Do not confuse an abstract noun with a concrete noun. 1. Nouns are of two types; concrete and abstract. an abstract noun. 2. 13) bubble gum -- _____ For example, we can see, touch, hear, smell or taste. Abstract noun refer to the things we cannot touch, hear, see, smell or taste. Here is an example: Joseph cuddled the wet puppy under his warm jacket. Look at the following list of concrete nouns and write the senses that you would use to perceive each of them. Dog and fence are concrete nouns. The things we sense with our sense organs and are intangible are known as abstract nouns. An abstract noun may include an aspect, concept, idea, experience, state of being, trait, quality, feeling, or other entity that can’t be experienced with the five senses. Concrete nouns register on your five senses. An abstract noun is the name of a quality, action or state. Abstract nouns refer to ideas that we cannot see or touch. The dog jumped over fence. These types of questions are normally asked in exam papers. Concrete Nouns: Abstract Nouns: 1 7 2 8 3 9 4 10 5 11 6 12 Remember that concrete nouns name things that the five sense can detect. Quality – goodness, kindness, beauty, intelligence, generosity, cleverness, obedience, honesty, brightness, wisdom, bravery, courage, hardness, softness Abstract nouns follow the same grammar rules as other nouns. Abstract Nouns List Abstract nouns are made from verbs, adjectives and common nouns. a. Examples are given below. Normally, Nouns with the following suffixes are abstract nouns:-tion-hood-ism-age-ity-ability-ment-ence-ness-ship-ance-acy; Let’s learn more about use and example of Abstract Nouns through the following Abstract Noun Worksheet. They can be countable or uncountable (mass). Concrete noun are the nouns that are observed by our senses. Many nouns are concrete, not abstract. Read the sentences below and underline the Concrete Nouns and circle the Abstract Nouns. Birthday and Summer are abstract nouns. My mom's Birthday is in Summer. I fell in love with that little child. They can also be singular or possessive. Abstract Noun Worksheets A. Circle the Abstract Nouns in the following sentences. It is something we experience like an idea or an emotion. 3. 100 Abstract Nouns justice bravery happiness fear calm belief sorrow coldness childhood clarity stupidity luxury luck freedom right generosity friendship goodness Basically, they are opposite to concrete nouns. I felt pain when dentist took my tooth out.

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