Worksheets. Spanish Jobs / Professions / Careers Bundle: 11 Resources @40% off! Easy quick recipe for Spanish omelette. Also included in: Profesiones (Professions in Spanish) Bundle, Also included in: Spanish Professions Bundle: 6 resources at 35% off! Form auto-grades. Professions. (Profesiones / Trabajo), Also included in: Spanish Future Tense Bundle - Practice Worksheets, Introduction, Signs, Also included in: Spanish Google Drive Activities Bundle Distance Learning, Also included in: Spanish Professions Bundle - PowerPoint / Bulletin Board, Vocabulary, 3 Puzzles, Also included in: Spanish Interactive Notebook MEGA BUNDLE 2. I like this project because it gives the students choice...there are 7 differe, **CHARADES VOCABULARY GAME / CHARADAS EN ESPANOL** May 13, 2017 - Vocabulary for the profressions and jobs in Spanish language .. Just pictures are given, so it is easy to adapt for each textbook (profe / maestra, etc). The first has all of the pictures with a word in the middle. Jobs-Professions Combo Activities Spanish Worksheets-Ernesto Clases Divertidas! - (1) set of Dominoes Mar 19, 2015 - Las Profesiones/ Los Oficios theme Unit is a great way to learn professions and jobs in Spanish! In all honesty, for the first few months as a Spanish teacher I completely overlooked vocabulary learning. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? Professions. Worksheet. - (1) set of Vocabulary Cards (6 words) Worksheet has a 6 by 6 grid with pictures of professions. Students identify the picture and the on the click the pictures all leave the screen except the correct one. Each card has a statement with Tengo and a question with Quien tiene. Print, color and laminate the games to make t, 24 Tarjetas interactivas para trabajar el tema de las Profesiones de la Ciencia. Task Time Limit: ... Short story: Professions. Escribir el nombre de las profesiones de la, Set of 36 Bingo cards with pictures of 30 professions. If nothing else, go to the Spanish phrases page and tell somebody you love them in Spanish. Description: This Spanish worksheet has four student pages and a suggested answer key. Song Downloads. Writing for Spanish 2 (professions) / El escribir para español 2 (profesiones) Older children and adults will need to actually use these terms in the workplace. The first page is an explanation page with a topic definition and thirty-five target words with their definitions or descriptions. Those who learn Spanish could also learn a new profession or make their current job more exciting. A Su Riesgo is an interactive powerpoint game with many opportunities for students to practice and review vocabulary for Jobs and Professions in Spanish. worksheet. It is a great way for students to review forming nationalities and professions in Spanish while getting to know famous Hispanic leaders.The objective is to fill in the missing nationa, Las profesiones Google Drive Activities for Spanish Two and Three gets students engaged as they move pictures, matching them to descriptions, complete the sentences, and answer the questions using the vocabulary for professions. Readers. Talks about ... 2,720 Downloads . The activities guide students to proper use of the professions with and. Register. Student A and B have to complete the missing words. The following is what is included by page number. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. In this activity, students practice using professions voc, This powerpoint has pictures of jobs and professions with the Spanish words (30 total). (Profesiones / Trabajo), Also included in: Profesiones de la Ciencia | Science Professions in SPANISH BUNDLE, Also included in: Spanish Complete Course, Level 2 (Grades 1st-3rd), Also included in: Find It Google Form in Spanish Bundle Distance Learning. The 156 page download is full of learning! This packet also includes a bilingual crossword puzzle and a word search exercise. Easy to edit in order to change or add words.Same as my worksheet. Prohibited, Students must identify the picture (use in sentences to make it more challenging) as they advance along the snail path. Lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets & songs for Spanish kids teachers! By Sherie Gentilli The 156 page download is full of learning! It is a great way for students to review forming nationalities and professions in Spanish while getting to know famous Hispanic leaders.The objective is to fill in the missing nationa, Monarca Language has created a set of materials for the theme "Professions".

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