I am personally recommending this resistant bird feeder because even if the squirrels get all the incisors ready to chew off plastics, this product, made of steel can surely withstand it all. The word ‘buster’ is the best part of this product and I definitely love such idea. This is one of those products you don’t know you can’t resist because it surely does its job – keeping squirrels out. Putting some barriers in your yard may be a great idea, putting enough distance of the feeder to the ground is another one but getting the best squirrel proof feeder may actually be the best solution so far. With that, your feeder will be ultra safe from squirrel attacks. Totally innovative (and a bit harsh) and absolutely funny to watch squirrels scurrying away from the feeder. Not ideal, but at least she had to work for it. I love the design as it gives me unobstructed few of the colorful birds from my kitchen window. It is made of steel mesh beautifully together so it will surely last a long time. I ordered a new one. Clear See Through, Strong Suction Cups with Removable Tray. To continue doing so, finding the best squirrel proof feeder is the only way. The only downside it that it is made of plastic and while it works against smaller squirrel, it may not be the case for bigger ones, more patient and resourceful in finding ways either by chewing it out or hanging on the edge of the dome baffle. The seeds are kept safe in a plastic tube in the middle of the round cage and while small birds enjoy the treats, squirrels have no choice but to watch from the sidelines, in frustration. That’s to be put to real test. The square design, the leafy steel that accentuates the cute feeder is a constant reminder that a bird feeder can contribute to backyard design as well. I am recommending this squirrel stopper pole because of its inverted cone-shape baffle, adjustable to your liking, depending on how big your feeder is. It is made of 16-gauge steel that means no chewing squirrel will ever get through it. The yankee flipper has a motorized, weight activated squirrel proof system so the minute a squirrel hops on the feeder, it just spins unconcontrollably, disturbing both birds and squirrels alike. Well, it is because they can’t even get a share of the expensive seeds. I like the product because there are no way squirrels can cheat the feeder’s system. They deserve it though. Depending on whether you only want to feed smaller ones, this is a minor issue. Not that it is impossible but it will be very hard to get it. But with Brome’s squirrel buster, they can never beat RoxResin, a chew proof material. There are many good things about this product: tray style feeding system, sure lock cap, and rust-free material. The decorative leaves even cover the ports when squirrels are on it. To avoid them ransacking your feeders – hang it higher! For some reason, I have always been very bias towards Perky Pet products. Birdingdepot.com is reader-supported. Brome Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel Proof Feeder, 6. Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7536 Brand: WOODLINK. So far even expert birders rated this product as 5. Hilarious scene when they try all tricks but nothing works. There are three major designs available in the market today: They can be funny little guys and they also play a somewhat important role in the ecosystem. The only notable downside is that it can only work with straight poles because it is movable up and down only. Once assembled, hang it outside within the birds level and at least 4” or higher from the ground. Having a seed tube in a cage will save you the time and effort of putting a wire cage around a bird feeder. Unless, of course, you find the right squirrel proof bird feeder. As mentioned, squirrels are probably the birders biggest threat. Reach the seeds then makes it impossible. The cage metal spaces are big enough for birds to get in but too small for squirrels to do so hence the suet is very safe. There are generally two ways of proofing the feeders: send the squirrel flying out in the air or not even allowing them to climb to the feeder itself. Because it is a slide on, it is considered easy to install and thus ultra helpful for your feeder. Yes. Wanting to be original? If you can hang the feeder in a thin horizontal wire that spins to deter the squirrels from getting closer to it, then it is probably a good feeder. This attractive, double-sided feeder will attract a wide array of birds to your yard, with a locking top and metal spring-activated perches that work together to keep squirrels away. This will keep the base secure and the perches sturdy enough for the birds but not for squirrels. Both seeds are bitter and the squirrel will ignore them unless they are in extreme hunger. You should be able to go between 1 and 4 weeks without refilling it. See us for all your WILD BIRD needs Double Sided Absolute 2 Feeder 69 99 • Double sided feeding draws more birds • Holds 9 pounds of seed UPC #047977003979 Squirrel Go features full perimeter seed tray • 6 feeding stations UPC #085199004176 Large UPC #085199004275. Easiest to Clean & Refill - Perky-Pet Red Cardinal Bird Feeder. But that’s not the most important feature. The feeder has multiple ports allowing many birds to perch and feed at once, some clinging onto the cage. Some considerations before purchase will also be design, price and functionality. When you do not wish to have squirrels visiting your yard, then you might want to consider what else can you do to keep them away. Drill the feed holes, then put a smaller PVC so serve as baffle. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Audubon did a great job by coming out with this clear squirrel baffle, which can actually be used hanging or on a pole. Of course, the squirrel baffle is the birders best friend. That’s exactly what Woodlink bird product company was thinking when they put in together the Absolute II. The Perky-Pet feeder is versatile and can be used to attract the enchanting perching birds like Cardinals on its 360-degree seed tray as well as clinging birds like Woodpeckers and Nuthatches with its mesh design.. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. But if you intend to watch and feed birds only, then it is high time you send these little pests out of your yard. While is all right only just have one, putting both will ensure certainty and peace of mind. It is coated with anti-bacterial solution protecting the birds as well as humans for possible bird diseases. The Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7536 weighs 9.85 pounds with dimensions of 11.25 x 16 x 13.5 inches. Drill it base plate so you can put it to put the perches later on. So this product will never run out of style. Quantity: Add to Cart. This year the bottom finally rusted out on it. $101.88 $ 101. I could not fix it. So far, expert birders are happy and satisfied about this product as it does not only protect the seeds but frustrates the squirrel to the maximum.

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