Also at that time, he used it to achieve the massive, mesmerizing guitar drone of “When the Levee Breaks". DISENS 12 String Guitar Saddle and Nut Slotted Real Bone Neck Nuts, Acoustic Guitar Bridge Parts R… Although Fender arrived a little late to the 12-string-electric party in the 1960s—well after Rickenbacker established domination of the niche with its Beatles/Byrds affiliation—it was serious about getting in on the folk-rock action then topping the charts. Late-1965 models had white neck binding, and block inlays replaced dots in mid 1966. Fender 12-string electric guitars? Gotoh 12-String Bridge for Electric Guitar Chrome. As of 2013 then, the Fender guitar lineup is once again without a 12-string electric model—though there are acoustic 12-string models available—but you never know what the future holds. He used it in May 1966 to record the Jeff Beck solo single “Beck’s Bolero", and it made its live debut on April 4, 2009, when Page joined Beck and his band onstage at Beck’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction for “Beck’s Bolero” and “Immigrant Song". He has apparently owned more than one Electric XII and was photographed with one as recently as 2006. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Six of the strings stop in the bridge while the other six stop in the back side of the guitar body. Intonation and action adjustments are in pairs. Led Zeppelin, the Who and the Velvet Underground all made use of Fender's 12-string electrics. BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Get 50% off an Annual Plan. Yes, there has (a few, in fact). The Fender Custom Shop also briefly got in on the act with a specialized 12-string Telecaster model in the latter 1990s. Fender discontinued the Strat XII in 2009. Perhaps the most striking visual element of the Electric XII, however, was its enormous “hockey stick” headstock, which also appeared on Fender’s Shenandoah and Villager acoustic 12-string models in summer 1965. Surprisingly durable for such a specialized instrument, the 22-fret Strat XII remained in the lineup for nearly a decade; it was discontinued in 1997. Pete Townshend also put the instrument to good use. Bob Dylan was photographed at the 1965 sessions for Highway 61 Revisited cradling an Electric XII, although it’s unclear if he recorded anything with it. The Electric XII had a comfortable offset body like its cousins, the Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Mustang, Jazz Bass and Bass VI. Finally, if you watch very closely, you’ll see the red hockey stick headstock of an Electric XII in the beloved “guitar collection” scene in 1984 rock mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. CHROME. NEW 12-String ABM 3212-C Non-Tremolo Guitar Bridge. A single volume knob and single tone knob were mounted on a Jazz Bass-like chrome plate. The Fender Stratocaster XII is the 12 string version of the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar made by Fender.It was introduced in 1985 and briefly re-issued 20 years later after a discontinuation in 1996. Bar goes on the backside of the guitar in place of ferrules. It also used a 22-fret neck with a rosewood fingerboard and pearloid dots. Manufactured in Germany by ABM. Of all these guitars, the Electric XII (pictured below) saw the most use. As interesting and elegant as the Coronado XII was, the electric 12-string trend in popular music was largely over by then, and so the timing of its arrival might seem curious. comes with mounting screws and Allen wrench to adjust action. As solid an instrument as the Electric XII was, onstage visibility proved elusive. Slightly oversize to hide previous glue or top damage. The Coronado line of thinline hollow-body electrics appeared in 1966 and was made in Fender’s acoustic guitar facility on Missile Way in Anaheim, Calif. ROSEWOOD DARK STAIN 12-STRING ACOUSTIC GUITAR BRIDGE. 4.0 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. Most famously, he used his Electric XII in December 1970 to record the beautifully arpeggiated rhythm guitar parts in “Stairway to Heaven". Made in Japan and introduced in 1988, the Strat XII had most customary Stratocaster features and design elements, with the additions of a special 12-saddle bridge and a large headstock with a brand-new shape to accommodate six tuners on each side. Also during the 1960s, Fender made its first foray into thin hollow-body electric guitar design with the Coronado family, which included the Coronado XII 12-string guitar of 1967-1970. Its four-way rotary pickup selector switch was another unusual element; it offered each pickup by itself, both pickups together and both pickups together but out of phase with each other. Although it found widespread studio use, the guitar “never really caught on as a live instrument,” as noted in The Golden Age of Fender: 1946-1970.

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