sound compared to its competitors.The highs are accentuated and the bass tones hit well on the D5, but we’ve found that some details are lost in the mid-frequencies. It looks and feels solid. The AKG D5 dynamic microphone can take a lot of abuse and keep working. But you don't need to be a rock star or a battle rapper to take full advantage of the AKG D5. This mic can thus be considered as a more viable, cheaper alternative. AKG, despite not being AS well-known as Shure, still creates microphones that definitely are at the same level. In todays AKG D5 review, we’re looking at a microphone designed to be hard wearing and great for live vocals of all descriptions. Hands-down. I didn't try the condenser version (C5) but I imagine it's similarly great. Read Sweetwater customer reviews for AKG D5 Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld Vocal Microphone Reviews. After reading reviews and conducting research on various microphones, I settled on the AKG D5 and after using it with the band in a concert setting, I am pleased to report the mic is absolutely fantastic. It offers similar but slightly superior sound to Shure SM58. The AKG D5 dynamic microphone is a rugged piece of hardware. AKG D5 vs Shure SM58. Tighter pick up pattern also gives it more flexibility to deal with gain before feedback. We use it for contemporary/jazz acappella, and are actually going to be picking the AKG handheld wireless systems with the D5 capsule. One of their best-known ones is the AKG D5 which is a Supercardioid microphone, meaning that it will reject almost all the sound that isn’t coming from the front.. Also, it's nearly eight inches long, which makes it difficult to drop. Rated 4.5 / 5 by 25 customers! No comparison, the D5 is the best for my purposes than any other handheld dynamic mic in its price range. Because it weighs just under two pounds, it has a premium feel to it. AKG D5 is a cheap but rugged supercardioid mic. Standing at $99 MSRP, the AKG D5 packs plenty of punch for the price.

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