Throughout the summer of 2011, the band worked on the album and regularly provided video updates of the recording sessions to their fans. It included pro-shot live footage (possibly from the upcoming bonus DVD for the album), interviews with the band, scenes of the band inside the studio, and snippets from the single "Legendary Child". The album was released in a single CD edition, along with a deluxe version. Tom Hamilton said the album name was suggested by Jack Douglas, and he said "It’s kind of that we feel such a connection to our early days working with Jack, it just created a vibe that was very familiar from those early 70′s records. Shortly after lead singer Steven Tyler recovered from throat surgery after the band had completed two legs on their "Rockin' the Joint Tour" (in support of the namesake live album Rockin' the Joint), the band entered the studio to begin work on a new album in May 2006. The entire album was premiered, track-by-track, leading up to the album's release on November 6, 2012. That schism can be heard on Music from Another Dimension!, particularly toward its conclusion when Perry muscles his way to the mike for a pair of bracing rockers reminiscent of the band at full flight, but more than anything, this big-budget blockbuster telegraphs that Aerosmith is indeed broadcasting from another dimension, a dimension where splashy kitchen-sink albums from rock bands could sell millions of copies on sheer momentum alone. [54] Tom Hamilton is also set to have his first-ever lead vocal on the song "Up on a Mountain", which is planned for release as a bonus track. 2012's Music from Another Dimension! is the first Aerosmith album in 8 years and the first with totally original music since 2001's Just Push Play. Tyler and Perry remain the band's principal songwriters, with Tyler having credits on eleven songs and Perry on seven songs; four of Perry's credits are solo credits. [69], On September 17, 2012, Aerosmith released the third trailer for the album on Vimeo. "[53] "Legendary Child", "Lover Alot", and "Oh Yeah" are described as rockers. Also garnering their first songwriting credits on Aerosmith songs are the band's touring keyboardist Russ Irwin (who co-wrote "What Could Have Been Love") and Kramer's son Jesse Sky (who co-wrote "Lover Alot"). [Deluxe Edition] by Sony, Aerosmith", "Music From Another Dimension! ", " – Aerosmith – Music from Another Dimension! He's been taking great pains to remind everybody of that, so hopefully that's the way it will come out. ", " – Aerosmith – Music from Another Dimension! This would appear to be a reference to the cover of the album. [17] In November 2009, Joe Perry stated that Tyler had not been in contact with the band and could be on the verge of quitting Aerosmith. He did his whole thing [on Idol] and then showed up at eight at night and was in the studio until two in the morning. It’s almost like these young punks from another dimension who came out to have their influence on the album." "Luv XXX" is described by Steven Tyler as "Beatlesque" and includes backing vocals from John Lennon's son Julian Lennon. [25] In response, Tyler's attorney sent the band and its manager a "cease and desist" letter and threatened further legal action against both if the band did not discontinue this effort to replace Tyler. "Shakey Ground" is now slated to appear on the Walmart exclusive version of the record. Carrie Underwood may pop up for a duet on "Can't Stop Loving You," but that's the only nod to the present on an album that's living every day like it's 1997.

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